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The al Qaeda-affiliated group was targeted by U.S. airstrikes in Syria
The agency is facing fresh criticism after a recent string of security breaches
Wife for former NFL kicker reported her husband missing less than an hour before he died in the car crash
Police say the shooter was wearing a UPS uniform when he opened fire Tuesday morning
Veterinarians were able to save the Maltese mix's leg, which was nearly severed by stolen van
Special forces troops storm alleged hideout in West Bank, killing two men allegedly behind act which sparked Gaza war
Kira Kazantsev admits she was removed from her sorority but denies she was involved in aggressively hazing fellow students
Sulaiman Abu Ghaith became voice of al Qaeda recruitment tapes after 9/11, warning that "the storm of planes" wouldn't stop
75-million-year-old specimen is dubbed Rhinorex, or "king nose"
11 days after deadly trooper ambush, Pennsylvania police still searching wooded region where Eric Frein is believed to be hiding

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