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Best Flying Adventures In The Cleveland Area

Whether craving an adventure of a lifetime or striving for the fountain of youth through exciting alternative methods, Cleveland offers only the best in flying adventures.


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Best Youth Hostels In Cleveland

Check out these places for those with the hostel mindset.


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Best Ways To Take Advantage Of The Last Of The Winter In Cleveland

Spring is just around the corner but Cleveland is still offering many winter activities. Enjoy gliding across smooth ice, while stumbling to your knees with some indoor ice skating. Experience the thrill of shooting down a sloppy hill while holding on for life to a black tub, speed lightening fast down a lane while tobogganing. Enjoy the sounds of nature while snowshoeing or hiking in one of the greatest parks in Cleveland. Take a more relaxing pace while challenging the river to catch dinner.Cleveland has something for everyone.


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Tips For Keeping Your Kids Active From A Cleveland Fitness Professional

Keeping kids active, especially in the winter months, can be a challenge. When society is geared toward electronics, video games, Facebook and other social media, it is becoming an essential part of life to congenitally plan activities for kids. Creating a healthy lifestyle is essential. The Cleveland area offers a wide variety of methods to keep kids active while also having fun.


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Best Running Clubs In Cleveland

While many of the area’s organized running programs are associated with schools, there are a number of clubs for grownups and families as well as other loosely organized groups that run together.


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Winter Camping Guide For Cleveland

Cleveland is surrounded by endless options of state parks that offer a wide variety of winter camping and recreation. Warm your need for winter camping by visiting these national parks this winter.


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Best Holiday Travel Tips for People From Cleveland

The holidays are trying time for most. Stress over getting the perfect gift and battling traffic and pushy crowds have become a normal for many. Take travel stress off of that list. The Cleveland Airport is one of the largest and busiest airports in the state of Ohio. Combine that with the fact that the holidays are the most traveled time of the year, there are sure to be back-ups and slow moving lines. Planning an out-of-town family gathering should be exciting. To help ensure safe travels, follow these guidelines and suggestions to help ensure happy holidays.


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The Best Haunted Graveyard Tour In Cleveland

Ohio is one of the most haunted states in the nations. With its rich history and weird and unusual deaths throughout the years, paranormal activity abounds. With the Halloween season approaching, it’s time to go touring the most intriguing and dark areas: cemeteries. Ghost tours are not only a great thrill during this season but also a great form of information regarding the history of your town. Even if you are a skeptic to the paranormal, these tours have something for everyone.


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Best Places To See Autumn Leaves In Cleveland

Ohio is known for its brilliant and vibrant fall leaves made beautiful by the long, cool nights, just the right amount of rain and short, sunny days from the end of August through the end of October. From hardwood to ferns, Ohio’s colors abound. Trees such as dogwood, and red and white oaks, show off their deep red leaves. Trees such as ash, sycamore, hickory and birch show off their deep yellow leaves. Trees such as sugar maple, sweetgum, buckeye and red maple show off their sometimes deep purple or pink leaves. This time of the year creates a perfect time for sightseeing, photographs and just getting outdoors. Start here.


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Getaway Guide: One-Tank Trip to Kennywood

Kennywood, a family fun entertainment center, offers something for everyone. For thrill seekers, enjoy one of the six incrediable roller coasters, or hop on the Merry-Go-Round if high-speed thrills aren’t your game. Whatever your thrill level, there is plenty to do and see at Kennywood.


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