CLEVELAND, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – An “Occupy Cleveland” protester tells police she was raped in her tent over the weekend.

Cleveland police are investigating an alleged sexual assault incident Saturday at the “Occupy Cleveland” rally involving a 19-year-old female student from Parma.

According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

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The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.

“Occupy Cleveland” is one of many movements taking place nationwide in the wake of “Occupy Wall Street,” which is protesting against corporate greed.

Emails from CBS Cleveland to the “Occupy Cleveland” movement were not immediately returned.

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  1. Massimo Deportado says:

    Rapist – Another democrat “in good standing”.
    You parents are entirely to blame for this rape.

    1. Massimos an ass says:

      Oh clearly.

      Because the rapist should not be accountable for his actions, right? I mean, if you’re a protester, and especially a Democrat, this is what you deserve, right, you fucking idiot?

      1. John Galt says:

        Of course she didn’t deserve this!! But there is a point there, unlike the Occupy movement Tea Partiers have families and jobs to go home to. If young females choose to share a tent with a strange men at a rally I don’t think her parents did an acceptable job of preparing thier Daughter for the tough realities of life. I also blame the organizers overall acceptance of the drugs, public sex, unsanitary living conditions, etc.
        The Ironic thing is that they need a few 2nd Amendment “wackos” to protect the “weakest and most vunerable” against the “predatory practices” of idiots like this guy, the one that crapped on the police car, and the other mindless children that think shouting and getting arrested for public trespass is democracy, democracy is far more boring and time consuming, it takes work … and I question openly the work ethic of anyone demanding someone elses money.

      2. It Really Isn't Like the Tea Party says:

        I don’t think that Massimo stated that the rapist isn’t accountable for his actions. The idiot Occupy Cleveland organizers (who asked a 19-year old girl to share a tent with a man) are directly responsible.

      3. Wilhelm The Sad says:

        There are significant reasons to doubt this woman’s story, just because a woman says she was raped does not prove that she was. The fact that she waited to report the socalled rape and no other evidence, etc is offered just her word…rings alarm bells…women lie all the time.

      4. YERMOM says:

        ummmmm… since when has a liberal believed in being accountable for their actions?

      5. johnmwilliams says:

        Liberals are all about accountability–as long as it’s a white male heterosexual having to do the accounting…

      6. Karl "Groucho" Marx says:

        Her virtue was redistributed to another more deserving person. So share the wealth, man. What’s the problem here?

      7. howley1 says:

        Of course he is responsible for his actions but so is she. I mean on what planet is it considered smart to share a tent with a complete stranger? She didn’t deserve it, but the exercise of a little bit of critical thinking might have saved her from getting raped. It’s a tough world.

      8. steve says:

        yes and also I wish youre mother had aborted you.. because you believe in abortion right? so it should be just fine to wish your mother had aborted you.

        but seriously … democrats who rape fill the nations prison.. maybe she should pick her friends more cautiously

      9. steve says:

        anyone who hangs out with democrat SCUM and human FILTH…ALMOST.. ALMOST deserves what they get.

      10. Bilford Rielly says:

        Hey this rape is in PErFECT Dem/Commie/Lib standing, style, ethics and morality – take by force those things that ARE NOT YOURS!

        BO ‘ The Muslim Turd’ and the WH Adin have backed and supported the ‘Occupy’ movement -this “occupy was just somes elses hole.
        I see a problem here with the spliting of hairs.

      11. Lea says:

        I just want to know one thing… Did she scream?

      12. nlg says:

        Here’s another example of the leftist zombies totally drinking the kool aid. “Sure little girl, here’s a nice sleeping bag and you can sleep right in this tent with this nice man…no worries, he’s one of us. We are all here to take care of you”. They are al living in a deep in a purple haze.

      13. MorganGray says:

        No, you witless snake. Rape is *NEVER* deserved. What is predictable is that this sort of thing happens at a left-leaning event.
        The left has always been soft on crime, and tough on crime-fighters. So, to where else would you expect an opportunistic predator like a rapist to gravitate, except to a large crowd of left-leaning nitwits. He knows no one there will have a gun with which to defend themselves or each other. He knows he can con his way into this young woman’s tent. He knows no one will intervene, because “he is doing what he feels is right for him at the time (situational ethics)”.
        Deserve? No.
        Should expect? Yes. When you summon together the lowest common denominator of society, i.e. the lazy, the takers, the I’m-better-than-you crowd, the there-is-no-right-or-wrong bunch, the you-owe-me-everything gang; you have to figure that you are going to get the lowest common denominator, including criminals like this piece of human debris.
        Yes,the rapist should be held accountable for his actions. Personally, I believe the penalty for a first (and only) offense for rape should be death. This is an intensely personal crime against the victim, the rapist is essentially stealing the victim’s person-hood (if there is such a word), it should be treated as though it were a murder.
        No appeal, no parole, just a .44 magnum slug to the back of the head.

      14. Caretaker says:

        Obviously you’re a libtard

      15. BILL MCNEAL says:


      16. Doug in Jax says:

        Useful idiots are still idiots. Idiot girl put herself at danger and was assaulted by another Democrat. Yes, he is a rapist, but she is still stupid.

        I hope that here street smarts and political smarts both improve. I hope he collects his dole from the other side of the bars.

      17. Skep41 says:

        “Raping this woman was wrong but why was she wallowing in this crowd of people who act so badly and are so obviously lawless?” I said in my post.

        You know, the kind of people who are angry and deranged and feel the need to curse anonymously on the internet. She went to a demonstration of people who were loudly denying any responsibility for their own lives and was composed of angry self-centered losers. I’ll bet her rapist, if caught, will bring up the troubled circumstances that led to his terrible mistake and will blame Citigroup for making him lose control. Again, rape is wrong but dont stand in a crowd of angry amoral people who are yelling for a violent revolution and expect your rights to be respected.

      18. Doug in Jax says:

        I think the Leftists would call him “An undocumented husband”.

      19. glenp says:


      20. Joe M says:

        Nothing like this happens at a TP rally. Why?

      21. KruelHunter says:

        Have y’all noticed that the most pompoust and judgemental posters are so often the ones who refulse replies to their comments?

      22. Get A Job Hippie says:

        The FLEA Party … contemporary version of deadbeat drug addicted hippies from the 60’s with no agenda or direction in life what so ever. What’s the matter … pissed off that people who actually work their whole lives have more than you? Get a job and start where you qualify to start and accept your place in society you bums!

      23. Kathleen G. Armand says:

        ummm, I think you are jumping to a conclusion all by yourself….why don’t you calm down….that’s right clam down. WOW, are you prone to these types of out breaks when you get off your med’s……ummmm….now calm down sweetie you will be fine…..just come over here and get in this sleeping back Leland is a great guy…..

      24. bang00mo says:

        Maybe she missed the point. All the communist and anarchists want everybody to spread the wealth around.
        What’s yours is mine, blah, blah blah.
        When you’re living in the sewer, you might get a little on you.
        She probably learned a valuable life lesson – don’t hang around with scum.

      25. T says:

        He was one of the 99% that wasn’t getting laid enough, and she was one of the 1% that control all the cooch. Isn’t it the whole point of their protests to take from the “haves” and give it to the “have-nots”?

      26. Whitey says:

        Actually, hippie, this is an anarchist getting her just reward for her actions. Wonder if she’s still an anarchist hippie today? Ah ha.

      27. KansasGirl says:

        Ah, but Wilhelm have you not learned it is the “seriousness” of the accusation that makes it so. Welcome to liberalism.

      28. will says:

        I heard it was an evil pro-corporate conservative rapist

      29. steve says:

        Those tents dont look to be homemade could they have been made by an evil corporation:?

    2. Tomas says:

      Oh how the MSM wished this was a Tea Party protester, racist, bigot, astro turfer, Nazi, Clan member, tea bagger and now rapist,. Oh well, it’s one of yours, I’m sure this will be reported on every network news broadcast………is that crickets I’m hearing?

      1. Calvin says:

        I guess you missed the news, the American Nazi party came out in favor of the “Occupy crowd”. Something they didn’t do with the Tea Party if they would have had them. The Occupy crowd has not responded. I guess they need the food.

      2. phil says:

        It’s amazing how naive some of these protesters are. So many are sincerely looking for something to believe in. They seek something bigger than themselves. They seek a group experience and to be part of changing history. Unfortunately…they are the most vulnerable. It will take some age and life experience to realize that many of their fellow protesters are predators, communists, social deviants, and criminals.

      3. Ted says:

        That may be the most rational comment I’ve read here… which begs the question: is that what this thread really needs? 😉

      4. Michael says:

        We’ve all been misled into automatically assumings nazis like anything that is right wing. The true tragedy of our tax-funded education system is they do not educate us, they indoctrine us with deliberate lies and misinformation. They as well as the mass media have defined fascism as right wing when anyone with an understanding of the political spectrum and economics knows that fascism, nazism, isn’t even close to right wing. Fascism is a form of socialism, and especially statism and pro-government. Nowadays we have so many poor neurotic brainwashed fools who don’t even know what facism, or even what socialism means, that they will call the wrong people fascists and nazis. Lefties possibly already know, but the brainwashed robots need to understand that nazis hate capitalism, zionism, Israel, the free market, etc. They may hate the current government and even think “the jews were reponsible for 9/11, but they very much believe in socialism; they just want it for whites only. For those that are just now realizing this, you can start your rude awakening process by watching The Soviet Story.

      5. Rusty D says:

        It was asshole, it was a filthy teabagging, Rethuglican voting, smarmy turdbucket.

    3. Blahdedah Blahdodee says:

      anal for one hour and they were pissed they missed the free food!! Then a republican gave her $10,000……

      1. Khloe K. (the fat, ugly transvestite) says:

        Anal for an hour!! I’m in!!!

    4. floyddabarber says:



      1. She's A Dyke says:

        Only way Maddow will report it is if they have hot pics of the victim.

    5. tray says:

      Why are you assuming another protester is the one who raped this woman? Couldn’t someone totally unrelated just have wandered in and done it? Why assume the actions of one person exemplifies the action of the whole? You can use that same logic to condemn all of humanity for this one rape. How about some compassion? You know, kinda like Jesus told us all about.

      1. Shaquila says:

        You are so right. This woman is not emblematic of an entire movement. She has the right to change her mind if she wishes. Immediate reporting is not necessary. But don’t pillory an entire movement just because of the claims of one ambivalent woman. Who would believe that participants in this movement are capable of rape or lying for that matter. No way!

      2. Ted says:

        Yes, why pillory an entire movement for this when there are a million real good reasons to pillory it and THEM?!?

      3. Ted says:

        If this kind or reasoning is what religion does to people, I’d like one Christ -on-a-Stick, please.

      4. Aggie95 says:

        George Bush did it

      5. Armed Texan says:

        Uh, I know he was a protestrer because she was sharing a friggin’ tent with him! Read the story, idiot!

      6. Tim Martin says:

        The ‘girl’ told the police it was the man who she was asked to share the tent with, not someone who just wandered in.I don’t think anyone is assuming anything. These are the kind of people who are involved in this movement. No rapes at the tea party events. I think she was too naive and trusting. A tough lesson to learn. She wasn’t raped by an “evil banker” . . . just one of her own. Sad.

      7. Captain Insane-O says:

        People are assuming because that is what the article says…..the people in charge of Occupy Cleveland told her she had to share the tent, due to lack of tents. Sooo….Its pretty much safe to say a fellow protester did in fact rape her. (if the rape actually happened) I mean, its her choice and such, I personally would have just said “What are you retarded? No, Im not letting a strange man I don’t know sleep in my tent with me”

      8. Drdarby says:

        Idiot tray the raist was assigned to be in the tent by the prtest leaders. Read the story or are you just stupid. You must be a protester

      9. Heckerp says:

        Sounds like bs to me. All she had to do was scream if she was really being raped. Tents were everywhere so someone would have heard her.

