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European leaders are arguing over how to respond to the hundreds of thousands of people streaming across its borders
In the midst of the Ebola epidemic, a dying mother and her baby crossed paths with a nurse who couldn't forget them
Migrants fleeing conflict in the Middle East have overwhelmed a Budapest train station
British journalists were arrested on terror-related charges; their assistant remains in jail; strong protests from media rights advocates
Research ship, called the Yanter, making its way down the East Coast heading towards Cuba; equipped with submersible
Serial number on flaperon linked to corresponding number on the Boeing 777 that disappeared last year with 239 people aboard
Images of a 3-year-old boy's lifeless body washing up on a Turkish beach force a hard look at the fast-mounting refugee crisis
Construction workers unearthed "one of the most important and beautiful" such relics ever found - and tried to hide it
Unofficially the world's woolliest sheep, "Chris" shed almost half his body weight when he was shorn for perhaps the first time
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