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Rebekah Gregory, who lost a leg in the bombing, signs the letter: "Someone you shouldn't have messed with"
City councilman says the target of new law is bad owners, not specific dogs or breeds
Indiana police say one of the bodies had a tag indicating the baby was delivered March 3, 1996
Ringling circus elephants have been at the center of lawsuits and ongoing complaints from animal rights activists
The "Downton Abbey" star will star alongside Emma Watson and Luke Evans in the live-action retelling of the classic tale
The ice that freezes and floats on Arctic waters is thinning at a steadier and faster rate than researchers previously thought
Testimony in Robin Thicke case will conclude Thursday after jurors hear from rapper T.I.
America's ambassador to South Korea is wounded in a bloody attack. Also, a new winter storm brings snow, ice and misery to nearly 100 million Americans. All that and all that matters in today's Eye Opener. Your world in 90 seconds.
Study finds diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains could have even greater health benefits than exercising
CBS News' Holly Williams visits the front line in the battle to reclaim major urban strongholds from the extremists

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