      10. richard40 says:

        Tray, your objection looks pretty stupid to me. The account says she was raped by the man she shared the tent with doesn’t it? Why would he have been given a tent by the protest organizers, and she told to go in there with him, if he, the accused rapist, was not a fellow protestor. So it is pretty clear the accused rapist is indeed a protestor. The only possibled area of doubt is whether her accusations are false, but dont you leftists always say that a womans accusation of rape is almost always true. It is us evil conservatrives who constantly caution that false rape accusations are far more common than assumed.

        As for your one bad action does not condemn the whole argument, it would be reasonable if this was the only lawless or bad protestor action. But how about the antisemitism, blocking streets, arrests, defecating on police cars, and the incredible stench. One action might be an exception, but numerous lawless and irresponsible actions form a pattern of lawlessness and irresponsible protestor culture.

        Contrast the lawless behavior of the OWS with the tea partiers, who never broke the law, never harmed anybody with violence (although they were often physically attacked by leftists), always left on time, and always left the area cleaner than they found it. Yet they are portrayed by the MSM as a great threat, because they had some anti Obama signs that might have been considered in bad taste. While the lawless, violent anarchists of OWS are portrayed as the voice of 99% of the nation.

    6. Mark says:

      I don’t believe that this woman deserved what happened, and I hope they catch this creatin and put him in jail for the rest of his life! That being said, I didn’t hear of any of this happening at any of the T.E.A.Party ralies. So tell me again, who has the moral high ground?

      1. Rose says:

        Thank you Mark, for being a real man and not blaming the victim. I don’t support this ridiculous Occupy “movement”, or as I see it, squatting, but NO woman deserves to be raped. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are because ultimately it was up to the man who raped her. She may be naive, but that is not a crime, forcing unwanted sex on a woman is however.

    7. Lease says:

      1st. She didn’t deserve to be attacked – its a shame that she was, and it’s a shame that she didn’t have enough common sense to avoid a dangerous situation like bunking with a complete stranger. However – I am curious to know how a passionate and informed protester found herself at a “sleepover” protest without so much as a tent or a sleeping bag. How much was she being paid to be there? And if she doesn’t have enough common sense not to put herself at risk, how can we take her paid opinions on the ecomomy seriously.

      1. Ted says:

        “without so much as a tent or a sleeping bag…”

        Or a friend

      2. Darcy says:

        “Or a friend” — EXACTLY
        Put yourself in her shoes. Would you show up at one of these things planning to spend the night without a buddy? Without a sleeping bag?

      3. larry says:

        Funny, you say she didn’t deserve it. But you support the group that thinks the “rich” (code for ‘Jew’) should be beheaded and EATEN. Sorry, yes she did deserve it, along with you and the rest of this scum.

      4. richard40 says:

        She didn’t deserve to be attacked, but she did act stupidly and put herself at risk. If I decided to walk though the most crime ridden part of my city, unarmed, at night, alone, in an expensive suit, with diamonds openly displayed, and currency hanging out of my pockets, and got mugged and robbed, I might not have deserved the mugging, but I still would have acted stupidly, and put myself at risk.

    8. Kampfhund says:

      Your parents are entirely to blame for being a jackass.

    9. Frank Truth says:

      CHARTS: Here’s What The Wall Street Protesters Are So Angry About…
      The full story, in charts.

      1) This guy could have gone to the protest, not to protest, but to have sex with a young girl. Not every person who shows up to these things has a political reason for doing so.

      2) Why didn’t the girl scream. This could be a case of buyer’s remorse. Many females claim rape after a sexual encounter they never objected to. We don’t know that she ever asked the guy to stop. I have heard of a lot of cases where females don’t protest during the sexual act, then call it rape afterward because they claim they really never wanted to have sex. Many females are conflicted about sex. Their reptillian brain desires it, but their emotional brain, and intellect inwardly say no. Many guys put the move on females who do nothing to convey the fact they don’t want sex. They may “playfully” resist, then submit. I have had many females tell me they get very angry when guys get off without getting them off, leaving them horny, and unsatisfied. Thay take that as a personal affront.. Then all of a sudden the act retroactively becomes rape because the guy didn’t do the job right.

    10. Barry says:

      Where is ths article did any description of a rape occur?

      The suspect identified himself as “Leland” to the woman. The woman told police that after she had thought the suspect went to sleep in his own bed, she slept in a sleeping bag provided to her by the rally.

      That is it???

    11. Don says:

      Docter docter i broke my arm in five places.Reply stay out of those places

      1. Abner Hale says:

        DoctOr, nucklehead.

      2. Al Coholic says:

        “_K_nucklehead”, maroon.

    12. Cal Wildman says:

      An alleged rape in an encampment that is so crowded there are more OccuPosers than tents… and no one heard a struggle, a cry or anything. Not impossible, but suspicious on the face of it. She waits 2 days (this is actually common in rape cases, though) and tells a teacher. This is a hard one to be sure about. Was there a rape, or was this a new twist on “the dog ate my homework” excuse?

    13. Delmont 88 says:

      Homey Leland was just gettin back at the white man, havin his way with a little OCCUPUSSY.

    14. tired says:


      1. me says:


        are you blissfully ignorant or purposefully stupid?

        actually no, we don’t want the same things for this country. they want to end this country and eradicate western capitalism. they want to take money i and others have learned to pay off their school loans, or anything else they dream up (free internet was asked for, too).

        no, my wife and i had > $100k in school loans that we paid off ourselves by working our asses off. now we’re saving for ourselves and our kids. they want to take from those that earn in the name of ‘the worker’.

        they don’t want the same, they want what they think is an easy paradise.

        “A government which robs Peter to pay Paul, can always count on the support of Paul”. – George Bernard Shaw

      2. Big D says:

        R U kiddin’…the civil war is just beginnin’

    15. Clark says:

      I thought you were anarchists. What are you doing calling the police?

    16. Whitey says:

      Exactly. Hey what can I tell you darlin, you camp out with a bunch of angry America hating scum, then don’t come crying to civilization when you wind up raped.

    17. larry says:

      She had more than her share of nookie. Just spreading it (and her legs) around to the masses. Isn’t that what all this is all about?

    18. Big D says:

      Apparently no one bothered to tell poor ‘Leland’ that this was NOT the “Occupy your tent-mate’s vagina” rally.

    19. cosette says:

      A more extensive account of this story on another site stated that this female is autistic and has a variety of developmental issues. She should not have been there amidst the dregs of humanity to begin with. If the people at these events are as “educated” as they profess to be somebody in authority(?) should have accompanied her directly home. But, you see, these morons are all about the “numbers”. The larger the crowd the louder the voices. They talk about compassion and concern for the downtrodden. What a load of crap! They are nothing more than a parasitic collection of malcontents possessed by the deadly sins of covetousness and sloth. Quite pathetic actually.

    20. dodger says:

      I’m a conservative former cop and I know the kind of things that can cause a woman to be raped and nobody nearby know it was happening. How about one of these: 1. He held a weapon on her and threatened to kill her if she screamed, 2. He held a hand over her mouth, preventing a scream, then knocked her unconscious, 3. He knocked her unconscious to begin with, 4. He threatened her or her loved ones (this really should be two possibilities) if she screamed or told anyone later.
      Rape can happen even among those of you who are so deluded that you think we should all get together, sing Kumbaya, and solve all the world’s problems with a “sit-in”, “be-in” or “occupation”. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is idealism personified.

      1. Dances With Fascists says:

        Thank you for your civilized comment you are the only conservative posting here with any decency at all. Wherever such rightwing haters and sick minds come from they sure don’t speak well of our country except the fact that they represent the worst among us says that those they hate the most — in this case the Occupiers — are their polar opposites, and that makes me proud of at least 99% of my countrymen.

    21. steve says:

      OK I have a great idea Im going to sleep in a tent with someone of the opposite sex whom Ive never met and wonder hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Are you that stupid Yes her parents are to blame. As far as the sleep creep is concerned. I just dont know what to say Its a natural thing as far as democrats are concerned

    22. TheTruePooka says:

      Pretty much everyone in this comments section is a fallacious idiot. The rapist is to blame for the rape. Cased closed.

      If you want to start arguing about alternate blame and accusing political parties or protest groups, you may as well include the Republican party for their policy that put us in this situation.

      Anyone who doesn’t like what I’m saying?

      Bring it.

      I’m a proud, patriotic American who has no problem with taking a bunch of whining, strawmaning illogical, freedom hating big government loving Republicans on.

      You don’t like it come try me on my YouTube channel.

      I eat your type as an appetizer.

      1. Cromulent says:

        Well its the Left that pines for collective rights over individual rights. Then why not be consistent and apply collective responsibility?

        And besides, no one on the other side of the aisle from you really would propose that other Occupiers be hauled into court. But isn’t it worth examining why one side’s populist movement (Tea Party) behaved like angels during their protests and the other side’s populist movement (Occupy) racked up such an impressive list of debris and debauchery?

      2. dodger says:

        As a conservative, I agree with many (but by no means all) of the recent “Declaration” put out by OWS. I would, however, be much more likely to consider their points of view if they would take a page from the Tea Party by cleaning up their act, as well as the stage upon which they are performing, and respecting the rights of others in the areas where they are attempting to make those points.

      3. Armedice says:

        You are so stupid. Pay attention. BOTH parties put us in this mess idiot. And Republican big government? YOU are truly dumb…..

  2. LibertarianFront says:

    So much for peace and love.

    1. Tom Menino says:

      Fleabaggers: George Soros had lobster and champagne last night. Michael Moore is staying at the Rennaissance in Times Square while in town to “protest”. Nancy Pelosi’s personal investment holdings grew by 61% last year during a recession of historic proportions. The domain “” was registered in June by Estonian Socilaists (and then transferred in August to Adbusters, which is a prank “culture jamming” magazine known for creating mock boycotts and demonstrations, simply for sport).

      You are what Lenin referred to as the “Useful Idiots” who the oligarchy can count on to take to the streets when commanded by their masters. Obama = Bush = Wall Street = Romney = Pelosi = Halliburton = Solyndra = Barney Frank = Fannie Mae = Cheney.

      You are being used.

      You have become the sheeple you dread.

      1. Jerry Rose says:

        Dead right on. Amen.

      2. Occupy 2012 says:

        This post was awesome!

      3. LukeJohn says:

        Great post.

        An additional irony is that the Wall St bankers, financiers and dealers together are Obama’s biggest cash donors.

        It’s going to be funny to see him going back to them with his begging bowl next year.

      4. Anti-Occupation says:

        Best. Post. Ever.

      5. RussRamey6 says:

        Excellent post, these people are being used, but other than use as OWS cannon fodder, I would classify them as useless idiots…

      6. Kampfhund says:

        Yeah Tom, right on, thanks for trivializing one of the most traumatic things that will happen to that girl for your stupid political statement. What a wad.

      7. me says:

        lukejohn wrote:

        “An additional irony is that the Wall St bankers, financiers and dealers together are Obama’s biggest cash donors.
        It’s going to be funny to see him going back to them with his begging bowl next year.”

        fool me once… shame on you. fool me twice… nope.

        “Wall Street tells Dems not to expect any love this cycle”

      8. Dances With Fascists says:

        @Tom the hater and namecaller: the Occupiers are rubber, and you’re glue. Everything you say bounces off them and sticks to you.

        BTW to put forth the suggestion that Obama/Bush/Pelosi/etc. have any control or command over the Occupiers merely exposes your delusional state and invalidates any real point you might make. If you every make one besides juvenile ad hominems that is. Do you think it might ever be possible for you to defend and promote what you actually believe in, in any kind of mentally healthy way, without having to stoop so low as character attacks?

    2. Chase says:

      Did you mean “piece and love?”

  3. Anti-Occupation says:

    “this is what democracy looks like.”

    1. Kampfhund says:

      yes, the freedom to pervert a terrible crime into a stupid political statement.

      1. me says:

        get off your high horse. they are not “trivializing” what happened to that girl – they are trivializing the movement by juxtaposing it’s vapid and cerebral posing against the vile thing that was done to her. if you can’t pick that up, you’re a lot less “nuanced” than al gore would like.

