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  • Thursday, January 19th
  • Roger Mason, Jr. on Bull & Fox 1-19-17

    Roger Mason, Jr. talks about the new Big3 league featuring 3-on-3 from former NBA players, his experience in playing alongside LeBron James and Tim Duncan
  • Kevin Harlan on Bull & Fox 1-19-17

    Kevin Harlan talks NFL Playoffs, Carmelo Anthony situation in NY
  • Wednesday, January 18th
  • Chris Landry on Bull & Fox 1-18-17

    Chris Landry talks Deshaun Watson passing on the Senior Bowl, the NFL Playoffs, the myth of players moving up/down draft boards and Tyrod Taylor as an option this offseason
  • John Tortorella on Bull & Fox 1-18-17

    John Tortorella talks about the Blue Jackets' season, his thoughts on the Olympics and why LeBron couldn't play hockey
  • Albert Breer on Bull & Fox 1-18-17

    Albert Breer talks Deshaun Watson not playing in the Senior Bowl, the NFL Playoffs and Tyrod Taylor
  • Tuesday, January 17th
  • Bruce Matthews on Bull & Fox 1-17-17

    Bruce Matthews talks about his book “INSIDE THE NFL’S FIRST FAMILY: My Life of Football, Faith and Fatherhood”, the NFL playoffs and more
  • Friday, January 13th
  • Dennis Manoloff on Bull & Fox 1-13-17

    Dennis Manoloff talks Deshaun Watson, Indians and Mayweather-McGregor
  • Dennis Manoloff on Bull & Fox 1-13-17

    Dennis Manoloff talks about Deshaun Watson
  • Anthony Lima on Bull & Fox 1-13-17

    Anthony Lima talks about his cheap shot with Bull & Fox, future of Ohio State basketball
  • Ross Tucker on Bull & Fox 1-13-17

    Ross Tucker talks NFL Playoffs, coaching changes around the league, Jimmy Garoppolo and Terrelle Pryor
  • "Ask The Scout" with Chris Landry: 1-13-17

    Chris Landry of answers questions like "If the Browns decide not to go quarterback with the No. 1 pick, but keep the pick, is there anyone besides Myles Garrett that is worth that pick?" and "What are your thoughts on Gregg Williams and how he could use Jamie Collins if the Browns retain him?" in the latest edition of Ask The Scout as he looks ahead and evaluates the NFL Draft!
  • Thursday, January 12th
  • Brady Quinn on Bull & Fox 1-12-17

    Brady Quinn talks Browns QB future, Deshaun Watson's NFL potential and playoff picks
  • Josh McCown on Bull & Fox 1-12-17

    Josh McCown talks about his career, trying to turn the Browns' organization around, his relationship with Johnny Manziel, his future after his playing days are over and his picks for the NFL playoffs
  • Bobby Marks on Bull & Fox 1-12-17

    Bobby Marks talks Cavs, Kyrie Irving, Russell Westbrook's season and other headlines around the NBA
  • Wednesday, January 11th
  • Chris Landry on Bull & Fox 1-11-17

    Chris Landry talks draft QBs, NFL Playoffs
  • Albert Breer on Bull & Fox 1-11-17

    Albert Breer talks Browns' coaching changes, coaching changes around the rest of the league and Deshaun Watson
  • Tuesday, January 10th
  • Chris Fedor on Bull & Fox 1-10-17

    Chris Fedor talks Cavs
  • Chris Broussard on Bull & Fox 1-10-17

    Chris Broussard talks Cavs' addition of Kyle Korver, David Griffin's ability to construct this team and the latest with the Derrick Rose situation in New York
  • Monday, January 9th
  • Dave McMenamin on Bull & Fox 1-9-17

    Dave McMenamin talks Cavs' addition of Kyle Korver, Tyronn Lue's plan with the lineup going forward and David Griffin's search for added depth
  • James Laurinaitis on Bull & Fox 1-9-17

    James Laurinaitis talks about his experience in playing for Gregg Williams, future career
  • Ian Rapoport on Bull & Fox 1-9-17

    Ian Rapoport talks Browns' coaching changes, offseason storylines
  • Friday, January 6th
  • Rob Pizzola on Bull & Fox 1-6-17

    Rob Pizzola talks NFL Playoffs, CFB Playoff Championship and Cavs
  • Joe Vardon on Bull & Fox 1-6-17

    Joe Vardon talks Cavs
  • Thursday, January 5th
  • Larry Doby, Jr. on Bull & Fox 1-5-17

    Larry Doby, Jr. talks about his 20+ years on the road with Billy Joel, his father's playing career and the Indians' success now
  • Pete Fiutak on Bull & Fox 1-5-17

    Pete Fiutak talks CFB Playoff championship, Ohio State
  • Wednesday, January 4th
  • Chris Landry on Bull & Fox 1-4-17

    Chris Landry talks College Football Playoff, Browns and NFL Playoffs
  • Chris Fedor on Bull & Fox 1-4-17

