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People around the world observe the Muslim holy month of Ramadan
Prime minister says Israel will "not end the operation without neutralizing the tunnels whose only purpose is" to kill civilians
As the investigation into the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 continues, fighting between the Ukrainian military and pro-Russian separatists intensified near the crash site in eastern Ukraine. International monitors and investigators were unable to examine the wreckage. Kitty Logan reports.
More than 1,000 people have died in fighting between Israelis and Palestinians since early July
Deadly, incurable disease keeps popping up in various places, limiting options for managing the crisis; health care workers increasingly in harm's way

Violence in Gaza

Fighting continues in Gaza through appeals for a cease fire
Palestinian health official says 9 children among 10 victims killed in Gaza strikes; Israeli military blames rockets misfired by militants
Khaled Meshaal says group won't recognize Israel as a Jewish state unless long-standing demands at heart of Middle East's age-old crisis are met
At least 8 civilians killed as intense fighting between Ukrainian troops and pro-Russia rebels keeps Australian, Dutch police at bay
Israelis say they hit Gaza with 3 airstrikes after Hamas fired rocket at Israel; U.N. Security Council calling for immediate truce; Palestinian death toll tops 1,000