    2. dodger says:

      We do not live in a democracy and it was never intended to be one. Look it up and educate yourself.

  4. Mr. X says:

    What a teabagger.

    1. sfcmac says:

      Spoken like a true douchebagger.

      1. moreco2 says:

        We call them fleabaggers. Also dirtbaggers.

      2. TruthMonster says:

        Better than entitlement baggers

    2. Lazybum says:

      I that why it took her so long to speak up, douchebagger??

      1. moreco2 says:

        So the statute of limitations is 24 hours in Obamaville?

  5. sfcmac says:

    Another scumbag in the “occupy” rank and file.

  6. Leonid says:

    It’s NOT “protesting corporate greed”! It’s an excuse to get out and seemignly do something important in their otherwise non-important, leeching existence.

    1. Ted says:

      The bigger problem for me is CBS, a corporation, calling it “corporate greed” instead of ALLEGED corporate greed or “what they characterize as corporate greed.” Of course, CBS isn’t guilty of greed, they distribute all their profits to “the people.”

      1. RussRamey6 says:

        Does CBS even make a profit…the MSM is dead as far as economic viability. Who watches them? Look at the ratings!!!!! LOL

      2. Lea says:

        In reply to your previous comment on “religion,” I want to warn you, “From your lips to God’s ear.”

      3. Ted says:

        Say it soft and it’s almost like praying, Lea.

    2. patrick says:

      Exactly- even the lazy, deep inside, want to be productive.

    3. Lease says:

      My guess is that she was recruited at her college campus to hop on a bus – get paid – and be a part of the movement! — She was instructed by her recruiters to share a tent because they were underprepared and she was too altruistic in her beliefs to seriously consider her own safety. Fricken’ idiot….

  7. Ed says:

    She should have had the sense to say “No” to sharing a tent with a stranger. Too bad for her. If she were home instead of hanging with the Occupy Riff Raff this wouldn’t have happened.

    1. dave says:

      Exactly, and how about opening your mouth and screaming RAPE?!!!!

      1. dam says:

        Her parents taught her not to talk with her mouth full.

    2. oracle2world says:

      Probably smoking reefer and she changed her mind in the morning, when the guy split.

      1. mannshands says:

        Exactly! A very common college girl episode of next day regret.

      2. Kampfhund says:

        Do you even bothering reading what a slimeball idiot thing that sounds like before you post it? If not, just letting you know it is.

  8. marke says:

    Ah, Democrat constitiuents – Rapists AND Victims…

    The good thing is if “Leland” is caught the Dems will do everything he can to be able to vote while he’s in prison, where there are currently millions of once and future Democrats.

    1. Kampfhund says:

      I personally think you and all the cesspool spillover dotards who are turning a girl’s rape into a moronic cry for help should be rounded up and put in same prison to receive a lot of shower love. Would you care if everyone made light of that?

      1. me says:

        ah, your true colors.

        you’re all for free speech, as long as you agree with it.

        so lets get this straight, you find marke’s comments (words) on the same level of grievance and crime as the actual rapist (penetrating the victim) – no? you’re advocating the same sentence:

        (“I personally think you and all the cesspool spillover dotards who are turning a girl’s rape into a moronic cry for help should be rounded up and put in same prison”)

        then you actually go further – beyond just co-incarceration, you actually write that he and the other “cesspool spillover dotards” actually be raped themselves

        (” to receive a lot of shower love”)

        do you not see how galactically stupid you sound?

      2. KansasGirl says:

        Sio you are the “judge and jury? What happened to “alleged”? Pffft.

  9. randfan says:

    If Occupy told her to share the tent She has grounds for a lawsuit. It furthwer illustrates the mindset of the Left: people should be forced to share.

    1. Ted says:

      ROFL,,, a LAWSUIT??? Against whom, the Universe?

      1. ctina says:

        I think randfan was being sardonic….grounds for lawsuit, because it was ‘somebody elses fault’ she shacked up w a dude she didn’t know…..then the being ‘forced to share’ the tent….brilliant randfan :)….Shame it was lost on Ted

      2. Ted says:

        Yes it was lost on me because it was moronic – which explains why it wasn’t lost on you. Now I can’t explain why you’re a moron, but I can explain a few things that morons can’t see by themselves. First, She wasn’t being “sardonic,” she meant exactly what she said , as do most people who advocate nebulous lawsuits. Second, even if there were someone or something to sue, she, the “attackee,” has no grounds. She was neither ordered nor compelled. She voluntarily went along with the request.. So what part of “NO” don’t YOU understand?

  10. Mike ward says:

    Has anything remotely horrific EVER happened at a Tea Party rally? Be honest.

    1. Lazybum says:

      Yes, we get screwed by the media after every event when they lie and twist and insult us.

      1. mak says:

        lol … great response!

    2. Yup, we were accused of being racists, astroturf, and accused of spitting on congressmen. And the horror of leaving a park cleaner than it was when we got there !

      1. krp says:

        Exactly. The next thing you know they will be calling you Boy Scouts. Those homophobes!

    3. richard40 says:

      The tea partiers displayed anti Obama signs that some people thought were in bad taste, carry banners from the american revolution, and like to own guns. They are obviously racist, redneck, extremists, and a grave threat to this nation. Their racism was considered proven when most of them said they opposed affirmative action and diversity standards. They are terrible, potentially violent, extremists and must be stopped.

      On the other hand, the OWS crowd speaks the grievances of 99% of the nation. So what if there are rapes, the streets are blocked, arrests, anti semitism, defecate on police cars, do drugs, have public sex, disrupt the city for weeks, and their camp emits a disgusting stench. So what if a large portion of them say they think the US is worse than El Quaida, our free market economic system must be destroyed, and they are justified in resorting to violence. They are the true voice of the people and we must listen to them and respond to their just grievances.

    4. dodger says:

      My 24 y.o. son & I were discussing OWS & I remarked on all the arrests of the demonstrators. He replied that he thought there must have been many arrests at the big Tea Party demonstrations, so I challenged him to find ONE. Several months later, he’s still searching.
      P.S. Before you respond with your alleged instance of a Tea Partier being arrested, I will expect a link to the story.

  11. rebar says:

    And who exactly is providing the tents and sleeping bags? I thought all of this was an unorganized collaboration of people. Apparently not.

    1. moreco2 says:

      The Obama regime of course! Duh.

    2. olderwiser says:

      Talk about a true ASTROTURF movement.

      1. that guy says:

        That would actually be AFROTURF.

      2. moreco2 says:

        Afroturf? Get a grip, not funny. Watch out for the lice though.

    3. Aggie 95 says:

      There is only 1 group who could pull of world wide protests …unions

  12. Kevin says:

    sounds like the kind of propaganda I was expecting to start popping up around these protests — though I suppose it could be true. The fact that it paints a picture of these “occupy whatevers” as some sort of formal structure making sleeping arrangements for its members, checking out tents, sleeping bags, or whatever, and with formal contact information from a single voice agreed upon by everyone to speak for the movement, just seems intentionally misleading.

  13. Welcome to “Collectivism” a.k.a. Communism/Socialism/Marxism/Progressivism/etc.

    1. krp says:

      confiscating her privates for pubic use.

  14. moreco2 says:

    Gee, didn’t see this coming did they? I’m tired of hearing about this mob. Tweet me when the cholera outbreak starts.

    1. Anti-Occupation says:

      Oh, they saw this ‘cumming’ all right…

      1. Ted says:

        Auntie, when did you get the mistaken idea that you were funny? Take it from someone who know, you “aunt.”

    2. dodger says:

      Tuberculosis outbreak in Atlanta OWS.

  15. Tough lesson says:

    What do people expect from immoral socialist scum, unicorns and rainbows? Buy a gun and learn how to use it, don’t be a useful idiot.

  16. IEFBR14 says:

    So it’s OK for these filthy left-wing communists to screw the country, but not each other?

  17. dave says:

    Hard to believe, with all those squaters surrounding her, with nothing but a tent between her and them, and no-one heard anything? AND, she waits until the next day at school to say something!?. Hard to believe. Maybe her professor does more than just teach.

  18. NohBdy says:

    What type of name is Leland? No, really. Someone tell me.

    1. Ted says:

      Clearly it s some proud illiterate who wanted to name her kid “Cleveland” but didn’t quite know how to spell it!

  19. Fleabagger says:

    Come on, he wasn’t raping her. He was redistributing her sex life…

    1. stevo says:

      Or redistributing his semen

      1. dam says:


    2. steve says:

      No he was freely expressing himself Lets name him Art!!!!!

  20. Jack says:

    I honestly don’t care. It is a small price to pay for justice.

    1. Jason says:

      And there you have it, folks! Rape is a small price to pay for justice. Don’t forget, Obama supports this amoral brownshirt and his like.

    2. Vicky says:

      Easy to say from one who was not raped, Jack. You sir are a hypocrite. For whom do you demand justice? Obviously not for the young lady. The injustice done to her means nothing? You are not a just man yet you demand justice: at least for yourself. If the “least” of these means nothing to you it is not justice you seek but revenge. Take stock of what is truly in your heart.

      1. Ted says:

        You noble defenders of the virginal young woman have no more knowledge of the facts that those who feel she deserved it, so you’re equal idiots. Was she raped? possibly, but it’s highly doubtful.Since she didn’t make a sound, either she was somehow subdued – either by the assailant or by possibly drugs and liquor.

        If the latter, was she unable to consent, or did she consent at the time, under the influence? You don’t know. But of course, no woman has ever claimed to be raped when she knew she wasn’t, so you have that going for you – which is nice as Bill Murray would say.

      2. Jack says:

        I was making an, admittedly bad, joke. I support these people’s right to protest but I couldn’t care less what happens to them as they are probably not, for the most part, paying taxes like I do – and I am not even close to being rich, but lower middle class. If you camp out all night with strangers you are likely to get raped or worse at some point. I don’t feel bad for anyone to whom such happens in THOSE circumstances. Just simply too bad as I see it.

      3. KansasGirl says:

        Vicky, has it been proven that she was “raped”. You sound like a “vigilante”.

        Not surprised though, libs pick and choose who they deem worthy of their movement. Pffft

  21. Chuckster says:

    Unless she’s alleging a one percenter snuck into her tent, what’s she complaining about? Surely she’s not upset that a member of the 99 shared her body with her? What’s her beef, that she has a right to what is hers? Nonsense. She should share with those less fortunate! I guess “From each according to their ability to each according to their need” doesn’t always play out like people expect. 😛

    1. flashman1854 says:

      Maybe it was that French geezer(DSK?), we know he likes the ladies.

    2. Anti-Occupation says:

      Yes, she is upset…and don’t call me ‘Shirley’…

      1. Ted says:

        May I call you Auntie? See, those things only work verbally.

  22. wwd says:

    Too each according to their needs, from each according to their means

  23. Anti-Occupation says:

    At least the “occupiers” in Canada are asking occupants & donors for condoms:
    I guess those hippie rapists don’t want to catch an STD or pregnancy from their “redistribution of unwanted sex”.
    “Show me what democracy looks like. This is what democracy looks like.”

  24. JohnRalph says:

    Only socialism can save America!

    National SOCIALIST German WORKERS Party, referred to in English as the NAZI Party (socialism for the German ‘Teutonic’ Race), In reality though no different than the left’s socialism.

    Like Stalin, for the white Russians, or Pol Pot, for the Khmer Rouge, or Ho Chi Minh, for the Viet Minh, or Mao, for the Han Chinese.

    Socialist Gods that brought death and misery to tens if not hundreds of millions of humans.

    Let us not forget our SOCIALIST God, Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, for America’s liberal elite and welfare voters on the dole.

