Bryan Altman

Pretty much everybody knows LeBron James is the best basketball player on the planet even though he didn’t play like it on Sunday night in his team’s stunning Game 3 loss at home to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals.

While most fans accepted LeBron’s ‘off’ game for what it was — a small blemish on an otherwise pristine, MVP-caliber 2017 postseason by an all-time great — other fans felt the need to call their star player out for it, which LeBron, understandably, took umbrage with.

As LeBron was walking off the court on Sunday night, a fan started heckling James over his 11-point performance. LeBron, for some reason, took the bait and engaged the fan, asking him ‘what he had done,’ to which the fan responded, “I played at Hiram College,” per ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

According to Windhorst, the fan who was full of “liquid courage” was then removed from the arena while “shouting his college stats” from his Hiram College days.

That, is a bold strategy.

LeBron was clearly in no mood to be trifled with after the game as he continued to engage critics in the locker room, calling out a local radio reporter as well during his postgame press conference.

Hiram College is a small liberal arts college consisting of roughly 1,300 total students, located about 50 minutes away from Cleveland.


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