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The Senate plans to take up the House bill before a midnight Friday deadline
The former Virginia governor filed the necessary paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Wednesday
But Army Gen. Martin Dempsey says it does not address other concerns about Tehran's regional activities
The Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania will recuse himself from his leadership position on the House Appropriations Committee while the Justice Department investigates political corruption charges
Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell says the congressman and his associates "undertook a wide-ranging conspiracy" -- including charges of racketeering, bribery, and conspiracy to commit wire, honest services, and mail fraud
The Philadelphia Democrat and four associates were charged in a 29-count indictment
The billionaire GOP donors have reportedly decided Trump won't be able to access their data or participate in their cattle calls
Despite regularly courting controversy, polls continue to show the billionaire leading the GOP field
"They're willing to say extreme things, outlandish things to get on TV, to get in the debates," the Louisiana governor said
One poll measures his support at 1.3 percent

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