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The Justice Department handed down a formal indictment of the senator Wednesday
The Department of Justice is alleging Menendez used his Senate office to promote the interests of a friend and donor; he says he's "angry and ready to fight"
John Paul Hammerschmidt, a longtime Arkansas congressman who defeated Clinton in a 1974 House race, was 92
The Justice Department says Lerner did not waive her fifth amendment privileges when testifying before Congress
Intense talks over Iranian nuclear program have gone beyond deadline and could be extended further as negotiators try to come to an agreement
The president is declaring a "national emergency" to deal with cybersecurity threats
House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, congratulated Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his recent election victory and said the U.S.-Israel bond remains strong.
Walmart, local leaders and businesses, and Gov. Asa Hutchinson's son have called on him to veto the bill
Wisconsin's Republican governor is entertaining a 2016 presidential bid
Indiana lawmakers are scrambling to amend the state's controversial "religious freedom" law. Gov. Mike Pence says he wants to sign new legislation this week, clarifying that businesses have no right to deny services to anyone. Adriana Diaz reports from Indianapolis.