By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

It is really easy to not care that the Cavaliers are losing.

They don’t, why should you?

They care. Let’s get that straight. It is obvious in their responses post-game that there are issues in their habits. Nobody who is accustomed to winning enjoys losing. Don’t get it twisted.

They don’t care that much.

Remember when Ty Lue said he planned on playing the big three each night until the team clinched the top seed in the East and then rest them?

Guess who did not play in the team’s 124-121 overtime loss to the Heat?

Guess who more than likely does not care that his presence was missed, for winning’s sake or for further familiarity’s sake?

It is obvious that all of the things people on the outside are worrying about are not things that LeBron James has been spending a whole lot of time sweating.

LeBron James has been to six-straight NBA Finals. The team he is on won the NBA Finals less than 12 months ago.

This is not about “he did it before, he will do it again.”

The fact of the matter is that he did do it before, and he is not concerned about this team, the team that has put up more uninspiring efforts in the last few months than in the prior two years they had been together.

Obviously, reaching the Finals is not the goal, and a seventh straight Finals appearance will not sit well with fans. It would not sit well with LeBron either, but once he reaches a seventh straight, James has confidence in himself to game plan well enough to best any team in the league over seven games.

Who are we to doubt him?

Fans and critics take it upon themselves to solve the problems of their favorite teams, while watching from the outside.

If you doubt this iteration of the Cavaliers, you may be right. There are problems.

A lot of Cavaliers players are not adept defensively, as the undefeated father time has caught up or began to catch up with many. On the contrary, the quickest way to get injured and end your post-season is to exert yourself for long stretches on defense.

Speaking of injuries, Kyrie Irving’s reason for sitting out on Monday was discomfort in his surgically repaired knee, which he has had issues with in the past week, according to him.

That is cause for real concern, right?

Guess what?


Everything seems all good on that front. LeBron is not worried.

He might be wrong, but he does not seem to be worried. The only man to ever see the Ghost of Jordan in a real light has his legacy on the line, so where lies the pride of a town crier?

He does not care right now.

Why should you?


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