CBS Sports’ Bill Reiter recently sat down with Dennis Rodman, and covered a variety of topics.

Rodman answered the questions in a way that only he could, with brutal honesty and no filter, including a question comparing his former Chicago Bulls’ teammate and all-time great Michael Jordan to the Cavs’ LeBron James.

You can skip ahead to the 12:45 mark of the video for Rodman’s answer on Jordan and James.

“LeBron’s doing one thing that I always said that Michael Jordan never did,” Rodman said. “He never rested. He played every game. LeBron has the position to do this now, because they need him. The league needs him, and that’s why he’s doing all this crazy s*** now, like bitching and complaining…”

Rodman also said it has been “very easy” for James to succeed in today’s NBA.

Reiter, however, does note that Jordan took two years off from his NBA career to pursue a career in baseball.


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