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Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton is hitting the campaign trail while opponent Bernie Sanders brings in the biggest audiences of any campaign events
The president called the team and praised their "convincing victory" over the Japanese team
Trump is under fire for calling Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals, and for retweeting a comment about Jeb Bush's wife
As the U.S.-led coalition continues military operations against extremists in the Middle East, the president stresses the need for local cooperation
Following the 2014 midterms, Democrats have regained an advantage over Republicans, a new Gallup poll finds
The former attorney general weighed in on whether he is interested in serving on the Supreme Court
Survey among lawmakers indicates support for removing flag but there are powerful Republicans who have not said how they'll vote
The 2016 presidential candidate reassured a young gay boy who worried about his future in a Humans of New York Facebook post
It was a working Fourth of July weekend for the pack of presidential candidates
The New Jersey governor and 2016 presidential candidate says the deal shaping up is bad for the U.S. and the world