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Study: Depression Found In Preschoolers

A new study has found that depression in children can start as young as preschool.


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Ohio Study: Heavy Online Use Can Mean Anxiousness

College students reading this story and others online for hours may become more anxious and less happy.


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Study: Sexual Frustration Tied To Early Death In Fruit Flies

A recent study suggests that sexual frustration might contribute to early death in fruit flies.


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Study: Teens Who Date Earlier More Prone To Unsafe Sex, Drug And Alcohol Use

A new study shows that dating earlier in life could lead to an increased risk of engaging in delinquent behavior.


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Experts: Mammal Dwarfism Caused By Global Warming

Global warming is responsible for decreases in mammal body sizes throughout history, researchers have found. Additionally, global warming could have a similar effect on animals in the near future, a team at the University of Michigan also noted.


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Study: Obesity Potentially Causing Early Onset Of Puberty In Girls

Researchers have learned that increasing incidents of early-onset puberty in girls could be caused by the rising prevalence of obesity.


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Study: Women More Attracted To Men With Lower Voices

A team of researchers at McCaster University recently discovered that women are more sexually attracted to men with lower voices.


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Studies Test How Early In Life To Peek Inside DNA

Fully mapping someone’s genes to look for health risks is full of ethical challenges.


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Study: One Hour Nap For Kids Good For Their Brain

Most caregivers know that an hour nap means a happier child, but a new study shows another benefit.


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Study: Choosing How To Spend Your Lunch Break Reduces Fatigue

Exercising control over your lunch break might make more of a difference than what you actually do with it.