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The time-traveling blockbuster featuring stars from both "X-Men" film franchises opens May 23
Andrew Garfield on what made him put on the Spidey suit, plus the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show moves to London. Suzanne Marques has today’s Eye on Entertainment.
The 21-year-old singer was hospitalized Tuesday for a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics
The 13th annual New York festival will present not just 80-plus feature films, but also an "Innovation Week"
Pop star tweets her regrets to fans after canceling Kansas City show; she reportedly suffered "horrible reaction" to medication
Combs, who was a Howard student in the late 1980s, will receive an honorary doctorate in the humanities
Caleb and Cody Walker will be stepping in to help complete the film's action scenes in the wake of their brother's death
Gabriel came down with pneumonia and has postponed three shows this week
Colbert will get a look at his new CBS home when he's one of Letterman's guests next week
Channing Tatum will gyrate back onto the big screen over Independence Day weekend next year