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President Obama said that Sony "made a mistake" pulling the release of the film "The Interview" in the wake of threats from hackers. Obama held his annual year-end news conference at the White House on Friday.
"That's not what America's about," president says after Sony censors itself in response to North Korean cyber attacks
Education department's ratings could use metrics like transfer rates, cost, and ability of graduates to get jobs
The two senators and potential presidential candidates disagree on Cuba normalization
The cyberattack on Sony Pictures Entertainment exposed a raft of embarrassing emails and was blamed for scuttling a movie premiere
The president was asked in an interview about the shirt LeBron James wore to protest the treatment of Eric Garner by police
Congressional investigators find deficiencies in disaster preparedness, urge improved coordination between federal agencies
Republican lawmakers about to take control of Congress say they're ready to block any attempts to lift trade restrictions
The Obama administration describes 2014 as a "milestone" year in the nation's economic recovery
The answer depends on how you measure productivity on Capitol Hill

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