    1. jgalt says:

      socialism is for the people, not the socialists

    2. dam says:

      I think you meant Red Russians

  25. allie says:

    Oh come on! This is getting ridiculous. Am I on camera? This has gotta be candid camera am I right? They steal from each other and then they rape each other? Nope I ‘m not buying it. The whole world is out to see if I believe this crap and I don’t , just to see my reaction . Nice try everybody, ya did a good job . Okay the jokes over everybody come on out now. I know none of this “protest” never really happened. Just a ruse to see me react. I see it now. Fun’s over.

  26. Meggiemeg says:

    Share the wealth chick! Your virtue (yea right) is my virtue!

  27. adlibn says:

    This is your Democrat Party.

  28. pig says:

    Oh honey, that’s nothing compared to the f***ing you’re about to get when you finally get a job, pay your taxes, save for your own retirement and pay for all the folks who will not, refuse to, or think the Government should just “pay for them to exist”.

    Telling you, the Vaseline jar is “empty” honey. You’ll find out when you grow up.

    1. RussRamey6 says:

      Yep, that”s the way it goes!!!!

  29. foster says:

    In Cleveland this happened ya say? I’m right down the road. Think I’ll take a drive down and get me self laid.

  30. Bill Clinton says:

    If, at the age of 19, you would get into a tent with a stranger at an Occupy rally, you deserve to be raped.

  31. walter sobchak says:

    If you are going to be an anarchist, act like one! If you are going to hang out with anarchists, don’t complain when bad shit happens. Think before you act and be responsible for your own actions and stop asking me to pay the $100k student loans you signed up for!

  32. Girlz says:

    Just like Woodstock. Girls, you have to protect and defend yourselves. Don’t put yourselves in dangerous situations. Trust no one.

    1. Anti-Occupation says:

      Yeah, always carry rubbers with you, and you tell your next rapist, “Hey, hippie scum rapist sick son of a bitch…no glove, no love.”

    2. Ted says:

      Looks like the girl had her own “Woodstock” moment!

  33. John Galt says:

    I feel sorry for the young lady but “if you lay down with dogs, don’t be surprised if you get fleas”

  34. jgalt says:

    just doing her part for the communist/socialist society; when you go protest with with parasites, don’t be surprised when they start taking without asking

  35. jgalt says:

    welcome to the George Soros funded orgy; take what you want, its all part of the commune!

  36. Jeff says:

    OWS participant rapes in Ohio, OWS participant exposes himself to children in Seattle….what a collection of smelly, low-life hippies.

  37. jaydub says:

    my guess is that “Leland” felt the need to occupy his adult-larvae tentmate…

  38. John Smith says:

    I’m not saying all of the OWS protesters are rapists but…

    At any rate, it must be nice to have the entire mainstream media on your side. In their collective brain, racism is a bigger sin than rapism.

  39. CV says:

    Now they want personal responsibility?

  40. Anti-Occupation says:

    Rape is rape, regardless of the person or their political beliefs; however, actions speak louder than words, and their desire for an anarchistic “utopia” will inevitably yield this type of amoral behavior. I sincerely feel bad for the victim. I can guarantee you, though, that there has not been an event so violent at a tea party.

    1. floyddabarber says:

      Three quarters of the guys there are just there to get laid, which they stand a better chance of having happen there than in their Mom’s basement where they live. Unless Mom is drinking again.

      1. Khloe K. (the fat, ugly transvestite) says:

        I’ve been at the Occupy LA rally for days and still can’t get laid!

      2. Chuckster says:

        haha! You rock

  41. mm says:

    Stupid liberal commie bitch. I’m sure she’ll blame the evils of free market capitalism for her rape. These liberals are destroying their lives.

  42. Jeff says:

    Lets be fair….We can’t judge all OWS participants by a few bad apples. We need to remember that OWS IS endorced by upstanding organizations like the Nazi/Communist Party, Iran and Communist China.

    1. Jeff says:

      I should add Obama (depending on time of day) and Big Labor, CBS, NBC,ABC & CNN

  43. stop2think says:

    Never heard of a rape occurring at a Tea Party rally. Never heard anti-Semitic slurs at a TP rally. Never heard protesters chanting “F**k the USA” at a TP rally. Never heard protesters demanding an end to the system that allows such protests and an abundance of wealth at a TP rally. Never was there a TP rally that did not pay the permit fees and leave trash, soil, condoms, needles, behind for all to clean up. Yet, it is the TP protesters maligned by Pelosi, Obama, Reid, most of the mainstream press and the Left. Nice. Bottom line: no one’s daughter ever got raped at a TP rally. Sleep on that.

  44. floyddabarber says:

    A Democrat abusing and denigrating woman? Never! Must have been one of George Bush’s secret agents. Part of the vast right wing conspiracy that has committed to discrediting Obama by raping OWS women who are too stupid to bring their own sleeping bags, tents, food, condoms, ideas, commons sense, or self respect to the event. Climbing into a tent with an anonymous derelict can lead to rape? Really? The best and the brightest…

  45. rainyday says:

    Liberalism is a destructive mindset that destroys free thought, self determination, love of one’s country and breeds bitterness, anger and confusion. I feel bad that these kids cannot see that. Capitalism did not bail out wall street. If capitalism were allowed to take its course, Bank of America, Citigroup abd Chase would have failed and the CEO’s fired. Then the smaller, more honest regional banks would have become the big guys. The free market would have taken care of it. But oh no, Baby Bush and Stupid ass Obama bailed tham all out via Tarp I and II – namely a nationalism-socilaism take over of the banks via the tax payers expense. Why can’t these protesters see this?

    1. krp says:

      If capitalism had been allowed to run its course, there would have been no sub-prime mortgage collapse in the first place. If capitalism had been allowed to run its course, the banks would not have been making loans they didn’t want to make but they did because they were forced to by Clinton, Reno, Cuomo, Framk, Dodd and Frankin Raines.

      1. Ted says:

        Exactly, but let’s not forget that while Bush and Republicans were aware of the potential problem, they expressed no alarm. If they had, they’d be looking pretty good today instead of like the chumps who made TARP possible.

      2. me says:

        ted said: ” but let’s not forget that while Bush and Republicans were aware of the potential problem, they expressed no alarm….”

        what? sure they did more than once to congress, guess who shouted them down?

        “[barney] Frank aggressively fought reform efforts by the Bush administration. He told The New York Times on Sept. 11, 2003, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac’s problems were “exaggerated.” Exaggerated? Thanks to Fannie and Freddie the housing market collapsed and we fell into this “great recession.”
        “These two entities – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac – are not facing any kind of financial crisis,” Frank Opined to the Times. “The more people exaggerate these problems, the more pressure there is on these companies, the less we will see in terms of affordable housing.””

        “The 10/8/03 Washington Post reported that Frank opposed giving the Bush administration the approval rights over banking business activities that “could pose risk to the taxpayers.” He worried the Treasury Department “would sacrifice activities that are good for consumers in the name of lowering the companies’ market risks.”
        In the video below Frank sits in a 9/10/03 House Financial Services Committee hearing and says Fannie and Freddie are sound, and there is no housing disaster coming.
        Rep. Barney Frank (D., Mass.): I worry, frankly, that there’s a tension here. The more people, in my judgment, exaggerate a threat of safety and soundness, the more people conjure up the possibility of serious financial losses to the Treasury, which I do not see. I think we see entities that are fundamentally sound financially and withstand some of the disaster scenarios.”

        Two years later the United States was much closer to the bursting on the housing bubble. The Republicans in Congress introduced a bill to regulated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Led by Barney Frank and Chris Dodd the bill was killed.
        On June 27, 2005 Barney Frank stood up on the floor of the House of Representatives and told America that there is undue concern about the housing market and even though prices were growing very quickly the housing market is not like the Dot.Com industry, the housing bubble will not burst.

  46. Reagan Rocks says:

    Rape in Cleveland, exposing themselves to minors in Seattle. Defecation on police cars. Thieiving. Drugs.

    I don’t recall ever hearing this from the Tea Party rallies. Why Obama supports this is beyond me.

    Perhaps these rallies should be scheduled for a day, have speakers and a coherent mesaage THEN at the end of the day go home to families and jobs and leave the rally site free of feces, litter and victims.

    I hope they put that guy away for a long time and wish her the best after this horrible incident. It makes me sick to think of all the Liberal Progressive weenie men that probably stood around and did nothing during the attack. Tragic.

  47. Dennis D says:

    And the Left Wing Media portrayed the Tea Party as violent . Why anyone would listen to the MSNBC ABC or CNN fools is amazing

  48. Steve Roberts says:

    Obviously this rape is all due the heated, over-top rhetoric of conservatives and the Tea Party. Shouldn’t the MSM demand an abject, groveling apology from Sarah Palin?

  49. ernie says:

    Looks like she’s exhibiting signs of Corpus Greed

  50. Khloe K. (the fat, ugly transvestite) says:

    I want someone to redistribute their semen in me!!

  51. George says:

    She should have demanded payment in advance.

    1. oracle2world says:

      Whoa, you are HARSH!

  52. Anti-Lib says:

    Stay away from these protests, all these people are being used for by Obama and the Unions as useful tools to create chaos. These are commies wanting things to get violent. There is NO comparison to the Tea party. The Tea Party is for freedom and our constitution.

    The Democrats want to be associated with the OWS. This will back fire in a big way. Most people in this country are good and the people behind this organization are evil.

  53. oracle2world says:

    He said, she said. Investigate all you want, but unless he held a knife on her, forget about any prosecution. Especially if they were smoking reefer.

    And a female just doesn’t share a tent with a strange male, no matter what.

  54. Fuck Liberalism says:

    She deserves this. hate to say it. But as she is protsting against an enemy that does not even exist, and completely wasting her time, another 19 year old is working two jobs while putting herself through school. Another 19 year old female is serving her country to help pay for school. Another 19 year old is learning a trade to better herself. Another 19 year old female is studying for an exam. Another 19 year old female is take care of her cancer-stricken mother. This rape victim is as dispicable as her perp.

    1. Roze says:

      Hey dickface, no one “deserves” to be raped. She’s a 19 year old female who has been brainwashed by her leftists college professors. SHE’S NINETEEN. You make people on the right, like me, look like straight up a-holes.

    2. Paul says:

      You G-Damn idiot. If you claim to be a Republican, Conservative (like me) I say GTFO now, you piece of garbage. No room for you on this side .. GET LOST.

  55. AtlasObjectivist says:

    Typical radical leftist, very common at these gatherings.

  56. Roze says:

    I’ve been raped. You are not going to just lay there and let someone rape you. I call bull$hit.

    1. Chuckster says:

      She was probably completely out of it. Hopped up on goofballs. Left handed cigarettes and valium.

  57. Big X Little o says:

    Don’t forget c r a p s on police car in NYC

  58. Karl M says:

    From each according to his ability, to each according to his need

    1. oracle2world says:

      He had need, she had ability. Am I getting the idea here comrade?

  59. Fleabagger says:

    Lets see. Over a thousand arrests, antisemitism, racism, rape, American hate, Communists, Nazis, skinheads, endorsements from cop killers, Iran, Hugo Chavez, etc. I’m impressed! Really! Almost sounds like a tea party. Oh wait.l Never mind.

  60. CB says:

    Rape is not humorous in the least – however, taking a page from any victim that participates in this OWS crap – they can go from calling cops “Nazis” and throwing things at the cops, as well as defecating on a cruiser – to asking for help when they have been victimized. This underscores hypocritical – especially looking at footage of these “protesters” surfing the web on their iPhones.

    1. me says:

      i know. the iphone thing cracks me up. like apple is so “anti-corporation”

      this is delicious:

      “Celebrated redistributionists discover healthy respect for private property”

      “…Who’d have thought that a crowd of people demanding the seizure of wealth from banks, corporations, and the wealthy might also have a few thieves? I’m shocked, shocked to find theft occurring in a group that has hijacked private property it refuses to leave….”

  61. Unreal says:

    Its terrible what happened to the girl, but why was she not screaming her lungs out while it was happening, so other people could help her out, or at least after he was finished? She waited until the next day to say something to a teacher? Sounds like there is something missing from this story. Where they drunk or high? Unless he completely overpowered her and put his hand over her mouth, why was she not calling for help the whole time?

