File photo of a hospital hallway. (credit: AFP PHOTO/GOH CHAI HIN/Getty Images)

Carbon Monoxide Likely Caused 2 Ohio Teenagers’ Deaths

Two teenage sisters died and two other children were hospitalized after a relative found all four unresponsive Friday from a suspected carbon monoxide leak in their western Ohio home, officials said.


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Enterovirus D68: What Every Parent Should Know

Parents should be prepared for a new virus that is infecting the Midwest and looking to sweep the nation.


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Parents Urged To Warn Teens Against Taking Dangerous ‘Fire Challenge’

The “game” involves teenagers recording themselves as they pour lighter fluid all over their body before lighting the flame.


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Adding A Teen Driver To Your Insurance Leads To 79% Higher Cost

Adding a teenage driver to a married couple’s car insurance policy leads to a 79% higher average annual premium


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High School Senior Dies After Ingesting Toxic Amount Of Caffeine Powder

A senior at Keystone High School was found dead after he ingested toxic amounts of caffeine powder.


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State Says Fewer Ohio Teens Abusing Painkillers

Fewer Ohio teens are abusing prescription painkillers and using heroin as efforts to address such abuse appear to be working, according to the state Health Department’s most recent youth risk survey.


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Study: Teens Who Date Earlier More Prone To Unsafe Sex, Drug And Alcohol Use

A new study shows that dating earlier in life could lead to an increased risk of engaging in delinquent behavior.


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“Bored” Teens To Be Sentenced In Ohio Man’s Beating

Two Ohio teenagers who pleaded guilty in the severe beating of a 45-year-old man are set to be sentenced on Monday.


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No Sign Of Alcohol For 6 Teens Killed In Ohio Crash

A sport utility vehicle sped down a two-lane Ohio road at nearly twice the speed limit before a crash that killed six teenagers last month, and their toxicology tests have turned up no sign of alcohol or drugs, authorities said Thursday as they worked to wrap up the investigation.


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