98.5 WNCX

98.5 WNCX98.5 WNCX has been Cleveland’s Heritage Classic Rock Station for more than 2 decades. The station features artists such as The Rolling Stones, AC/DC, The Beatles, Van Halen, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.

The weekday line-up includes Slats in the morning, Bill Louis from 10am until 3pm with the “Classic Cafe'” all request lunch hour, Cleveland Rock Legend Michael Stanley from 3pm – 7pm and Paula Balish from 7pm – Midnight!

98.5 WNCX

Chances are you totally wasted part of your afternoon either following the story about the llamas on the loose in Arizona. Well, here's more.
Prince is still one of the most interesting pop stars in the world. And here's proof.

Comedy Bit: The Auto Body Brief!

Tired of your car's undercarriage getting rusty from all the salt on winter roads? Well, protect it the same way you protect YOUR undercarriage... with briefs! The Auto Body Brief, it's another fine product from the WNCX Morning Show.

Papa Bear LeBron

LeBron James is shooing away college recruiters who want to sign his 10 year old son "Bronnie".

WNCX Morning Show: “Bronnie Basketball” is 10 and In Demand

It may very well be that LeBron James Jr. will have a promising hoops career. The only problem is that colleges are now recruiting the 10-year old. Slats and 92.3 The Fans' Jeff Thomas discuss this and a former pitcher "cashing in" on Seinfeld.
A new trailer gives fans a sneak peek at actors Paul Dano and John Cusack transforming into Brian Wilson.
Former Pearl Jam drummer, Dave Abbruzzese is wanted and it's not by his ex band.

WNCX Morning Show: 50 Shades of Boring for Ice T

"Law and Order: SVU" star Ice T stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday to review "50 Shades of Grey." His critique? It was boring. Slats shares all Ice's comments
The very Joshua tree made famous by U2 with the band's album of the same name has been damaged, presumably by an overzealous fan.

WNCX Morning Show: Roger and Jimmy, Sittin’ in a Tree

While the love for Browns owner Jimmy Haslam is at an all-time low here in Cleveland, there is one man who thinks he's doing a bang up job. Too bad it's also a man that has a very small fan club... NFL Commisioner Roger Goodell.

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