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Costly robotic surgery is rising in popularity, but researchers find it doesn't improve the patient's care
Using a test originally designed for human infants, researchers confirmed what many dogs owners have long suspected
Sheik Umar Khan, a virologist who has treated over 100 people sickened with the deadly disease that has no cure, is now fighting for his life
Michael Farrell submitted his resignation following safety lapses involving anthrax and bird flu
Researchers with a biomedical technology company and MIT are testing a contraceptive microchip. Implanted under the skin, it can deliver tiny amounts of hormone to prevent pregnancy for up to 16 years. CBS News' Jericka Duncan reports
New research finds women who received an epidural during labor were less likely to suffer depression as new moms
Report reveals growing use of "performance enhancing" synthetic growth hormone among teens
Butter instead of cream is the new coffee trend in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Advocates for the butter blend say the natural fats help cut cravings and boost energy.
Plague, spread by rodents like marmots, reportedly kills a man and prompts quarantine in part of northern Chinese city
A new study links severe pain during childbirth to postpartum depression. Also, genetic scientists have found over 100 spots in human DNA that may increase the risk of developing schizophrenia. Teri Okita has the day's top health stories.