By Ben Fontana | 92.3 The Fan

After the Cleveland Cavaliers sweep of the Raptors in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, sharp-shooter J.R. Smith will have plenty of time off before the next round.

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Will J.R. be watching the NBA Playoffs to see who Cleveland will face in the Eastern Conference Finals, or maybe even the finals? Probably not.

Sounds like Smith is more of a golf guy this spring.

“I don’t watch [the NBA Playoffs], honestly,” Smith said. “If I do watch the games, I gotta play some music or something in the back because I don’t like everything else that goes along with just the game. But for the most part, I just watch the Golf Channel.”

If you check out J.R.’s Instagram, you can tell he’s plenty into golf. Quite frankly, Smith can do whatever he wants to until the Eastern Conference Finals start. We’ll see you then, Earl.

Just me an the greatest #Knick ever!

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