By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 the Fan) – When bench coach Brad Mills entered the room for the Indians post-game managerial press conference, reporters were confused, and upon word that Terry Francona was feeling unwell, there was some justified worry.

Francona was back at Progressive Field on Wednesday after a night in the hospital, where the skipper underwent a myriad of tests that showed he was just very dehydrated. Aside from some fatigue due to a long stay, the 58-year old said he felt fine other than some embarrassment.

“You know what, last night, I was having a hard time during the game,” he said. “I was light-headed, more than normal. And my heart was—I knew it was going too fast. I had one of the trainers check me and it was like 105, 108, 110. So it got to about the eighth inning and I was having a hard time. So I finally came inside because I was like, ‘Man, something’s not right.’”

Francona said he underwent a brain scan in one of the tests, which revealed nothing, not a surprise to him he joked.

“I got to go with the lights on to the hospital, so that was a treat.”

While one night under the weather is no reason for concern, Francona had a similar issue last season in Washington. The manager said the difference was that he did not have chest pains this time around.

“It’s funny, I was so out of it that Millsy said something and I kind of looked at him,” Francona added. “I think that’s when he got nervous. I think I missed a couple things. I really was out of it, more than normal. But I just feel tired today, which they said I would be. But I’m OK.”

Indians President Chris Antonetti ended up driving Francona home from the hospital, to which the manager expressed remorse because of the scope of Antonetti’s job description.

All in all, Francona said all is well.

“I texted Millsy, you know Millsy is like the nicest guy in the world. I texted him at 1 am, I said, ‘Don’t change the signs, I’m not dying.’”


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