    1. Chuckster says:

      As if others would help her out! Democrats…I’ll get someone else to help, so I can feel good and not take any personal risks…

  62. dam says:

    Looks like Leland executed Occupy Bajingo

  63. damonous says:

    What’s really incomprehensible to me (a gainfully employed American; let’s just clear that up, off the bat), is the venom which people on this thread almost unilaterally have for their fellow man. The comments run the gamut of ridiculous, ranging from “why is CBS not reporting ‘alleged’ corporate greed”‘ (as if it’s not a ‘given’ that Corporations, by nature/definition are greedy), to that the (alleged) rape victim “deserved it” because of her perceived political affiliation.

    So, I’d like to know: If you’re so *against* the Protesters, does that mean you LIKE 9% and rising Unemployment in this country? Are you “for” that, then? …Do you LIKE that an elite set of Bankers and Corporate Financiers got handed YOUR tax money on a platter & not a one did any kind of prison time for it? Are you “for” that, then? …Do you LIKE the continual pandering by candidate ‘A’ or ‘B’ mouthing nonsense about “Main Street”, while only passing laws that assist “Wall Street” (Corporations, Banks, etc)? Are you “for” that, then?

    There is a difference between Free Enterprise (which America *should* be) and Capitalism (which America is). And, if you took the time to understand the basic definitions of economic-political philosophies, …you’d know that Communism, Socialism, and/or Fascism is actually what our society most closely adheres to in it’s fiscal policies & enforcement.

    Yeah, I suppose some of you are right: these people just MUST be wrong, and therefore Democrats, because of course the 8 years of Republican expenditures before Obama was so much better (not that Obama isn’t worthless). When will anyone ever learn that the “lesser of two evils”… is still EVIL?

    1. Maria Louisa says:

      She didn’t deserve it – but she was tempting fate by sharing her tent with a strange man. Shame on the “organizers” for suggesting such a rooming arrangement. Too bad she went along with it. There are all kinds of power struggles in this world, as she now knows. Wall Street was the least of her problems, apparently.

    2. Ted says:

      What you’ve just demonstrated is that even “a gainfully employed American” can be a complete moron. “corporations” cannot be greedy by nature. People who run them attempt to “maximize profits” which the corporation ought to be doing for the benefit of its shareholders, for the benefit of its workers, and for the good of the economy and yes, even government..Only when they exceed the limits of the law should they be legally accountable.

      The bigger problem for you is that you appear to have bought into the idea that corporations are the problem when, in fact, they are part of the solution if any solution is still possible. It is government, and specifically Democrats who brought the financial crisis about, and now it’s Democrats who are not only keeping us from doing what’s necessary – cutting government, removing regulations, selling assets, and expanding energy exploration, but they are attempting to waste still more vast sums of money – well, not exactly waste, but POCKET vast sums…

      Your second paragraph is just gibberish,

      However, your third paragraph is dead on, so maybe you’re not a complete moron after all. Unfortunately, conservatives have managed to overlook the fact that not only are Republicans responsible for setting in motion the events that lead Obama & Co. to do what they’ve done, but Bush actually made Obama possible..But that only means you shouldn’t excuse Democrats and liberals who have exacerbated the problems exponentially. Nor should you overlook the fact that were it not for the constitution, Obama would make history’s great dictators look like pikers.

      1. johnnie walker says:

        That’s a load of crap. ‘Specifically Democrats?’ Care to back that up? Clinton and a Republican congress passed Gramm-Leach-Bliley and the Commodity Futures Modernization Act. Bush’s SEC relaxed capital requirements, removed regulations and allowed banks to police themselves.

        Clinton is absolutely at fault for the bills he signed, but so are the Republicans. More pointedly, arguing about whether the Democrats or the Republicans did this is over simplistic. It’s conservative economic policies — deregulation and so forth — that brought this about, and those policies are conservative whether they were implemented by a “Democrat” or a Republican.

        Haha, yeah, Obama is one of history’s great dictators. What are you smoking? He’s spent two and a half years kissing the Republicans’ asses and asking their permission on everything he does. He’s such an iron-fisted tyrant that he didn’t even bother pushing for single-payer, having determined that it was politically impossible after a fierce round of negotiations with himself.

        Giving up on allegedly-preferred policy because there might be opposition to it… that’s a common characteristic of dictators, right?

  64. TexasForever says:

    Hey, what’s the problem?
    I thought this was all about equality, peace & love?
    Get over it…..this is the new world order.
    Share what you have with your neighbor.

  65. Nathan says:

    No one ‘deserves’ to be assaulted. We can shake our heads at her foolishness and naivete. We can seek justice for the perpetrator. But do not say that she ‘deserved’ it. That is just wrong.

    I have no love for OWS. I think the best of them are simply mad at the wrong target (which is government). I think most of them are just ignorant dupes. I think the worst of them are deliberate agitators and agent provokateurs. But we who lean right should not perpetuate stereotypes about how we are hate filled bigots. Saying that anyone deserved to be raped reinforces the worse stereotypes of the left about conservatives. We need to be better than that.

  66. Recovering Republican says:

    These vile and hateful comments are exactly why this recovering Republican has only contempt for the conservatives speaking for the party today. No woman deserves to be raped for any reason under any circumstances. And there is no excuse whatsoever for any man to ravage a woman’s being. Those who take such glee in such a heinous crime only reveal their own small minds, hard hearts, and evil souls.

    1. Ted says:

      You’re right, no woman deserves to be raped – but you don’t know that she was. That doesn’t invalidate your comment as long as it’s abut the overarching principle, however. And I should mention that it’s the sort of comments you’ve complained about that have caused me to dislike conservatives more than liberals, even though I’m as conservative as they come. My long experience in conservative forums made me realize that a large number really are heartless, and they will defend their guys’ wrongdoing every bit as much as liberals. For example, it’s the rare conservative who will blame Bush for anything, much less label him the evil that he is.

      1. me says:

        I’ve heard it described as “the party of stupid” vs. “the party of mean” i don’t think we have to be digital in our ways (1 vs 0) but i’d much rather have a talented but mean surgeon or president or congressman or pilot, vs. a stupid + nice one. funny, in all of the non liberal arts degrees where results count (engineer building a bridge, pilot flying a plane, doctor operating on your kid) results matter.

        back on topic: our constitutional republic doesn’t, in theory, rely on the “niceness” or charity of those in power, they can keep their niceness as long as they follow the law and “don’t tread on me”.

        problem is, we’re not mean and you know it. “what about the kids who were born here, should they be deported b/c their parents broke the law” yeah, sorry. not b/c we’re mean, but b/c its an insult to the millions who waited in line for immigration legally. period. does it look mean, yes, but we’re not doing it to “be mean” see the difference?

        I submit, that to her face or in a setting that would matter to her “being” now, the posts would be much more charitable and kind. As i posted above to Kamph’er,

        “get off your high horse. they are not “trivializing” what happened to that girl – they are trivializing the movement by juxtaposing it’s vapid and cerebral posing against the vile thing that was done to her. if you can’t pick that up, you’re a lot less “nuanced” than al gore would like.”

        for example, i honestly laughed out loud when i read above:

        “I think the Leftists would call him “An undocumented husband”.”

        but i would have laughed it was a forced kiss which produced the quote, meaning it had nothing to do with the rape it has do to with the movement and their characterization of our society and how this rapist’s (alleged) acts so square with their actual ethos (take from others what you think you deserve), yet, the victim and the CBS affiliate (rightly) so find it properly deplorable, yet in the same breath can’t see the parallels between this alleged act and the Occupy movement as a whole. the hypocrisy is, frankly, mind blowing.

    2. Connie says:

      Recovering Republican, my left foot. Look, if you are now and always have been, a flaming liberal, just own up to it. There is no such thing as a recovering Republican. There certainly is no such thing as a conservative who relishes rape of a woman. Know what I think? You are a liar. Big, fat, phony, liar. You are now, and always have been, a liberal.

      1. Ted says:

        Even if you’re right, she could become a conservative tomorrow, but you’ll always be a jackass. And I say that as one conservative to a so-called other.

      2. johnnie walker says:

        No such thing…? There are dozens of people right in this thread laughing about it and saying she got what she deserved because she’s a scumbag liberal and so forth. I guess reality has no influence on you. Keep reacting to the shit you make up and you won’t have to leave your comfort zone.

    3. Smashicus says:

      Too bad you’re not a recovering idiot.

  67. kbernatovich says:

    This type of behavior is occuring in nearly every city where this protest is occuring. Funny thing is I still have no idea what they are protesting.

    1. Ted says:

      Well, at least we know what this woman was protesting – alleged rape. Unfortunately, she wasn’t protesting it at the scene, so we’ll need a ruling to see if it’s valid.

    2. me says:

      you’re not alone. turns out an NBC journalist was helping them with their messaging.

      the goal is to be vague so that they can attract more people, a winning strategy in their minds.
      the fact that a supposed journalist was advisign them on “message” while also supposedly reporting on them objectively is insane.

      oh, shocker npr person also helping out:

  68. JoeAStroturf says:

    This will be a common occurrence with Barack Hussien leading the country. God help us all. I’m just glad they didn’t have any of his Fast and Furious guns or other people would have gotten hurt. Usually it’s an innocent Mexican or an American Hero like Brian Terry (Semper Fi Brian them bean bags they made you fight with were no match against Obama’s Fast and Furious guns and bullets ) that gets killed by them . The father should be put in jail. If not Obama will give him a job in his administration

    Check out song called :teapartiers I can’t hear you” on Youtube

    Here’s a verse

    Townhallers I still can’t hear you
    She should put a botox needle in that flabby neck
    presently she looks like something from StarTrek
    If something goes wrong she can blame it on the Teapartiers Rush or Beck

  69. Fresh Lettuce says:

    Leland parked the caddie in the vw bug for the weekend…

  70. frank s. says:

    LOL!!! you are kidding me. She had to got to a teacher at 19 years of age to ask if she was raped the night before. What a moron!

  71. TruthMonster says:

    This is proof positive early release does not work.

  72. Cromulent says:

    Rape at an Occupy protest? Well, I’m sure this happened at Tea Party protests too.

    Oh wait.

  73. Sharon says:

    I was at Woodstock, I was young and dumb and had no idea of what it would be like. But, if someone I did not invite tried to crawl into my sleeping quarters (that’s right, uninvited) I would have raised holy hell. She should have done the same. Are these kids just of a “no clue” mentality?

    1. Ted says:

      I don’t disagree with your overall point, but one can’t “should have” anything, and you and I don’t know the exact circumstances. We don’t even know if she was capable of “should having.” She may have been zonked on something. If you were at Woodstock, you know that no one expected to be raped at a festival of peace and love, and many people probably did many things they never did before and would never do again.

      1. me says:

        but the occupy movement isn’t about peace and love, it’s about occupation, stealing, domination, and upheaval.

        so the alleged victim in this case should not have assumed anything but having her property and person occupied, stolen, and dominated.

    2. johnnie walker says:

      Hello there Captain Hindsight! I wonder how well you’d stand up to someone examining your life with this kind of scrutiny, looking for an angle from which to write off any hardships you’ve experienced with a ‘should have?’

      Suppose someone did crawl into your tent, and that raising holy hell was an insufficient defense. I wonder how you’d characterize someone whose reaction to that was to figure out a way to say you deserved it?

  74. Mark says:

    These kids surround themselves with the liberal dregs of society and they act surprised when they get ripped off, or in this instance raped?
    I think anyone with a lick of common sense would understand that if you keep company with the morally bankrupt, you are sure to get burned.

    1. Ted says:

      There’s nothing that develops common sense faster than a horrifically bad experience. She was likely a naive young woman, deeply influenced by peers and teachers, and that may have caused her to learn the hard way.

  75. Maha Bone says:

    “The student went to school Monday and told a teacher about her sexual assault incident in Public Square — which is being classified as “kidnapping/rape” — prompting the teacher to immediately contact the authorities.”

    what does that even mean? something tells me the Women’s Studies department is in on this.

