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AP investigation finds millions of dollars in Social Security benefits have gone to people suspected of working in Hitler's war machine
Leno's fellow comedians including Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes and Jimmy Fallon were on hand to award him the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
The Denver Broncos quarterback passed Brett Farve's record in his 246th regular season game
The family of deceased Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan is about to leave quarantine. But the family of Amber Vinson, the nurse who got Ebola from Duncan, released their first extensive comments on what happened after she cared for him; and, for every band that fills arenas, there are thousands that can barely pay the bills. And if the artist is an older mus
Jacksonville's Denard Robinson ran for a career high 127 yards against Cleveland to end the Jaguars' nine straight losses; plus more NFL scores
Police found a 3-year-old girl unresponsive when the entered a Brooklyn apartment
Islanders say Hurricane Ana came dangerously close, but spared them any significant damage
After a 35-day search, authorities in Charlottesville, Va., say they have spoken to the parents of missing student Hannah Graham, who were told what police expect
Some legal experts think the former Baltimore Ravens running back caught on video in a domestic abuse incident has a strong case
As questions swirl over nurse Amber Joy Vinson's post-exposure activity and travel, her family hires a high-profile attorney

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