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Puzzling sign in brains of people as young as 20 may provide clues to solving the mystery of Alzheimer's
Drugs widely advertised for men with "Low T" may have serious risks and should not be taken for normal signs of aging, FDA warns
There may be no greater thrill than seeing your baby for the 1st time, but the government and some doctors say a growing trend could have hidden dangers
A new report says that adults over the age of 30 will get the flu twice on average over 10 years, while children will catch the virus every other year. Also, air pollution could impact how well children learn in school. Meg Oliver reports on the day's top health news.
The face of heroin addiction is changing, and the death toll continues to rise
Researchers are surprised by the level of coffee consumption among city's infants and toddlers; is it happening nationwide?
Losing an hour of sleep this weekend could wreak havoc on your health; experts share a few tips to help you handle the time change
Researchers round up data from more than 15,500 men to answer one of their biggest questions
Teen-age girls reporting abuse from a dating partner has more than doubled previous estimates -- and could be much higher than study's estimate
Stereotypes don't reflect the statistics says Dr. Abraham Morgentaler; men are more complex when it comes to how they feel about sex

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