    1. frank s. says:

      her dildo raped her

      1. Maha Bone says:

        what is she suggesting exactly? the guy seized her, forcefully raped her, right there among hundreds of people, and she didn’t say anything at the time… it wasnt until she spoke with one of these wonderful ‘feminist’ councilors that she decided it was rape. Dont we really know what happened here?

      2. Ted says:

        No, we don’t, but people with little minds apparently do. If it happened at all, she may have been only semi-conscious (I’m sure you’ve been there) and incapable of expressing distress.

      3. johnnie walker says:

        We don’t know what happened there, but we know what’s happening here: tons of misogynists who think voicing their hatred for women means they have some secret insight into what did or didn’t happen at Occupy Cleveland.

      4. johnnie walker says:

        No Ted, see, that’s the thing. They haven’t been there. These people are perfect in every way. They don’t make mistakes and they anticipate every contingency, so they feel comfortable standing in judgement of others.

        My only question is what this new super-race of advanced thinkers is doing mucking around in the comment section with the rest of us mortals.

  76. Chloe says:

    Yeah, this is just like the T.E.A. Party………Um, Uh, well……Not really.

    1. DFHSIP says:

      Occupy Whatever is the FLEA Party.

    2. Ted says:

      Well, let’s not be so hasty, what exactly does “T.E.A” stand for?

      1. johnnie walker says:

        “Taxed enough already, unless a combination of prior tax cuts and low wages means you don’t pay income tax, in which case not taxed enough yet.”

        And they say OWS doesn’t have a coherent message…

  77. Barney's Frank in Freddie's Fannie says:

    Well, they did say they wanted to emulate the Egyptian rallies. And women were raped there too. So, I guess we, what, admire their committment to the cause?

  78. frank s. says:

    The teacher contacted authorities. That must mean the police. So these “authorities” have the right to enforce the law. So these “authorities” should enforce the law on the protesters for being there without the right permits etc. Authorities. Funny how the msm don’t call them “authorities” when the protesters are breaking the law .

    1. johnnie walker says:

      They have permits. Is 5 seconds on google too much work or do you simply enjoy lying?

  79. BobK3436 says:

    the occupy crowds mill around chanting about how much they hate America and more pointedly how they hate people who worked hard to become sucessful. any suggestion that they are reasonable people has to be questioned.
    They are being led by freeloaders who are encouraging them to ask for handouts to satisfy all their needs

    1. johnnie walker says:

      No, they don’t chant any of those things. Those are things that you made up. Mostly they chant either about being the 99% or about how ‘the people united will never be defeated.’

      I know, I know: reading is sooooo much work. But at some point in life you’re probably going to want to have an idea what you’re talking about before you open your mouth.

  80. Connie says:

    What kind of idiot spends the night with a stranger in a tent? Go home at night, or at the very least, stay only with friends. This woman is an idiot.

    1. johnnie walker says:

      Your use of victim-blaming to reassure yourself this will never happen to you isn’t quite transparent enough. This is a 19-year old girl. She made a mistake. Show a little empathy, sicko.

  81. Barney's Frank in Freddie's Fannie says:

    “Ma’am, last night I had sex with a really ugly, smelly guy from Cleveland. He was, like REALLY old. Like 33! And smelled like a litter box. His breath was terrible, but I was super drunk and totally regret it. He was disgusting to look it!”

    “Honey, you were raped.”

    “I was?”

    “Well, did you say it was a man? A smelly, stinky old man?”

    “Yup! I mean, like really gross!”

    “And you regret it now that you’re sober?”


    “Well, then yes, you were raped. I’m sooo sorry dear! But we won’t take this lying down…like you did…last night. Today! WE FIGHT!!!”

    1. Ted says:

      You should expand on that and title it, How To Give Conservatives a Bad Name Whether they Like It Or Not.

    2. Maha Bone says:

      my sentiments exactly.

    3. johnnie walker says:

      What’s that? You’re mysogynistic as the day is long? You don’t say.

  82. Edna Bumbrick says:

    There’s no such thing as rape. There’s sex – period.

    1. Ted says:

      Here’s hoping you don’t have any kids.

    2. Kelly says:

      Truly Edna, you’re an idiot.

    3. Kip Noxzema says:

      You got your attention, tranny. Go away.

  83. tray says:

    why is everyone assuming it was another protester who raped this woman? anyone could have just wandered in and done it. think for five seconds about what you’re saying!!

    1. Ted says:

      We will if you will?!

    2. Armed Texan says:

      Because the story said the guy she was asked to share the tent with did it. Read, you frigging idiot!

    3. Armed Texan says:

      “According to police reports, the 19-year-old student was instructed by “Occupy Cleveland” personnel to “share a tent with the suspect due to a shortage of tents.” ”

      You must be a liberal. Only a liberal could be that brain dead.

  84. Noamsayn? says:

    She probably was afraid of being called a racist if she refused to share the tent.

  85. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    Open carry would have ended this before it started and he’d be just another stat without costing the taxpayers. If you try and rape or kill someone you are now the target and should expect the worst.

  86. owlworks says:

    I counted 26 “occupiers” on Monday October 10 —

    What does Capitalism look like?

    This is what Capitalism looks like:

  87. Ted says:

    They should call these protests The Million Mad March

  88. Kelly says:

    I feel sorry for the girl. While I wouldn’t recommend any female sharing a tent with someone she doesn’t know, she probably felt a little more secure since the organizers assigned the tent to her.

  89. Armed Texan says:

    Crapping on cop cars
    Stealing from each other
    Exposing genitals to children

    THIS is what democracy looks like!

  90. Cape Cod paulie says:

    This movement is so desperate to get people out on the streets that they are compromising the safety of the very people that are doing their dirty work.

    Let the liberals embrace this movement and when the ship goes down, they will be running for cover. This movement does not pass the smell test.

    The conservative are way ahead of the liberals on this. The stink is in the room but the liberals do want to smell it.

  91. shirtsbyeric says:

    It was redistribution of sex.

  92. Mike says:

    ….Just like all the kidnappings, rapes, and defications at Tea Party rallies…..Not!

    1. zombierocket says:

      Bingo! I do believe you have pointed out a HUGE difference.

  93. Tom in NY says:

    Let’s see the victim sue the organizers for endangering her.

    1. Ted says:

      Wouldn’t it be funnier if she sued Paul Krugman?

  94. steve says:

    I have little empathy for any scum who would attend this filth filled orgy of malcontent, miscreant soros funded chaos

    1. johnnie walker says:

      You could’ve just stopped after the word empathy. You also could’ve changed “little” to “none.” Yeah, sure. It isn’t that you’re sick in the head and go around looking for any excuse to spew your bile, it’s just that when someone disagrees with you politically that makes them “scum” who deserve to be raped or worse.

      You’re sick in the head. You’re full of hate. You like to see other people get hurt. Just come out and say it; you don’t need an excuse, and you aren’t fooling anyone anyway.

  95. Sharon says:

  96. Zcat says:

    What idiot stays in a tent with a strange man she never meet! Talk about being held accountable for ones actions! Give me a break!

    1. Progressive Loser says:

      I have been thinking about that whenever Nancy Pelosi appears on my screen. What corpse does she sleep with on a nightly basis.

    2. zombierocket says:

      Exactly what I was thinking… this is too bizarre.

    3. johnnie walker says:

      What kind of sickness do you have that leads you to equate being raped after making a mistake with “being held accountable for ones actions”? I pity you.

      1. Adrian says:

        If I drive the wrong way on the interstate and get hit by a truck…. who’s fault is it that I’m dead now? Am I a victim for being hit by a huge overpowering truck? Or am I stupid for being in the wrong lane?

  97. Progressive Loser says:

    The fact that this has not been on the MSM media proves once again that Progressives are very EVIL and Immoral people.

    1. johnnie walker says:

      Or maybe the fact that you’ve gone into coverage of an isolated incident involving (1) person’s alleged crime looking for a way to dump on an entire segment of society proves that you’re a shallow idiot who can’t get through the day without needing everything broken down into Red Team / Blue Team dynamics.

  98. olderwise says:

    She was from Panama? Why was she even there?

    1. johnnie walker says:

      Or maybe you could learn to read.

      1. Kip Noxzema says:

        You need to learn the unemployment figures from Bush compared to now, dummy.

      2. johnnie walker says:

        We were losing 750k jobs / month at the end of Bush. Now we’re adding around 100-150k a month. The official unemployment stats aren’t out yet, but the latest Gallup survey shows unemployment down to 8.3%. You understand that -750k/month is worse than +100k right?

        At the end of Bush we were getting worse at a very rapid pace. Now we’re recovering at an insufficient pace. You guys can tie yourselves into whatever knots you want trying to explain how making the economy better *too slowly* is the same thing as making the economy worse. It won’t work.

  99. Progressive Loser says:

    Five bucks says there is more h0mosex-ual activity at these events then hetero!

  100. Justsaying says:

    First thing is WHY would the women accept sleeping in a bag with a stranger.. lack of tents is NO excuse.. she could and should have GONE HOME.. Second.. Did she even KNOW the organizer who told her to share the tent with this guy? Can and will she point him/her out?.. Third WHY did she wait till the next day.. she could and should have left AFTER he went back to his sleeping bag and went to sleep.. Fourth .. WHY didn’t she scream? wasn’t there ANYONE who would have heard her.. We they both either or HIGH? So many questions and no answers.. I am NOT saying she wasn’t attacked I am saying WHY aren’t the organizers not held responsible? they are basically running a brothel.. Protests are from dawn to dusk the other hours are called an the increase in births in 9 months .. OH NO unlike in the 60’s these kids will just get rid of their mistakes and charge the TAXPAYERS.. TAXPAYERS who’s money is tied up in 401K’s held by WALL STREET.. BTW .. IF these kids need someone to look up to it’s like looking for love in all the wrong places.. we know their professors are USELESS pieces of garbage who care less about teaching and only about how much they get paid and make their tuition so high.. .. maybe they should look to their parents who are PAYING for their schooling or even the BANKERS who were kind enough to lend them the money so they could go to school..

    1. Ted says:

      You know, that would make a great bedtime story for the kids! What planet will they be going to bed on? Seriously, you reminded me of what was said about John Blutarski – “don’t stop him, he’s on a roll.”

    2. johnnie walker says:

      So many assumptions; so much stupidity. Where to even start? How about with bankers being “kind enough to lend money”? You aren’t really this stupid, are you? Yeah, bankers make loans out of the kindness of their hearts. You really said that.


  101. Progressive Loser says:

    Is there an Ohio lawyer on this board who wants to take this case pro-bono and sue the organizers, Soros, AFL-CIO, SEIU, Tides Foundation, Communist / Socialist / Nazis, Lawyers Guild and all of the other racists hate filled EVIL progressives? I would contribute immediately to the fund!!

  102. Tangent ToWhat says:

    “If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas”

  103. zombierocket says:

    WHY is there a GIRL sleeping in a tent with an unknown man? WTF?

  104. EWOK says:

    So it’s not OK to force redistribution of poon-tang? But OK to force redistribution of wealth…that’s not yours either?

    Wasn’t he just rolling with the “occupy” logic?

  105. hndflvv says:

    What do Democrats look like?? This is what Democrats look like!!

  106. hughglass says:

    Typical lib hippie punchboard (just like ann dunham) . Waited till Monday to file becuase it took her lawyer that long to get thje list of all the people they are planning to sue.

  107. MickeyRodentia says:

    Why is there no description of Leland?

  108. Occupy this losers ... says:

    Was ther perp wearing one of those retarded Guy Fawker masks? These “occupy” people are freaks and losers. Having said all of that, this sounds like a very suspicious story. Why did she wait to tell and does she really talk to university “teachers”? I rarely ever talked to “teachers” in college.

  109. Brady Quinn says:

    So I guess “Leland” had a 14th demand, amirite?

