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Most of the money in one of this year's most competitive races is coming from outside groups

Thomas Menino: 1942-2014

Former mayor of Boston passes has died at age 71
Candidates in Iowa have to "answer the tough questions," Clinton says
Maine's independent senator gives up on the independent candidate for governor
Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush becomes the latest Republican to criticize Clinton's suggestion that businesses don't create jobs.
Bush becomes the latest potential 2016 presidential candidate to slam Clinton for suggesting businesses don't create jobs
Republican strategist and CBS News contributor Frank Luntz brought together 17 people to talk about race relations in America.
An unnamed Obama administration official was quoted in the Atlantic insulting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over a host of controversial issues. Major Garrett reports on how White House officials are rejecting the language but not the message.
The Obama administration is trying to quell the Ebola fears of Americans and is asking states to comply by more flexible Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's guidelines. However, the U.S. military is imposing strict protocols for soldiers serving in Ebola-stricken countries. Bill Plante reports from the White House.
New Jersey governor gets into war of words with former councilman who gave Christie a strange offer after their heated exchange

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