National CBS Local Sports’ columnist Tony Massarotti wrote a column on Wednesday reacting to LeBron firing back at LaVar Ball regarding his sons.

Massarotti takes many shots at Ball, but also warns James that his high pedigree leaves him open for some criticism. For example, Massarotti quips “His talking about your kids was a needless cheap shot, LeBron.”

Ball has been in the spotlight for most of 2017, talking about his three sons in California being the next big thing in professional basketball, while also raving about his own personal basketball acumen.

You can read Massarotti’s full piece here.

Here’s more of a sample of Massarotti’s musings:

LaVar Ball is a clown. But for LeBron James, the unfortunate reality is that the prospective heirs to King James will inevitably be compared to their father, no matter how much LeBron himself tries to delay it.

LaVar Ball actually helped his kids in the long run because he wasn’t a star.

What a good dad.

Pathetic? You bet it is, especially when added to the long list of downright stupid things Ball has said in recent weeks and months, a stream of spew that places him first on the list of fathers who are living vicariously through their children. A shrink would have a field day with this guy. Of course, those who seek a cure need to want the help, and Ball seems far more interested in celebrating his role in the life of his kids than in actually helping them be them.

I mean, no one should really tell anyone else how to raise their kids.


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