  110. John says:

    Parma, not Panama. It’s a Cleveland suburb.

  111. AvgDude says:

    Here’s the problem with the left in a nutshell. They completely turn a blind eye to the obvious in pursuit of their non-existent Kumbaya nirvana. Who in their right mind would think it was safe to have a young woman share a tent with a man she doesn’t even know in an open streets situation. WTF did they think was going to happen? There is such a thing as having such an open mind that one’s brain falls out. This is one of those examples.

    1. VEG522 says:

      If and when the occupation wakes up and takes it to the White House. This project will make sense

  112. Zcat says:

    Cliff Notes version: if you’ve been sexually assaulted, contact one of our counselors for help and support, not the police. Derek Hunter of Big Government visited the Occupy Baltimore demonstration and picked up some of the literature laying down the rules:

    Lunacy at Occupy Baltimore

    Sexual abuse or assault at Occupy Baltimore is in violation of our values, and will not be tolerated. It is an explicit policy of Occupy Baltimore to prohibit abuse by any members of the community upon another person. Violation of this policy will result in the abuser no longer being welcome at the occupation.

    So sexual abuse or assault are against “explicit policy” and will get you shunned? What about arrested? Those things are crimes, after all. Shouldn’t Occupy Baltimore, like every other group or individual, encourage people to contact the police to get these predators off the street? You’d think so, but you’d think wrong:

    Though we do not encourage the involvement of the police in our community, the survivor has every right, and the support of Occupy Baltimore, to report the abuse to the appropriate law enforcement.

    So if someone were sexually assaulted, a horrible experience, they wouldn’t be discouraged to contact the police, the “occupy community” would rather handle it internally. That’s just perverse.

    The “Reporting Procedure”:

    Any member of the Occupy Baltimore community who believes he/she/they have been a victim of, are aware of, or suspect a commission of sexual abuse, are encouraged to immediately report the incident to the Security Committee. T (sic)

    The point person for dealing with these situations will be Koala! (sic) Largess, (443) 642-XXXX.

    Survivors of Sexual Abuse will be given the support, resources, and assistance needed for their emotional and physical health.

    So if you’ve been raped or sexually assaulted, don’t call the police; call someone named “Koala.” You can’t make this up, mostly because women’s groups would be protesting you if you did.

    American Thinker site

    1. BigWhtPony says:

      I especially like the “survivors of sexual abuse’ part….sounds like they’re hoping there aren’t any. Just call me Koala! 🙂 Personally, I wouldn’t touch one of these tattoo infested skanks with someone else’s junk. I passed several on the street over the weekend and they smelled (collectively) like an open can of tuna on a hot day/

  113. BigBoa says:

    Unless this girl was lost somewhere in a blizzard and decided to sleep in a tent with a stranger to keep from freezing to death, it is quite difficult to say she doesn’t deserve it. If one puts on a blindfold and wanders out onto the freeway, they will most likely get run over.

    More amusing is the typical “how do you know it was another protestor who raped her?”…. AH HAHAhA who ELSE would be STUPID enough to be there, moron,,,,,

    1. johnnie walker says:

      Does it make you feel like a big-shot to call yourself “Big Boa” and get on the internet and talk this kind of shit anonymously? You’re a pathetic little nobody and you’re clearly working through some serious issues with women.

      Anyone who makes a mistake deserves to have terrible things happen to them? I wonder what your mother did to deserve giving birth to such a sick freak.

      1. VEG522 says:

        OMG are you talking about personal responsibility being accountable for ones actions liberals reject that across the board

      2. johnniestwatsmellz says:

        Time for you to get back to your “women’s studies” class or whatever BS courses you’re overpaying for at school, Johnnie

  114. Jonathan Silberger says:

    What the F does anyone think will happen to them in these riots???!!! This dopey girl put herself in an unsafe situation. Shocking something bad happened to her – not!!!! Her stupidity reflects the mentality of those rioters!!!

  115. BigBoa says:

    BTW,,,,don’t forget protestors,,,,, O’Bozo and his bride of King Kong wife support you and are with you. You can even get your picture taken with Moochelle for only TEN GRAND!! AH HAHAHA!

    Yeah,,,,,they’re just like us…….

    1. johnnie walker says:

      You should probably learn the difference between a comma and a period before you go around trying to dump on anyone else, you stupid fuck.

  116. Mark says:

    So this girl goes to an Anarchist Rally….

  117. BigBoa says:

    This is what we have to look forward to in a wonderful marxist utopia. Now come on, be smart. Here in Detroit they just had a “job fair” but it was only for felons!! AH HAHA!

    Not to be outdone, San Francisco is considering TAX BREAKS for companies that hire,,,,,,,,yep….FELONS….

    Maybe this guy is just looking for work! AH HAHAHAHA!

    Screwy marxist morons…..

  118. nobama2012 says:

    Sounds like some of that ‘affordable housing’ paid for by someone else. Are these protesters are so entitled that they can’t even bring their own tent? Do they also hand out clean underwear?

    The incompetence of the OC organizers are as FUBAR as the Federal Govenernment. Sounds like a little selfreliance and personal responsibility would have been better than the dependence on others so much as loonies expect. Apparently Little Bro isn’t any better than Big Bro.

  119. Brad says:

    Well, sweetie, I’m sorry you got assaulted but…you people want anarchy, you get anarchy. And along those lines, you can’t go to the police. That defeats the whole “anarchy” thing you people want. Maybe you can chant about it?

  120. PowerPC says:

    I have seen the occupy Wall Street protestors carrying signs that say “The police are tools for the rich”. Why is she getting the authorities involved if she hangs with a crowd that thinks like that. If she was truly a victim it still does not surpirse me…..The perpetrator is exactly that kind of person the democrat party trys to appeal to. Them and illegal aliens, convicted felons, dead people and the real smart criminals are employed as lawyers to file lawsuits after losing elections. Notice how not one single voting machine malfunctioned when Obama won in 2008? Conincidence?

    1. Chicago860 says:

      There is no logic from the protesters. Anti-big-business but all carrying iPhones or Androids. Sleeping in tents and complaining while over 85% actually are employed. There is no excuse for or forgiving of rape. It is truly traumatic. Period. There also is no excuse for demonstrating with no apparent reason or logic. The woman’s a fool/tool. She should lose her right to vote. Her attacker should lose his life.

  121. Morris says:

    She needed a teacher to explain to her that she was raped?

    That may explain why she crawled into a tent to sleep with a stranger after other strangers had told her to.

  122. Mike says:

    Rumor has it a lot of the local scumbags are showing up at these rallies to get their hands on something young and white.

  123. cupric says:

    So an employer asked two employees of the opposite sex to share a tent and one raped the other. Sounds like this young lady needs a good lawyer and a bit of common sense.

  124. MaynardGKrebbs says:

    This was not kidnapping nor rape. .Nobody told the young lady{whore} that she had to stay there. She chose to be there,she chose to share the tent with a stranger. This was just plain and simple in progressive liberal terms a case of unauthorized sex. She in turn was a non willing participant.

  125. JLJ says:

    she was foolish and naive, but did not deserve to be raped. Sorry this happened.

    1. VEG522 says:

      Rape is an act of evil…

  126. Nemesis says:

    Well, when you lie down with dogs you’re bound to wake up with fleas….

    1. Nemesis says:

      By the way…. Remember that Obama supports these people

      1. VEG522 says:

        He is a community Agitator remember acorn

  127. Elbert says:

    This is without doubt going on at all these flea-bag “protests”. Those who lie down with dogs rise up with fleas!

  128. Rodney says:

    The girl is not mentally mature and is still in high school, a high school for challenged students. She had no idea what she was getting into. The organizers set her up, sacrificed this poor innocent dumb kid to their delusions. Either that or worse, maybe they thought the white girl owed it to the poor downtrodden black man. Liberalism sounds nice, would be great but does not jive with reality.

    1. Kampfhund says:

      Racist much?

  129. Smashicus says:

    She wasn’t sharing, and isn’t that what this whole “Occupy” mentality is all about? The rapist was just taking what he thought should rightfully be his, and who is she to have more than him? I’m being sarcastic, of course.

    1. Kampfhund says:

      And a complete jackass.

      1. Smashicus says:

        No, I’m not a Democrat. Try again jackwipe.

  130. JonInVa says:

    Hey, if it’s okay to take others money, it certainly sounds reasonable to take others booty. Guess she learned a lesson in Socialism after all – to each according to his needs.

    1. Kampfhund says:

      What a wonderful example of charity and caring for a fellow human being you present.

  131. Former Marine says:

    Was Bill Clinton in the area when this happened?

  132. wendell says:

    You better put some ice on that.

    :Bill Clinton

  133. Kampfhund says:

    Everyone posting here, using a girl’s rape as an excuse to sell your sociopath views of OWS protesters are a perfect example of why this country is going down the tubes. Someone commits a terrible crime and you turn it into a joke, a sneer, a look down on people different than you. You wonder when moral integrity left our society, look no farther than the mirror.

    1. VEG522 says:

      Obama is why we are “going down the tubes” and rape is an act of evil

      1. johnnie walker says:

        Because the country was in such great shape on January 19 2009? Yeah, let’s go back to losing 750,000 jobs a month. Obama isn’t doing nearly as well on the economy as he needs to be but we are adding jobs. If you’re saying everything was just fine before he took office then you’re either hallucinating or flat-out lying.

      2. Trevor says:

        Johnny, how about you tell us who was controlling Congress at the time of all those jobs lost? Instead of repeating the same talking point, why don’t you compare the jobs or unemployment from when GOP controlled congress to the democrat controlled congress during the Bush years. Don’t forget that the GOP congress had to deal with the dot-com bubble, 9/11, and the liberal denial of a housing bubble for the middle years of Bush.

    2. Smashicus says:

      It’s no joke jackwipe, would you have done anything to stop it from happening if you were there? Go back to your hand lotion and full length mirror.

      1. VEG522 says:

        Sound like you were there how come you did not intervene?

      2. VEG522 says:

        Take this doll and show me where the bad man touched you has a child.

    3. Kip Noxzema says:

      You talk about moral integrity in our society when we have a president who lies every time he makes a speech? Look no farther than 2008, pal.

    4. Stan_DC says:

      So your implying that we are acting just like the liberals did toward the Tea Party? I’ll take this movement seriously when they protest in front of the White House.

  134. RufusVonDufus says:

    Wilhelm The Sad

    There are significant reasons to doubt this woman’s story, just because a woman says she was raped does not prove that she was.…women lie all the time.
    Wilhelm, are you calling Obama a woman?

  135. Kip Noxzema says:

    I’m really glad the State Run Media keeps reporting about the Parasites on Parade and what kind of people are in it. It really, REALLY helps our cause in the 2012 elections. The Regime and Democrats openly align with them and I hope they keep on doing it. Those of us in the Tea Party already knew about them, and now the so-called independents and other Americans will see which party truly wants to bring America back to the way it ought to be.

  136. Skep41 says:

    Was Bill Clinton in town? Maybe it was an Evil Banker! Are we supposed to care about this? These are people who are holding themselves up as being above the petty corruption of this society. Yeah right. If you flash a wad of bills in a waterfront bar its still wrong when you get robbed but you cant deny that your actions led to the robbery. Raping this woman was wrong but why was she wallowing in this crowd of people who act so badly and are so obviously lawless?

    1. VEG522 says:

      Anarchic Bad!!!!!!!!!!

  137. Stan_DC says:

    Me thinks his check bounced……

  138. johnnie walker says:

    Remember back when the Tea Party used to pretend it was upset about Wall Street bailouts? Yeah, not so much. Fox and Rush and Beck tell you that OWS are a bunch of dirty hippies and suddenly you’re defending Wall Street crooks. Then a month from now when they have an angle that makes some Democrat look bad you’ll forget you ever said any of it, get all red in the face and shake your fist at the TV and shout about crooked bankers… wash, rinse, repeat.

