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Megan Huntsman - the woman accused of killing 6 infants found in her garage - is the mother of two young adults and one teenager
Study finds almost three-quarters of patients developed a dislike of certain foods after surgery
Why did evolution give these female insects spiky penises?
"There is a crisis of panic," official says after earthquake was felt strongly in Pacific resort of Acapulco
The "Vertigo" actress said cruel jabs about how she looked at the Academy Awards left her crushed, then determined to speak out in protest
National fraternity closes University of Mississippi chapter after members were accused of tying noose around neck of statue of school's 1st black student
Former child actress says she has "no plans" to appear in the newly-announced follow-up to the 1993 comedy
Cody Wygant, 24, told officers that he was frustrated because the 16-month-old boy was crying uncontrollably
The deaths - one a suicide and one a murder - are the first on record to be associated with the drug that Colorado voters legalized for recreational use last year
Religious Christians across the globe mark Good Friday with processions and pageantry