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Voice for Choice is spending $350,000 to fight a new California law which eliminates the personal belief exemption for childhood vaccines
California governor signed a new state law that requires nearly all schoolchildren to be vaccinated
Alternative-universe food products were shown off this week at the 61st annual Fancy Food Show in New York City
Activated charcoal is touted for its "detox" properties in beauty products and now in health drinks
Two boys in Pennsylvania receive life-saving organs from three-year-old who died of brain cancer
More companies are using activated charcoal as an ingredient in health and beauty products in the belief that it removes toxins from the body
Major study aims to find a way to prevent or delay disease that often strikes in childhood
Tweet about autism and vaccines prompted an angry backlash from boy's family
New numbers from the CDC show how widespread efforts were to stop Ebola from taking hold in the U.S.
There is growing evidence the key to your feelings can be found in your stomach