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After the former secretary of state asked for a six-figure sum, the university opted to pay for Chelsea Clinton's appearance
Justices say they'll consider limiting power of collective bargaining units to force non-members to pay dues
The New Jersey governor announces his presidential plans in his hometown
NBC Universal is just one of several companies to end business relationships with Donald Trump
Families of former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati and Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian have made personal pleas
The push began after the huge measles outbreak at Disneyland
Every day the flag continues to fly, emotions on both sides of the issue run higher
Christie will become the 14th Republican to run
The White House wants to raise the wage threshold for overtime pay to $50,440 per year for salaried workers
The New Jersey governor isn't afraid to take on his naysayers -- or a presidential bid in 2016

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