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Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul says the current war on ISIS is illegal until Congress authorizes it
Major shakeup within administration made official as President Obama enters final two years in office.
Days before announcing his resignation, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel sat down with Charlie Rose to discuss how he viewed his position within the Obama administration.
Hagel had served less than two years in his position
President Obama's plans to stay out of the way in 2016 are not out of character for Oval Office occupants
The move marks the first formal recognition by Washington that a deal on Iran's nuclear program won't be reached by the midnight Monday deadline
GOP senator says his Republican colleagues in the House "doing a lousy job policing their own" after report on wrongdoing in the 2012 terror attack
"Can they govern?" Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Illinois, asked of Republicans on "Face the Nation"; GOP says stopping Obama's moves is top priority
President talks up Hillary Clinton, says he'll probably keep a low profile in 2016, but he's "very interested" in making sure a Democrat succeeds him
Cornell William Brooks tells "Face the Nation" the grand jury didn't get enough direction from the prosecutor, but promises "non-violent" response to decision

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