Doyel: "Kentucky Is Terrifying", Indiana Facing Major Problems With Religious Freedom ActIndy Starr Columnist Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Friday to discuss covering the Cleveland NCAA regional at the Q, what makes Kentucky so good, why Notre Dame has a chance to upset them, and how the 'religious freedom act' is making the state of Indiana look very bad and could effect future sporting events with the NCAA and NFL.
Gregg Doyel: "I Want To See Johnny, But Understand Why Hoyer's Starting"Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Thursday to discuss his latest columns on Johnny Manziel and not getting the start against the Colts, Hoyer's track record and understanding why he's still planning, the amazing sports stories coming out of Cleveland lately, and the comments from Josh Cribbs and Trent Richardson that they plan to jump in the Dawg Pound if they score.
Gregg Doyel: Goodell's Mistakes Seem More "Ignorant" Than "Evil"CBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Wednesday to discuss his column on questioning Roger Goodell's actions, or lack there-of, regarding Ray Rice, the power of an NFL commissioner, the NFL drug policy problems and hopeful solutions, and much more.
Gregg Doyel: Cavs Can't Risk Waiting And Let Kevin Love Hit Open NBA MarketCBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Thursday to discuss the polarizing Kevin Love vs Andrew Wiggins debate, why he believes the Cavs should choose Love, where the leverage lies between the teams, how important that type of play is for Cleveland's future run, and more.
Gregg Doyel: Browns "At The Mercy" Of Josh Gordon, "I'd Be Nervous About Manziel"CBS Sports Columnist Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Wednesday to discuss the latest NBA demographics of hiring head coaches, going younger, but liking Mark Price over retreads, how he looks at Johnny Manziel and the Browns from a National vantage point, and the Browns being "at the mercy" of their best player, Josh Gordon.
CBSSports' Doyel: Browns Won't Win Press Conference With A Mike Pettine HireCBS Sports writer Gregg Doyel joined Baskin & Phelps Thursday to discuss his recent Browns articles discussing the "joke" of the team's search for a head coach and roasting the Dolphins for how they dealt with the problems of Davone Bess.
Gregg Doyel Says Urban Meyer Is A New Man At Ohio State
Gregg Doyel Says Tebow Can't Escape His Latest CommitmentGregg Doyel talks about Tim Tebow's decision to speak at a controversial church in Dallas, what Tebow can do to rebound from this situation, the message from the church that he has agreed to speak at, whether he can rebound from this commitment and more...
Te'o Mentioned 'Girlfriend' Twice Recently Not once but twice after discovering his supposed girlfriend of three years never even existed, Notre Dame All-American linebacker Manti Te'o perpetuated the heartbreaking story about her death.
CBS Sports' Gregg Doyel Says Browns Not Allowing Coach To Choose Staff Would Be "Stupid"CBS Sports columnist Gregg Doyel talks with Baskin & Phelps about the hiring of Rob Chudzinski, and who he thinks will fill out the rest of his coaching staff.

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