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Officials have identified more than 80 people who have had at least indirect contact with patient hospitalized with virus
Health officials issue control measures against four relatives of hospitalized man; must remain at home until at least Oct. 19
A new study finds teen pregnancies and abortions drop dramatically when free birth control is available. And researchers link a woman’s mood to dementia. Eboni Williams as some of the day’s top health stories.
Honolulu hospital "taking all the precautions that are necessary to keep people safe," official says
Details emerge of man's 28-hour trip from western Africa through Europe to destination of Dallas
Health experts say Dallas Ebola case could lead to patients heading to the ER at the first sign of flu
The virus mostly strikes children and causes a severe respiratory illness
First patient diagnosed with deadly disease in U.S. wasn't admitted on first visit to the hospital

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The experimental Ebola drug ZMapp could help save lives, so why can't they make more of it faster?

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