CEO Issa Asad Outlines Lifeline Program BenefitsFor many low-income families, covering the cost of basic necessities like food, housing, health care and childcare can be a serious financial struggle, paying a monthly cell phone bill is often an impossibility.
Myth vs. Reality: Issa Asad Demystifies Common ConfusionThe Federal Lifeline Assistance Program has suffered from false rumors about its effectiveness; however, a few quick fact-checks reveal the opposite. Lifeline is a government benefit program that provides free or discounted landline and cell phone service to certain low-income households.
Signing Up For Lifeline Is Quick And EasyThe Lifeline Assistance Program provides free or low-cost landline or cell phone service to people who meet certain eligibility requirements.
Issa Asad Shares How Lifeline Means Hope For MillionsFor millions of people, the Lifeline Assistance program offers necessary phone services for access to emergency assistance and for job hunting needs. This decades-old program subsidizes the cost of phone service for low-income families -- offering not only financial relief, but also unprecedented peace of mind.

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