President Trump: U.S. Launches ‘Precision Strikes’ In Syria
Ohio Man Accused Of Plotting To Kill US Soldiers, Traveling To Syria For Terrorist TrainingAn Ohio man is accused of plotting to commit terrorism in the U.S. after traveling to Syria for terrorist training.
AAA: Ohio Gas Prices Fall As Autumn Approaches Ohio's average gas prices are dropping as travelers say goodbye to summer.
Ohio's GOP Senator Calls Syria Strategy 'Confused'Ohio's Republican senator says the Obama administration's long-term strategy for Syria appears "very confused."
Ohio Senator Opposes Military Action Against Syria Republican Sen. Rob Portman of Ohio says he cannot support a resolution giving President Barack Obama the authority to use U.S. military force against Syria.
Opinion: A Mad, Personal-Attacking, Interrupting Obama Loses Third Presidential DebateRomney won this debate in more ways than one – most impressively due to his dignified style.
Opinion: In Clear Victory Obama Shows Romney Isn't Ready To Be Commander-In-ChiefWhat was most clear tonight, though, is that Mitt Romney has no idea how the world works and the Office of the President is no place for on the job training.

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