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Analysts figure d they knew which nation's vessel it was, if it was there at all; this was biggest such search by Sweden since final years of Soviet Union
Intelligence officials in the U.S. and Canada are trying to learn more about suspect Michael Joseph Zehaf-Bibeau
In the village of Kakata, Liberia, a burial team tries to get infectious bodies in the ground quickly -- in the face of traditions to linger with loved ones' corpses
A burial team from a village of Kakata, Liberia takes precautions seriously as they bury those who have died from the Ebola virus.
At a news conference Thursday afternoon, Canadian police showed surveillance video of the gunman behind the attack on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada.
A burial crew in Kakata, Liberia takes their precautions seriously when burying those who have died of Ebola.
Authorities say they had not been watching the gunman in the weeks before the deadly attack on a soldier at a war memorial
John Vickers, the brother of Canada’s current Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers, discusses his "emotional response" to the shooting at Parliament.
Kevin Vickers, sergeant-at-arms of Canada's House of Commons, is given a standing ovation for his efforts to stop the gunman who attacked the Parliament building in Ottawa.
The miiltant group is cashing in on oil, kidnapping and extortion to fill its pockets

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