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Study: Women Happier At Work Than Home

According to a recent study, women are happier at work than at home.


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Study: Chemicals In Soaps, Toys, Sunscreens May Inhibit Sperm

They’re chemicals found in everyday products — but new research says they may have a harmful effect on fertility.


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Study: Women More Attracted To Men With Lower Voices

A team of researchers at McCaster University recently discovered that women are more sexually attracted to men with lower voices.



PSA Numbers & The Relationship With Prostate Cancer

This week New 102’s Trapper Jack talks with Dr. Berglund about PSA and the relationship to Prostate cancer

Star 102–10/02/2012

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Study: Marriage Causes Women To Drink More Than Men

A new study shows that marriage can cause women to drink more, and men to drink less.


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