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"We just wish Obama had started the airstrikes even earlier, maybe then we wouldn't be here."
Jewish state says jet "infiltrated into Israeli air space" in contested Golan Heights, prompting 1st such attack in decades
Officials say 33 others were injured and two more were missing in the accident in Hunan province
Officials say 5 Arab nations helped expand U.S. campaign against ISIS, but that wasn't the only group hit by American missiles
The Jordanian ruler says the reaction to ISIS must be swift, but he is pleased with the action President Obama is taking
Jurors hearing a terrorism-financing lawsuit found that Jordan-based Arab Bank helped Hamas fund a "death and dismemberment" benefit plan in the early 2000s
On Turkey's border with Syria, riot police defended their positions with tear gas - but they weren't fighting Islamic extremists
CBS News Homeland Security Correspondent Bob Orr and CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate discuss the intelligence that's driving U.S. efforts to push back ISIS extremists in Iraq and Syria.
Apparent kidnapping comes after ISIS calls on followers to kidnap and kill French citizens after France starts air campaign against them
Officials hesitant to announce number of new cases discovered during three-day lockdown on entire country

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