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10 Reasons To Make Austin, TX Your Next Vacation

Austin ranks among the best cities in America in several categories, including best bike cities, most fittest and most vegan friendly


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Best Places For Chicken And Waffles In Cleveland

Your breakfast just got better with the sweet and savory chicken and waffles.


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Best Gift Shops For Mother’s Day In Cleveland

While there should never be just one day when mothers are honored, Cleveland offers up five of the best gift shops and retailers to show her how much you love her this upcoming Mother’s Day.


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Best Spring Festivals In Cleveland

Check out a spring festival in Cleveland for a wonderful celebration of above-freezing temperatures and entertainment.



Best Movies Filmed In Cleveland

Cleveland has become a popular place for movies to be filmed. The first big commercial movie that was filmed in Cleveland took place in 1966, and since then, the city has been the backdrop to a large number of motion pictures.


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Best Local Gyms That Provide Child Care In Cleveland

Parents often have difficulty finding time to keep in shape and working out while raising a family, working and doing all the other tasks of everyday life. These local gyms and fitness clubs help out by offering child care services at their facilities, so that parents can get that time to get to the gym.


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Best Speakeasy Bars In Cleveland

We are far from the days of speakeasies and bootleggers but there are still evidence of their existence around the Cleveland area or places that emulate the thrill of the chase and the excitement of having something thought to be illegal- only available to certain special people.


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Best Waterfront Destinations In The US

Most every popular destination in America shares something in common — a waterfront setting.


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Top 2015 Music Festivals In The U.S.

A look at five of the best upcoming music festivals from across the country


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Best Kids Clothing Stores In Cleveland

These five Cleveland area boutiques offer families fashionable and stylish clothing at affordable prices in the heart of the New American City.