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A new synthetic substance -- known as 25i, Nbomb and Smiles -- is becoming a deadly trend in illicit narcotics use
Police say a new drug, with nicknames like 25i, N-Bomb and Smiles, is a dangerous narcotic that first gives the user a euphoric feeling, but then can cause disorientation and violent behavior. In the most dangerous cases, the drug causes a rapid heart rate which has led to deaths. WUSA's Peggy Fox reports.
The regulatory agency may issue guidelines for sales and marketing of the products as early as this month
Study looks at the consequences of getting an alarming - but inaccurate - mammogram result
Study says trying to adopt a more sensuous sound works for women but backfires for men
Daily health headlines: New study looks at the consequences of getting a false positive mammogram, a link between dietary fats and colon cancer, plus more top stories.
Long a problem in hospitals, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are now common on household surfaces, study finds
Prime Pak Foods recalls 24,000 pounds of Sugar Lake Farms chicken tenders; second recall in days over foods popular with kids
A New York-based company, AdhereTech, has created smart technology that reminds you to take the right pill at the right time. The companies founder says this could help one of the most costly problems in healthcare
Flu makes a comeback as more states report a resurgence of illness