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Deal creates a court-enforceable agreement detailing steps Cleveland PD will take to address unconstitutional policing in the city
Speaking at a commencement ceremony, first lady Michelle Obama told students that in order to carry on the Oberlin legacy they should embrace the clamor outside of college life.
The president honored fallen soldiers, their families and the caretakers and sentinels at Arlington National Cemetery.
The president honored troops in a speech at Arlington National Cemetery
It's one of the most scrupulously choreographed events in American politics, and it can provide a big boost -- or it can be a dud
The first lady urged graduates to seek out contentious debates so they can make a difference in the world
The item was found close to a Memorial Day concert
The Senate left town early Saturday morning without addressing the NSA's bulk phone data collection program
Takeover of Ramadi by smaller ISIS force shows poor fighting spirit, U.S. defense secretary says; Iraqi official blasts U.S. assistance
Sen. McCain tells "Face the Nation" the Vietnam War was a lesson for limitations of air power that should be heeded in fight against ISIS

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