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Ex-NY Gov. Pataki, police union point fingers at NYC mayor and U.S. attorney general; NAACP president says protesters don't want this
"Sunday Morning" takes a look at some notable events of the week ahead. Charles Osgood reports.

The history of candy canes

How did the Christmas treat with the signature hook get its start? Charles Osgood reports.
Ask Thurmond Alford about the sacrifice he made to stay near his loved ones. Alford travels seven hours each day for his dream job in Washington, D.C. Steve Hartman reports.
Tensions between NYC's mayor and cops hit a new low after two police officers were executed in Brooklyn and de Blasio visited the hospital they were taken to.
Flay's new restaurant, Gato, in New York City, is white-hot, with reservations hard to come by. With his own TV show, books and cooking products, he is at the forefront of America's growing love affair with food. But above all, Flay loves to cook, as he shows Tracy Smith.
Serena Altschul looks into a very nontraditional take on a Hanukkah tradition
December 21, 1970, marked an infamous meeting at the White House when President Nixon welcomed rock idol Elvis Presley to the Oval Office. Charles Osgood reports.
New York City is mourning the shooting deaths of two police officers killed in their patrol car in Brooklyn Saturday afternoon, by a gunman who later took his own life. The suspect may have targeted them as retribution for the chokehold death of Eric Garner in New York and for the Michael Brown police shooting case in Missouri. Mark Albert reports.
PGA says Andreone is likely the oldest golfer ever to hit an ace; he says it's his eighth since 1939, and he wants another

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