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Prison officials may now provide Sovaldi, a hepatitis medication with a shockingly high price tag
Study found people with hay fever who had high levels of stress suffered more severe symptoms
Surgical procedure called laparoscopic power morcellation may spread cancerous tissue
Study finds almost three-quarters of patients developed a dislike of certain foods after surgery
Gym-goers are getting a tough core-building workout on surfboards built for the gym
A fitness class is providing a workout to escape from the cold temperatures. The fitness moves are done on a surfboard on the gym floor. Craig Boswell explains.
Daily health headlines: The CDC reports on the greatest risks for foodborne illness, new clues about why some people get kidney disease, and more top stories.
CDC report raises concerns about rare but growing type of bacterial contamination in shellfish
Death toll from outbreak grows as scientists identify unique strain of virus responsible
Loss of energy and motivation could be an early sign of dementia, study suggests