By Adam The Bull | 92.3 The Fan

WOW, we waited two weeks for that? For the fifth game in a row the Browns played the first quarter like they were still eating bagels and drinking coffee in their kitchen. Obviously, they did not fare much better the rest of the way, even when the Raiders had to go to their back up QB, and dropped to 2-3 on the season. Some people feel I have been too harsh with Coach Shurmur after I gave him an “F” grade through 4 weeks. Well, that certainly won’t change now. The big red “F” remains on his report card.

There may be no better example of the fact that stats can lie than Colt McCoy right now; 8 touchdowns, 3 picks and 240 yards per game sounds pretty good but, anyone that has watched the Browns play knows that he has racked up a lot of those yards in garbage time. The Browns have no ability to go down the field right now. Certainly some of that blame goes to the coaching staff and the WR’s, but Colt has to take a share of it as well. Since teams are not worried about them going deep they are stacking the box, and thus the Browns are struggling to run the ball as well.

Speaking of running the ball… it is time for the latest chapter in the hit new drama series (theme music begins) “Peyton Hillis.” In this week’s episode the Browns’ starting RB gets 6 carries early and then disappears. We are left with the mystery of trying to figure out what happened to the missing RB. Twitter was on fire with possible endings to this week’s thrilling episode…the team was punishing him, he had been traded, he had been waiting for a table at Melt and they called his name (I think I noticed him wearing a name tag that said, Disco Fever). No one even considered the fact that he could be injured. Why would we when the Browns said nothing about that being the case? Just when it looked like we would be left with a cliffhanger we got the word that Hillis had “tweeked” his hamstring. Aah… mystery solved! But, wait… who is that man who just came on the field for the first time in over an hour? Could it be? I think it is… Hillis has returned. Indeed he did… for 2 plays… as a blocker… and then again… he was gone! Never to be heard from again. It was a cliffhanger after all. Stay tuned!

I really appreciate all the great support from the listeners, callers and tweeters. And we now have a show Twitter page @bullandfox. I’ll talk to you all again… weekdays at 2… RIGHT HERE… on the FAN!

  1. Joe Mersnik says:

    Well written piece, Bull! looking forward to the show this afternoon – what? No TV appearence for you this morning? LOL…

    P.S. – I would really like to know why the Browns hid the hamstring injury for over 1/2 the ball game???

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