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David Kaplan On Dwyane Wade: I'll Be Very Surprised If He's Not On This Team When The Season StartsDavid Kaplan talks about the Bulls' trade of Jimmy Butler, whether Dwyane Wade could get bought out by the Bulls, why he's not sure the Cavs will go the Finals next year, and the Celtics' roster flexibility moving forward...
Does LeBron's Wife Want Him To Play In LA?LeBron's wife Savannah Brinson reportedly wants to live in L.A. "full time," which would mean a move to the Lakers for the King.
Jeremiah Johnson: Cleveland Is Going To Have To Work Pretty Hard To Acquire Paul GeorgeJeremiah Johnson talks about whether the Cavs are in any position to still acquire Paul George, other teams that could be looking to trade for George and whether any of them have a chance to keep him after next season and the Pacers' thought process in balancing a rebuild and competing right now...
Joe Vardon: Keep An Eye On Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade For CavaliersJoe Vardon of still believes Chauncey Billups will take the Cavs front office job, and discusses the possibility of bringing in Carmelo and D-Wade.
Cleveland Cavaliers Donate $875,000 To Habitat For HumanityThe team has donated more than $2 million to nonprofits in the city through team fundraisers, in-game raffles and watch parties during the past three years.
Tom Withers: Don't Understand Perceived Chaos Of Cavaliers; Billups Has A Championship PedigreeTom Withers of the AP discusses Cavs news, and lack there-of, over the past week, including GM David Griffin walking, and trade rumors.
Carman And Lima: Did Dan Gilbert Wait Too Long To Replace David Griffin?Carman and Lima want to know if all of the recent Cavs drama could have all been avoided by making a change at GM before the playoffs started?
Rob Parker: It Borders On Consumer Fraud When LeBron Takes Days OffRob Parker of Fox Sports 1 joined Ken Carman and Anthony Lima to talk about the Cavs and the various claims he's made about LeBron James and the NBA.  
Cavaliers Watch NBA Draft As Billups Watch ContinuesUnable to pull off a trade or move into the first round of the NBA draft, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't add any significant player Thursday or fill a major hole in their front office.
Rip Hamilton: Chauncey Billups Is Excited For The Opportunity With Cavs, He Wants LeBron ThereRip Hamilton talks about David Griffin's exit in Cleveland and Chauncey Billups as the possible replacement, what the Cavs need to do this offseason to compete with the Warriors for a championship, Ty Lue's strengths as a coach and the situation with the Knicks...
Metta World Peace: Durant Did Not Pass LeBron, No Way In The WorldMetta World Peace talks about why he's still not retired despite going to get his Master's Degree, the Cavs' loss to the Warriors in the Finals, what the Cavs should be doing this offseason, what made Kobe and now LeBron two of the best players in this era, playing for championships under Phil Jackson, his memories of playing in Cleveland against LeBron...
Larry Brown: Chauncey Billups Has Bright Future; Talks Today's NBA And Relationship With Allen IversonNBA Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown gives Cleveland his perspective on the current state of the NBA, Chauncey Billups' potential future leading the Cavs' front office, and coaching Allen Iverson.

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