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Almost 10 years ago, the world counted 38 million people displaced by conflict and persecution, and the number was declining
Former NSA contractor, currently in Russia, faces U.S. charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years
Protests against low wages and layoffs at Air France turned violent when managers for the airline were struck and stripped
Emergency workers still digging bodies out of the massive mudslide, with practically no hope of finding anyone alive; at least 150 people dead
There was another close call between U.S. and Russian airplanes over Syria
Hospital was run by Doctors Without Borders, which operates in many of the world's war zones; 22 people killed by AC-130 gunship
CBS News' David Martin reports from Qatar in the headquarters of the U.S. air campaign against ISIS
The proposal, while still sketchy on the details, sets long-term goals for 195 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
Slash-and-burn practices destroy huge areas of Indonesian forest, creating haze that blankets the archipelago and neighboring nations
Prompted by popular series "Downton Abbey" and fondness for the expensive, China's wealthy want highly trained butlers who anticipate every need

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