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The former secretary of state says it's up to the State Department to determine when documents can be released
The Trump campaign told CBS News that they're "working on it," though they "don't know the when and the where yet"
The videos that show Planned Parenthood doctors discussing fetal tissue research simply show doctors doing their job, argues a Planned Parenthood executive
CBS News national security correspondent Juan Zarate testified before Congress about the impact of the recently negotiated Iran nuclear deal
Senate Republicans launch effort to defund Planned Parenthood as organization defends itself: "These videos do not show anything illegal"
The former president is recovering after a fall that left him with a broken neck bone
More than 140,000 people are asking President Obama to send dentist Walter Palmer to Zimbabwe to face justice for killing a lion
A group of celebrities and political figures joined together to make a video in support of the nuclear deal with Iran
The House passed a short-term extension of transportation funding before leaving for the August recess
As Congress considers new cybersecurity measures, activists employ old-school technology to express concerns about online privacy

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