Ryan Mayer

The Cavaliers had no trouble dispatching the Boston Celtics last night, winning Game 5, and the series with a 135-102 blowout in Boston. The game was well in hand in after the first half, with the Cavs holding a 75-57 lead at the break. In the third quarter, the Cavs pressed their advantage further, eventually getting the lead up to 30 points. When the lead is that big, players start to have some fun out on the floor and Cavs guard JR Smith was no exception last night.

With about two minutes left in the third, Smith attempted to save a ball from going out of bounds and ended up in the first row of seats under the basket. In the process, Smith got himself doused with beer as he fell into one of the fans courtside. That’s when hilarity ensued.



Yep, just JR being JR. Nothing to see here folks. Normal guy taking a sniff of beer then proceeding to taste it before nodding in approval–in the middle of a game. The moment was reminiscent of Cleveland’s series against Toronto in which LeBron pretended to drink a beer after missing a chance for a three-point play. Smith did one-up LeBron by actually tasting the beer.

This wasn’t JR’s only memorable moment of the night. Earlier in the game, he perfectly imitated Iman Shumpert’s euro-step layup–while being on the bench.



Then, he, Tristan Thompson, and Kevin Love all decided to join LeBron’s postgame press conference where they proceeded to take a selfie mid-answer.



Later in that same press conference, while LeBron was answering a question about scoring not being his number one priority, Smith chimed in with some helpful advice.



Never change JR, never change.


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