"That Would Be A Crime If I Just Let Him Have The Beer," Victim Says

CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — Sometimes, you just don’t mess with a man craving a cold one.

At least, you don’t mess with Cincinnati’s Sean Owens, who took not one, but two bullets from a gunman who tried robbing him of his just-purchased six-pack of beer.

And based on his reaction, he’d probably do it again.

Owens, 29, who lives in the Over-the-Rhine section of the city, told the Cincinnati Enquirer he was walking home from the grocery store where he’d just bought the beer when a man followed him to his apartment complex.

That’s when Owens said the suspect demanded the beer.

Not wanting to give up his after-work refreshment, he refused and instead took out his cell phone to call police. Things quickly turned violent.

“There was a brief scuffle and then he decided to walk away, and that’s when he pulled the gun,” Owens said in the report.

The suspect shot him twice in the forearm, before fleeing – without the beer.

Fortunately, Owens’ injuries weren’t life-threatening. There’s no word on whether or not the suspect was arrested.

As for whether he regrets not giving the suspect what he wanted?

“That would be a crime if I just let him have the beer,” he told the Enquirer. “I absolutely think I made the right decision.”


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