By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

I don’t want to be that guy, but I’m going to be that guy. The Kyrie Irving “earth is flat” theory scares me.

I realize the playfulness of Irving’s statements, whether he wholeheartedly believes in them or not, but in any other age, these would blow over as harmless.

2017 is a time unlike any we’ve ever had, in that while facts may have taken a back seat to rhetoric in years past, social media and the internet is accelerating the rate at which we consume the two exponentially. Especially for the youth.

If you are 25 or older, I’m not really worried about you here. It is the kids who are consuming the majority of their ideas through Twitter and other forms of social media, and are being bred to disregard their education.

I am just afraid about a time where people view “that’s his opinion” as an appropriate response to a legitimate ignorance to fact. Our future is far more vulnerable than we seem to let ourselves think, and more people skew the line than we may think.

The Earth is not flat. They did not have photoshop during the moon landing, and you cannot recreate dropping a feather and a rock at the same speed unless there is no atmosphere.

That is how I know these things are true, other than the countless facts and “research” I’ve done myself to come to that conclusion. If you want it, go ahead and send me a tweet or an e-mail, I’d love to have the “debate.”


Irving raises great points. Do research. Ask questions of everything. Learn as much as you can through primary sources.

I do not know if Irving is serious, joking outright, or is trying to subtly tell the aforementioned youth to do the things I just mentioned.

But as someone who got the opportunity to both coach and cover middle school and high school athletes, I can tell you that they believe Twitter and athletes ahead of hard fact. Social media is their research.

Perpetuating the idea that social media is filtered, factual information and that celebrities and athletes are educated on which they speak is dangerous territory.

I believe Irving is trolling, to use the parlance of our time, because I know that he is a very intelligent. Intelligent people ask questions, and educated people generally seek answers and enjoy conspiracy.

The problem is that I do not actually know if he is kidding or not – an ironic juxtaposition to that I know the earth is round – and the bigger problem is that Irving provided no substance to his claim outside of doubt.

Now is the time for the learning experience.

Teachers and parents should use this as a moment to teach their children how to do the research the Cavs point guard has so adamantly asked for. It is also an opportunity to explain how to substantiate claims outside of just citing doubt of things that “they” tell us.


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