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Insurgents from eastern Ukraine pull back demands and say autonomy and amnesty may be enough to strike a peace deal
Even though Moscow-backed rebels lowered peace talk demands in Ukraine, Russia's aggression there has made Europe ready itself for worse
New government campaign encouraging people to stockpile toilet paper, because half of country's supply comes from earthquake-prone areas
Islamic Republic ruling clerics have repeatedly cracked down on free expression online, something the country's new president hopes to change
Jeffrey Fowle, Mathew Miller and Kenneth Bae appeal to Washington to send a high-ranking rep to negotiate their freedom
Mariachis from all over the world gathered in the Mexican city of Guadalajara on Sunday to take part in the annual International Mariachi festival. Crowds lined along the street were also treated to displays of horsemanship by traditional Mexican cowboys.
From "Looney Tunes"-style cartoons to even jokes about mass executions, Arab public expresses their dislike for militant extremists with humor
Industrial center in southeast Ukraine widely assumed to be pro-Russian rebels' next target, but they won't be welcome there
Demonstrators storm state TV building, temporarily force channel off the air while trying to reach prime minister's residence
The legislature ruled out the foundation for the first vote, believing it would create a "chaotic society"

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