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The new A&E series will remake the 1977 miniseries based on Alex Haley's autobiography about his African-American ancestry
The singer goes rainbow crazy in a video Instagram post
Michael Fassbender stars as the Apple visionary in the film adaptation of his 2011 biography
Script will be penned by Andrew Niccol, who was nominated for an Academy Award for writing "The Truman Show"
Hollywood stars Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have filed for divorce
The network is confirming that reruns of the 1980s action comedy, with its Confederate flag imagery, have been pulled from the schedule
​They're more accustomed to stadiums, but the Rolling Stones are coming to a London art gallery
A Georgia motorist says he suffered spine, skull and facial fractures in a head-on collision with Brown
The singer allegedly made two suspicious moves behind the wheel before being taken into custody
Carrey is causing a whole lot of controversy on Twitter

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