By Alex Hooper | 92.3 The Fan

CLEVELAND (92.3 the Fan) – Jose Ramirez got a break on Friday against the Twins, ending 10 games in which the Indians got high level offense from their third baseman.

“He hit himself right out of the line up,” manager Terry Francona joked pre-game.

While the stretch was ultimately a small fraction of the season, what Ramirez has been able to do since June 14 has been historic, becoming the first Indians player with nine consecutive multi-hit games in over 80 years. That streak ended Thursday, though Ramirez extended his hit streak to 10.

In those 10 games, Ramirez is 24-for-46 (.522) with 10 doubles, two triples and three home runs (1.022 SLUG%).

Ramirez struck out five times and walked only three in that stretch, rather pedestrian numbers considering all of the other things that stick out about his numbers. On a pitch-by-pitch basis, however, the results make more sense.

It should come as no surprise, but Ramirez saw less strikes and swung at a lower percentage of pitches out of the zone.

jose1 Hooper: Jose Ramirezs Streak Is Not That Special

jose2 Hooper: Jose Ramirezs Streak Is Not That Special

Normally a patient hitter to begin with, the 24-year old swung at just 22.2% of balls outside of the zone, while taking cuts on 73.3% of pitches in it for an overall swing% of 45.9%. The latter two numbers are higher than Ramirez’s averages, as is the number of pitches he saw in the zone to begin with, 46.3%.

Ramirez was especially patient against off-speed pitches.

jose3 Hooper: Jose Ramirezs Streak Is Not That Special

Naturally, that patience paid off in two ways statistically, those being a fastball pitch value of 9.3 and changeup value of 1.9. Again, these numbers are consistent with what Ramirez does long-term, as both pitches are his two best on the season overall.

Basically, that is the story of Ramirez, as his hot streak has really been a microcosm of his season, just with better results. In summation, what the 10-game stretch proves is that the production the young Dominican has shown over the past 222 games and playoffs was not a fluke.

Jose Ramirez is a damn good hitter, and Francona said as much in making the third baseman’s case for the all-star game.

“I know he’s been hot, but he’s a good hitter anyway,” Francona said. “He’s a good hitter that’s hot right now. Even when he’s not this scalding hot, he’s still a good hitter. He’s a .300 major league hitter.”

While Ramirez’s hit streak has been much needed, it has not been special. It is just what the kid does.


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