By Nick Wilson, 92.3 The Fan

The Browns quarterback room just got a lot more interesting with their first selection of Friday night.

After months of speculation on which quarterbacks they preferred in this draft, the team selected Notre Dame’s DeShone Kizer with the 52nd pick.

This move was met with mixed approval from the Dawgpound faithful for good reason.

Kizer has prototypical NFL size at 6’4, 235 and one of the top arms in this draft class. The Toledo native also brings surprising athleticism for his size.

Yet there are also rumors of a diva-like attitude and his own head coach Brian Kelly said that he thought Kizer should’ve stayed another year in college.

Still fans need to be mindful of one thing; Kizer is just another guy in the equation until he proves otherwise.

While fans clamor for Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady types to end the quarterback hysteria in Cleveland, those type of players don’t come along often. In place of a franchise signal caller, the Browns have countered with an interesting theory in their search for gold under center; A room full of talented yet unproven talents that Hue Jackson can coach up.

In the absence of one great gunslinger, the Browns are trying the numbers approach until one of the masses can assume the mantle or they are in a position to grab a great (or sufficient) one.

Cody Kessler is in some ways the antithesis of Kizer. An average sized quarterback with a below average arm and intangibles that are unquestioned. He has already organized workouts with Browns receivers this offseason and appears to have taken the mantle of current Browns starting quarterback to heart.

Unless there is another move under center before camp, Kessler enters as the starter.

Kevin Hogan also has the intangibles and gained experience last year with Cleveland but was utilized more as a wildcat quarterback than a true drop back quarterback. There are questions if he is a gifted enough passer to start.

Brock Osweiler was the price the Browns paid to add a second round pick from the Texans earlier this year. He is the most experienced of the current quarterbacks but is coming off a turbulent season in Houston which saw him clash with Texans coach Bill O’Brien.

He is scheduled to make $16 million this year and while he has the most experience of the quarterbacks on the Browns roster, it’s questionable if he’s worth the roster spot at this moment. He could still be trade fodder for a quarterback hungry team.

Cynics will complain the Browns may not have their quarterback of the future on the roster which at this moment appears to be more truth than fiction.

Yet Browns fans can be rest assured there is talent in the quarterback room which will be given a chance to develop in 2017. The worst case scenario for the Browns heading into the 2017 offseason is no one establishes themselves this season at which point they are armed with plenty of assets to secure a franchise type quarterback.

It’s far from perfect but one could argue the Browns quarterback room has taken a step back from a year ago when it included a washed up project and 156 year old Josh McCown.

Expectations for any current quarterback on the Browns roster should be tempered. There is no true standout yet but an opportunity for anyone willing and able to grow into the position.

Just remember Browns fans, it’s a process, it’s all a process.

  1. “It’s far from perfect but one could argue the Brown’s quarterback room has taken a step back from a year ago”…… One could also argue your statement makes no sense. “IF” the Brown’s quarterback room has indeed taken a step back, then OBVIOUSLY, that room is far from perfect !

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