CBS Local Sports national columnist Tony Massarotti has been commenting on the Cleveland Cavaliers‘ regular season run all year, but Thursday, he says that up to this point, it has all been meaningless.

He’s got a point.

If the Cavs win Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals Thursday night in Boston against the Celtics, Cleveland will head to its third straight NBA Finals. And a third consecutive match-up against the Golden State Warriors.

It’s inevitable. And we hope it will be epic.

But is it good for the league? Massarotti breaks down the match-up between LeBron James and Kevin Durant, and offers his opinion on the NBA Finals that sit in front of us.

Here’s some excerpts from his article:

Tonight, presumably, the longest preseason in NBA history will come to an inglorious end. And one week from now — exactly one week, in fact — the 2016-17 NBA season will open in earnest when the Cleveland Cavaliers travel to Golden State to take on the Warriors.

Is this good for the game, for the league? In one sense, no. The playoffs have been nothing more than a formality. But there is now the chance for a huge payoff given the clash of the titans that will take place, pitting Durant against James and the Warriors against the Cavs in what could prove to be a landmark NBA Finals.

In these Finals, once again, the Warriors own home court. Given that Cleveland won both Games 5 and 7 at Golden State last year, that may or may not be a factor. In any event, here we are now, on the brink of an NBA Finals that should be an absolute barnburner. And truth be told, the NBA had better hope that the Finals live up to the hype.

As we know, after all, everything until now has been a colossal waste of time.

You can read the full article here.


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