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Heavy snow blanketing Northeast, but not as much as forecast; tens of millions remain hunkered down
As governors ban road travel, shut down commuter systems, and prepare for an historic nor'easter, airlines cancel thousands of flights and millions try to withstand a wintry mess
Robert Kraft called on the NFL to apologize to his team if they are found to be innocent of tampering with game balls prior to the AFC Championship
A scout who was abused by an adult volunteer says the organization failed to take preventative measures against such incidents
At the peak of the storm, up to four inches of snow could fall per hour; Chief Meteorologist Eric Fisher of CBS affiliate WBZ-TV has the forecast
After the Great Recession, more than half of Americans used up some or all of their retirement savings. Anthony Mason reports on what people can do to start building their nest egg.
Authorities say two small planes ran out of fuel and went into the Pacific off Hawaii, but all five aboard the aircraft survived. One of the planes was aided by a parachute that slowed its descent toward the water. John Blackstone reports.
Shops and stores across the Northeast are preparing for the storm, with some shops reaping profits and others fearing losses. Jericka Duncan reports.
CBS News was given access to go inside the base where the U.S. picks ISIS targets to bomb. As we found out, the process involves detailed analysis of satellite photos to find legitimate targets. David Martin reports from Shaw Air Force Base, S.C.
A drone was found on the White House lawn early Monday morning. Although it was determined to be harmless, its ability to land on the lawn raised security questions. Law enforcement experts told CBS News that unmanned aerial vehicles have the ability to pose serious threats to security. Jeff Pegues reports.

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