Bryan Altman

The war of words between LeBron James and Hall of Fame forward and NBA analyst/powder keg Charles Barkley continues to escalate as personalities from around the NBA world continue to opine on the spat.

The latest to give his two cents? One of Barkley’s biggest on-court nemeses, former New York Knicks forward Charles Oakley, who hopped on Twitter to dish out some criticism of “The Round Mound of Rebound.”

While the disagreement between James and Barkley is relatively new, the one between Oakley and Barkley goes way back.

Besides their numerous battles on the court over the years in a basketball sense, the two also quarreled off of it.

In 1996, Oakley fought Barkley in a preseason game after the two fought for a loose ball and hit the hardwood. The two exchanged blows and had to be separated by teammates.

Oakley also allegedly slapped Barkley in the face at a players union meeting after inflammatory comments Barkley made during a charity game that summer in Atlantic City.

The bad blood between Oakley and Barkley is unlikely to be cleared up, but James has stated publicly that if Barkley wants to meet up and clear the air, “the schedule’s out there,” to which Barkley responded “Why I got to clear the air? It’s not going to change my opinion.”


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