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Researchers found adults who ran consistently, even just for a few minutes, lowered their risk of dying from cardiovascular disease. Plus, a new study finds children with special needs benefit from peers with strong language skills. Marlie Hall has some of your day’s top health stories.
Take this quiz from Dr. James A. Levine's latest book, "Get Up! Why Your Chair Is Killing You and What You Can Do About It"
Study finds runners live longer than non-runners -- and you don't have to run fast or far to see the benefits
A program that rewards residents in the emirate for shedding pounds is drawing criticism for encouraging children to participate
Synthetic cannabis known as "Crazy Monkey" can have serious and unpredictable health consequences
When it comes to spreading germs, new research finds a fist bump is better than a handshake. The study from Wales found a fist bump also spreads less bacteria than a high-five. Researchers say fist bumps are likely more sanitary because there is a smaller surface area in contact between two hands. CBS News' Omar Villafranca reports.
As scientists learn more about brown fat, they're discovering it may bring significant health benefits
How germy are popular ways of greeting? Study compares handshakes, high-fives and fist bumps, and finds a big difference
Deadly, incurable disease keeps popping up in various places, limiting options for managing the crisis; health care workers increasingly in harm's way
Leading pediatrician's group says prescription Synagis should not be given to so many kids; drugmaker fires back