1. Osama says:

    Let’s just ignore the fact that Democrats coerssd over and did the same thing to Republicans. They went around voting for McCain in order to oust Romney and Huckabee.The thing is the Republicans admitted it. The Dems lie about it.

  2. Oktay says:

    “Big Mike”, would this be your version of “calling it as you would have it, not as it is”?RAISE the vogtale, dude.Before it’s too late.

  3. Carlos says:

    Yes, there likely are – but this is elupossdpy not a political site? It’s a “media watchdog” site, right?And unless Brian is simply showing his ass, he’s mostly incredibly dull – the only reason his comments section exists is so that a few people in here can pick fights with one another day in and day out.That’s what I find most amusing.

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