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river samsunggearvrinnovatoreditionforgalaxys6s6edge 5080 006 CNET Tech News Tim Connolly, the streaming-video service's head of distribution, said Hulu's VR experience is "ready to go" in November when Samsung's $99 Gear VR headset starts to reach consumers.
samsung galaxy s6 edge plus caracteristicas pantalla CNET Tech News The US International Trade Commission ruled Samsung didn't infringe two patents, and though it did infringe a third, the judge ruled the patent invalid.
42 24054452 CNET Tech News Looking for someone to serve you? No matter where you live, there's probably a startup just waiting to become your virtual butler.
talktalkdog CNET Tech News The TailTalk prototype is intended to be an emotion sensor for dogs that interprets their feelings based on tail position. Like people usually do, but more accurately.
20151009 blablacar ceo frederic mazzella 001 CNET Tech News The service lets passengers find cheap rides from one city to another in 19 countries. But Brazil, not the US, is next on the company's expansion list, CEO Frédéric Mazzella says.
star wars elstree 1976 crobis 1 cropped CNET Tech News A long time ago, in a film studio far, far away, a ragtag alliance of unknown extras donned alien masks to shoot a low-budget sci-fi movie. New documentary "Elstree 1976" tells their stories -- CNET met its director, Jon Spira.
42 71329409 CNET Tech News Technically Incorrect: Tesla's CEO muses that Apple won't find it easy to build a car.
adidas 2 CNET Tech News Ashley discusses how Adobe's "Monument Mode" removes people from photos in real time, why Adidas created a 3D-printing concept designed to make ultra-custom shoes; and what Singapore's plans are after successful delivery drone testing.
darpa electrx CNET Tech News As part of its ElectRx program, which seeks to heal by treating the body like the electrical system it is, the government agency has awarded grants to seven agencies.
js1562071 CNET Tech News Backed by many tech firms and the ACLU, the privacy law hits the books but doesn't apply to federal law enforcement authorities.

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