by Beau Bishop

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1) Here is the thing about rooting for Urban Meyer’s Ohio State or covering and having a vested interest in Urban Meyer’s Ohio State; I went to bed Saturday night thinking O.S.U. played pretty poorly and were lucky to get out of Madison with a win.

Then I woke up Sunday and realized all Wisconsin had done in the first month of the season was beat L.S.U. on a neutral field and damn near beat Michigan in the Big House. In other words, Wisconsin is pretty good, it was at their place at night and they were coming off a bye week rested and ready. In simple terms that was a helluva win.

2) I believe that Mike Weber is a helluva tailback. I have no idea why he has become a forgotten man the last couple of weeks but I know that he will be needed in November if this team is going to win out.

3) Here is an amazing stat that proves the Buckeye defense bent but didn’t break…in 16 redzone trips Wisconsin gained 1 yard. For the time being Luke Fickell’s defense is ahead of Urban’s offense and that is a good thing.


4) Urban Meyer was on point when he said that was good for the Big 10. He’s right. Wisconsin is a top 10 team in the country, Ohio State rolled into there last night and got out alive with a win but it shows the rest of the country just how tough this league is this season. Well done, Bucky.


1) The SEC is Alabama and then a gulf the size of the Grand Canyon to everyone else and don’t let anyone from the South convince you of anything else.

2) Louisville QB Lamar Jackson is way out in front of the Heisman race at the halfway point of the season. He already has 15 rushing tds and 15 passing tds, no one has done 30/30 but that is where he is headed. At this point second place is eighth in the race for the stiff-arm statue.

3) Michigan and Nebraska are both still unbeaten, both are coming to Columbus in the second half of the season, neither will be a cheap ticket. The old barn is going to have a lot of eyes on it as this season comes to conclusion.

4) I grew up a Bears fan, since moving to Ohio in 2006 I’ve followed the Browns and probably because of the combined ineptitude of those two franchises I took an NFL vacation Sunday. Didn’t watch a single snap and you know what didn’t miss it a bit.


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