Bryan Altman

Trash talking in sports is an art form of sorts that isn’t as simple as just talking smack to the opponent nearest to you.

When executed properly, it can throw your opponent off his game and give your team an edge in a critical juncture of a game.

But, when used incorrectly, trash talk can backfire and shoot you in the foot if you’re not careful.

Take Celtics superstar Isaiah Thomas for instance, who decided to break one of the cardinal rules of trash talking by talking smack to Kyrie Irving while his team trailed by 25 points in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals on Wednesday night.

Irving’s response? Scoreboard.

You NEVER talk trash when you’re getting smacked around like that on your home court, or else something this is bound to happen.

The Cavaliers went on to win 117-104, but that score could have been much more lopsided if Cleveland didn’t pump the brakes late in the game.

Cleveland and Boston square off in Game 2 on Friday night.


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