    Chris Fedor talks Cavs
  • Albert Breer on Bull & Fox 1-4-17

    Albert Breer talks NFL Playoffs, Ohio State, Browns
  • Tuesday, January 3rd
  • Doug Lesmerises on Bull & Fox 1-3-17

    Doug Lesmerises talks draft QBs, Ohio State, Browns
  • Monday, January 2nd
  • Dan Labbe

    Dan Labbe of joined Bull & Fox this afternoon to discuss yesterday's Browns game against the Steelers, on if the Browns have hit rock bottom, and what he expects from the browns this off-season.
  • Friday, December 30th, 2016
  • AJ Hawk on Bull & Fox 12-30-16

    AJ Hawk talks Ohio State-Clemson and more
  • Heath Cline on Bull & Fox 12-30-16

    Heath Cline talks OSU-Clemson, Deshaun Watson and Mitch Trubisky
  • Dave Revsine on Bull & Fox 12-30-16

    Dave Revsine talks Ohio State-Clemson, Michigan-Florida State
  • Thursday, December 29th, 2016
  • Matt Miller on Bull & Fox 12-29-16

    Matt Miller talks NFL Draft prospects
  • Pete Fiutak on Bull & Fox 12-29-16

    Pete Fiutak talks Ohio State-Clemson, Alabama-Washington and more
  • Gerry DiNardo on Bull & Fox 12-29-16

    Gerry DiNardo talks Ohio State-Clemson, Michigan-Florida State, Penn State-USC
  • Wednesday, December 28th, 2016
  • Ari Wasserman on Bull & Fox 12-28-16

    Ari Wasserman talks Ohio State-Clemson
  • Chris Fedor on Bull & Fox 12-28-16

    Chris Fedor talks Cavs
  • Albert Breer on Bull & Fox 12-28-16

    Albert Breer talks Browns, Garoppolo, Ohio State-Clemson
  • Tuesday, December 27th, 2016
  • TJ Zuppe on Bull & Fox 12-27-16

    TJ Zuppe talks Indians, Encarnacion signing  
  • Chris Landry on Bull & Fox 12-27-16

    Chris Landry talks Browns, NFL
  • Friday, December 23rd, 2016
  • T.J. Zuppe

    Indians beat reporter T.J. Zuppe joined Chris Fillar on Bull and Fox to discuss the Indians signing Edwin Encarnacion and what it means for the organization.
  • Dane Brugler

    NFL Draft analyst Dane Brugler joins Chris Fillar on Bull and Fox to talk college bowl games and he gives his #1 QB in the 2017 NFL Draft.
  • Thursday, December 22nd, 2016
  • Evan Washburn on Bull & Fox 12-22-16

    Evan Washburn talks Browns, NFL
  • Pete Fiutak on Bull & Fox 12-22-16

    Pete Fiutak talks college football, bowls
  • Beau Bishop on Bull & Fox 12-22-16

    Beau Bishop talks college football
  • John Standeford on Bull & Fox 12-22-16

    John Standeford talks about winning a Super Bowl with the Colts, going 0-16 with the Lions the next season
  • Wednesday, December 21st, 2016
  • Chris Landry on Bull & Fox 12-21-16

    Chris Landry talks Jimmy Garoppolo, evaluating QBs
  • Albert Breer on Bull & Fox 12-21-16

    Albert Breer talks future for Terrelle Pryor, Jimmy Garoppolo
  • Dr. Daniel Zanotti on Bull & Fox 12-21-16

    Dr. Daniel Zanotti gives an update on J.R. Smith's injury, likely timeline for a return
  • Tuesday, December 20th, 2016
  • Dave Richard on Bull & Fox 12-20-16

    Dave Richard talks Week 16 fantasy football
  • Jason Lloyd on Bull & Fox 12-20-16

    Jason Lloyd talks about the Cavs
  • Monday, December 19th, 2016
  • Field Yates on Bull & Fox 12-19-16

    Field Yates talks Browns, NFL
  • Doug Dieken on Bull & Fox 12-19-16

    Doug Dieken talks about the Browns' loss to fall to 0-14, player evaluations
  • Friday, December 16th, 2016
  • Nick Kostos on Bull & Fox 12-16-16

    Nick Kostos talks Week 15 in the NFL
  • Doug Lesmerises 12-16-16

    Doug Lesmerises talks Browns
  • Beau Bishop on Bull & Fox 12-16-16

    Beau Bishop talks college football, bowl season
  • Dennis Manoloff on Bull & Fox 12-16-16

    Dennis Manoloff talks Indians' offseason
  • "Ask The Scout" with Chris Landry: Week 15

    Chris Landry of answers YOUR questions about the upcoming slate of games in the NFL for Week 15 in the next installment of 'Ask The Scout'
  • Thursday, December 15th, 2016
  • Pete Fiutak 12-15-16

    Pete Fiutak of joins the Bull and the Fox to preview the first wave of college football bowls, as well as the Wake Forest "Wakeyleaks" scandal.

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