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The president met with Prime Minister Narenda Damodardas Modi of India.
The two have been forced to cancel several stump speeches in the high-stakes election year
The Secret Service is conducting an investigation to find out how a man with a knife was able to jump the fence at the White House and run through the building before being stopped. But some in Congress are pushing ahead with their own investigation and have called the director of the agency to Capitol Hill to testify. Craig Boswell reports.
The Colorado Democrat, facing a tough re-election fight, is accused underestimating the threat of ISIS
Julia Pierson explains in testimony before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee what happened when a fence-jumper made it into the White House.
The former congressman and staunch libertarian says secession is part of the "grand American tradition"
The first lady went to Milwaukee to campaign for Mary Burke, the Democratic candidate for governor.
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson explains to Congress what happened when a fence-jumper made it into the White House
The stage is set for the Supreme Court to take up another same-sex marriage case, but when will they act?
The state's Republican officials have been trying to cut the number of days for early voting

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