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President Obama highlighted some of the impacts of climate change during his visit to Alaska
To prove a crime, the government would have to demonstrate that Clinton or aides knew they were mishandling information
The rapper claimed he would run for president while accepting the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award at the VMAs's top ten trending stories for August 31, 2015
The Democratic candidate will defend the agreement on the same day Donald Trump and Ted Cruz are expected to trash it
In their new book, "Exceptional," former vice president and daughter condemn Obama's approach to Iran and said new talks should be had
Ohio lawmakers think the president unfairly snubbed former President McKinley when he renamed a mountain in Alaska
The White House is a step closer to stopping the Iran nuclear deal from being killed in the Senate
The New Jersey governor said the shipping company's technology should be applied to U.S. visitors
Mexican immigrants, even those here legally, were forced out of the country during the Great Depression

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