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​Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell's rocky relationship with the former first lady is a key part of their defense at their public corruption trial
A judge ruled Wednesday that the Department of Justice must provide Congress with previously-withheld documents related to the gunwalking scandal
The Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee called last year's shutdown a "suicide mission" for the GOP
Members of Congress decried Foley's death but they didn't express any new views on military intervention against Islamic State extremists
CBS News/New York Times poll shows race, partisanship playing roles in reactions
The execution of American journalist James Foley personalizes the fight against ISIS for the U.S., experts say
McDonnell began his highly-anticipated testimony by focusing, as much of the trial has, on his wife Maureen
Attorney General Eric Holder talks with residents of Ferguson, Missouri, after the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown sparked clashes between police and protesters.
President Obama condemned the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, in a statement delivered from Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts. He said that the terror group brings no value to the world, and he vowed to work with the international community to destroy it.
"No faith teaches people to massacre innocents," President Obama says, heatedly condemning the terrorist group ISIS after its members executed American journalist James Foley.

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