By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

Cleveland (92.3 The Fan) – Whether or not you want to believe it, there is a switch to flip.

It may not exist for the Cavaliers, but it certainly exists for LeBron James.

Sometimes that is all you need, even when you dig out of the largest hole in NBA playoff history.

The Pacers are not the Warriors, but what LeBron and the Cavaliers were able to do Thursday night should excite you, not scare you.

Obviously, the deficit in-and-of itself was cause for concern. What reason, especially after erasing such a deficit, do you have to believe the Wine and Gold should ever be susceptible to such poor play?

Cavaliers fans saw what the team was capable of with all of the Big Three playing well on Monday in a Game 2 win, but Thursday night showed that the defending champions are able to do amazing things with just the big one.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love did not play the entire fourth quarter against Indiana after struggling to a combined 8-for-29 from the field. But they would have played had Deron Williams and Channing Frye not been able to step in admirably.

Considering the team erased an all-time deficit is one thing, considering they did it without two All-Stars says just what James is capable of.

Hence the switch.

Do you think LeBron would have shown peak LeBron in the first round if he did not have to? When is the last time he showed his true power so early? How do you think he stays consistently healthy?

Thursday was yet another night where James proved that he is the greatest player on Earth, solely by showing that he can get away with not tipping his hand until need be.

There is no other way “Has Player X passed LeBron” conversations exist in a world where James exerts the same sort of effort in every game that he did on Thursday. He can do that every night.

That is what LeBron does. He is a narrative-buster.

Flip the switch? Check. He even named the shoes after it.

“Can you flip the switch on defense?” How does 40 points in the second half sound to you?

Do not get it twisted, James could not have done what he did without the 8-for-13 effort that JR Smith and Kyle Korver turned in from deep. That is why they are here.

That is the thing with the Smiths, Korvers and Fryes of the world. They are the electricity that powers the switch.

There is no game-planning for the switch, because there is nothing to game plan for, but there is a switch.

It is high-powered and efficient, but sometimes you just have to save the energy bill.


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