    You people are getting played like a fiddle. Be good little sheep and get mad at whatever the TV box says you should get mad at — and whatever else you do, make sure that you don’t keep track of the things you say you’re angry about, because you might realize you don’t have any idea what you really think.

    1. Chuck says:

      maybe you shud stop drinking so much of your namesake you born fuckin loser.
      If i remember, tea party folks were agains higher taxes, open borders and growing government that was spending out of control
      See you libs in nov ’12

    2. Maha Bone says:

      Johnnie, maybe you should stop pretending to be a man. It’s totally obvious that youre really a woman…

  139. JJGH says:

    So stupid…..Many occupiers are new age freaks……In one interview, I heard “Community” and “Collective” wiithin 10 seconds……I don’t want to be one with the universe, one with the occupiers, and esp. not one with a raypist

  140. Chuck says:

    obama supports these idiots…so he has about 5,000 votes now. these OWS idiots want to portray themselves as hopeless and as victims. If not trying to get ahead and wanting others to pay your way is being hopeless and a victim, fuck em!

  141. Aaron says:

    What should she expect when she hangs out with thugs, misfits, and other unsavory people.

  142. Bruce_Almty says:

    So the girl claims she was raped, but gets up, leaves the tent, leaves the rally area with out telling anyone, goes to school, and somewhere thereafter tells a teacher she was raped? Must not have been very traumatic. No wonder this girl wants others to take care of her….she’s woefully unprepared to take care of herself.

  143. King Yule says:

    HaHa! I LOVE it! All in the name of DIE, DIE, DIEversity!!! BWAHAHAHAHA!! That’s what you get white women! Keep trusting those blacks!!

  144. Indy says:

    Was the subject wearing a mask with a goofy smile on it`s face from a movie about anarchy?

  145. HereIAm says:

    Came here for to read the crazy comments of butthurt republicans.

    Good stuff!

    1. me says:

      whatever it is that you “came here for to…” i’m sure you’ll find it.

      are you proud of the movement your president and nancy pelosi have endorsed and held up?

  146. Mark says:

    My buddy and I went to the Occupy Atlanta. We ended up partying all night. We made so much noise between screaming and loud music some one could have been raped right beside us and we wouldn’t known. They were a lot of drugs and alcohol there, people beating on drums, unbelievable. I don’t know how the neighbors in the area could sleep. They were fights, arguments, people stealing, sex. Just a great liberal time. These people are just there to have a good time and bitch. They don’t even know what they are complaining about. They are clueless.

  147. Dan says:

    This is tragic:
    1- As the father of 2 college age girls, She has no business being in a park alone over night
    2- Just because someone tells you to do something (ie share your tent), you do it?
    3- Too bad she is “collateral damange”, so Obama can get some attention. This protest was organized by Unions, for democrats.
    4- My heart goes out to her, in any case.

  148. Bubba says:

    As sad as this is it’s a perfect example to what happens when you submit your individual will to the ‘collective’. Someone else makes decisions for you that could have dire consequences.

  149. behyndblueeyes says:

    You-all should come to a tea party “revolution”. We ‘ve got banjos, purcussions and guitars; pots of boston baked beans and weinies – none of this sick- exploitive, aggresive, pervewrted left-winged behavior.

    1. Mark says:

      You obviously haven’t been to a Tea Party Event. But if we did do all of that, you would like the weenie part….Heck I saw plenty of that this past weekend at Occupy Atlanta.

    2. Bryan says:

      I’ve been to many TEA party events.. have yet to see banjos and percussions, even a weenie… so don’t know what you’re talking about. I have seen a lot of people protesting, a lot of angry .. but controlled… voices. And most of all, I have NEVER seen rape, exposure, etc…

  150. Navin Johnson says:

    I guess Joe Biden is right. But, he understands the liberal mindset better than most.

  151. Edgar Friendly says:

    And remember…Obama and the democrats support these actions:

    2) Exposing yourself to children
    3) Defecating on police cars
    4) Attacking police officers after breaking through barricades
    5) Rampant anti-semitism and racism
    6) Rampant vandalism

    Just another day for the Bolshevik/Communist party.

  152. jay kellogg says:

    Maybe Leland was part of the 99% of men who want more sex than they can get. And this young lady was obviously part the greedy 1% who didn’t want to share what she had. She insisted on hording that power.

    Leland simply demanded that she give up what she had… to make everything more fair.
    I don’t see why anyone would be upset! We should be celebrating this story. This is what Democracy looks like! We are entitled to what you have, and we will take it by force if necessary!

    1. Navin Johnson says:

      Maybe Leland is planning to move to San Francisco and needed to pad his resume’ ?

    2. BigWhtPony says:

      I like the way you think! 🙂 It’s interesting…..allegedly raped on Saturday, but didn’t report it to anyone but a teacher on Monday. Evidence is long gone, no doubt. Her word against his. The OccuPosers in Cleveland are no on the hook for the upcoming lawsuit.

      1. WTH says:

        No problem, Soros has lots of hush money.

  153. BigWhtPony says:

    What was Bill Clinton doing in Cleveland???

  154. HMichaelH says:

    I was sympathetic to the plight of this young woman, until I read the story about the rapist being assigned to sleep with her in a tent. Come on, people! Is it just possible putting strangers in intimate situations such as this might lead to criminal behavior? The victim and the organization in this case have made some very bad decisions, which doesn’t lessen the culpability of the rapist, of course. But I’m less shocked about what happened now that I know she essentially welcomed him into her tent at the behest of the “Occupy” organization. Most of them seem to be a little nutsy, anyway!

  155. BigWhtPony says:

    Who wants to bet me that the law whore, Gloria Alred, has not already contacted this woman? I see a lawsuit coming.

    Police: Can you describe the man for us?
    Victim: Yes, he was about 7″ long, 3″ in diameter and circumsized.
    Police: We were talking about his FACE!

    1. WTH says:

      Liberals only sue Republicans silly goose.

    2. Chase says:

      This guy has a career waiting for him inthe porno industry!

  156. Jim in Houston says:

    Sounds like he had in mind occupying something else. What trash these people are!

  157. Salharmonic says:

    Dear, didn’t your mommy and daddy ever tell you not to talk to strange men? That would include not sleeping in a tent alone with strange men? Sorry this happened to you but, Duh.

  158. WTH says:

    OK, how the heck are you raped/assaulted literally right in the middle of hundreds of people? You couldn’t scream?

    1. jmflynny says:

      That is an assinine remark.

      1. Bryan says:

        No, it’s legit.

        The libs want to shack up boy/girl, which Cons would rarely do… and you get what you get… no sympthey here. She got bit by her own liberalism.

      2. WTH says:

        Well Skippy,

        What do you think the defendant’s (if found)defense lawyer is going to say?

        Seriously, I wonder if this girl was taking some unprescribed pharmacuticals and simply didn’t realize it was happening. Either way these protests are turning out to be drug and sex parties at night.

        This is anything but surprising.

  159. patrick says:

    so he occupied her… its his right…whats the problem?

  160. lukey says:

    This is symptomatic of the whole “OWS” movement. It is totally narcissistic. It might as well be the Lord of the Flies there.

  161. steve says:

    These kids have no idea how vulnerable they are to the street thugs, vagrants and professional loiterers. Look for the same things to start happening with OWS that happened to the Frisco to the hippies. They will soon flee as the local criminals start closing in and preying on them.

  162. Chase says:

    A 19 year old female shares a tent with an unknown male and gets raped. Surprise, surprise. What an idiot she is. Let us hope there was no procreation to lowerour gene pool even further.

  163. CECIL says:


  164. Karl says:

    Come on. No political agenda here and I would never say the victim was at fault. BUT- Just as I might not leave the Lexus unlocked on the street, maybe she should think about not sleeping next to a total stranger in downtown Cleveland at an event where no one is vetted? Bad people exist of every stripe, what they do isn’t right and they should be punished but do we have to be idiots about exposing ourselves to danger? Wow. Just wow.

  165. jay kellogg says:

    Putting a strange man in a tent to sleep next to a young Co-ed…

    What’s next with liberals, having openly gay men in the military shower and sleep next to tough heterosexual guys? Oh, wait….

    1. Bryan says:

      Lol! Good point.

  166. calypso says:

    All manner of criminal and disgusting things are going on down there. Yesterday I was reading about the thieving. Before it was the defecating and trashing of the place.

    Are riots not far behind?

    Nothing would surprise me. These Occupiers aren’t exactly well behaved.

  167. jmflynny says:

    Nothing whatsoever justifies what the man did. Nothing. Rape is a violent crime. And women need to take responsibility for guarding their person. With the knowledge that violence can and does happen at an alarming rate, never, ever, put yourself in harms path, i.e., NEVER sleep in a room alone with a man you do not know. There is absolutely nothing the organizers could have said that woulld have convinced me otherwise. This young woman will now carry the scar for the rest of her life.

  168. glenp says:

    yeah rape sure has anyone ever heard of “DUKE LACROSSE”??

    I guess she really screamed loudly in that plethora of tents side by side

  169. Melody Nelson says:

    The female student was ‘INSTRUCTED BY OCCUPY CLEVELAND PERSONNEL” to share a tent due to the shortage of tents. Who is providing TENTS, who are
    the personnel? Are these students getting college credit for participating or are they getting paid by someone? How are the “protesters” being supported? Who is providing food and why, for what reason? Do they have jobs? How are they keeping their jobs and how are they paying for the everyday living expenses. Are they all homeless, if not how are they paying their rent and utilities? UNIONS, FINANCED BY OUR TAX DOLLARS. i guarantee if the majority of the people attending this movement would actually watch the news including FOX News, they would find out they are not being told the truth. I have a few nephews and nieces, when they get together, they start talking about politics and FOX NEWS, I know they have not seen the news for themselves. It is really scary and sad..

  170. glenp says:

    TAKE HER MONEY oh wait she has none so TAKE HER STUFF it’s only FAIR

  171. jmflynny says:

    Dear God. I wouldn’t be caught dead at an “occupy” rally. Not even if my head were protected by an oxygen and tent and my body were wrapped in anti-bacterial wraps, but the comments regarding the alleged rape victim are revolting. WTH is wrong with you people?

  172. Richard Mongler says:

    So, if we go to Occupy Wall Street, they’re passing out free rape?

    Now I hate myself for not going.

    1. Melody Nelson says:

      That is really not funny. RAPE is not something to joke about.

      1. glenp says:

        Melody it IS funny and YOU are a JOKE same as the OWS criminal clowns

      2. Bryan says:

        rape is out liberals reproduce.

    2. glenp says:

      damn do I get to pick out some nice stuff for my tent? maybe if I “PAY OFF” these “administrators” for some hot babe—make sure she’s as dumb as this one

  173. Ralloh says:

    Yep, all part of the progressive (liberal by any other name) movement. There’s no difference between men and women. Let’s have coed dorms, how about bathrooms, oh and let’s put a 19 year old girl in a tent with some horny guy to sleep together. These sicko organizers should be brought up on charges. These freaks go in there with no permits, no sanitation facilities, just their silly assed cause, which in most cases is college grads who expect to waltz into a 100,000 dollar a year job the day after graduation, screaming it’s their Constitutional right, and the whimpy authorities do nothing about it. Let some veterans group have a rally at one of these parks and they will have to have expensive permits, facilities, every t crossed and i dotted on a mountain of forms or they will not be allowed to have their function. Something is really cockeyed in this country.

  174. Jacob says:

    It’s so sad how many sad evil demons go on CBS for their daily two minutes hate! (Democrats and yourselves silly names as if that changes anything demons!)

  175. glenp says:

    hopefully she was a newby and not starting to get RIPE like the rest of these morons

  176. glenp says:

    Jacob you’re sad so sad maybe if you follow through with your overdose next time?

  177. Larry says:

    Funny how she turns to the ‘establishment’ for redress after being assaulted by one of her fellow Marxists.

  178. Doug says:

    It seems that too many people in this country seems to think they are entitled to something that belongs to someone else. I was reading about the man-baby that is collecting SSI. The occupiers think Health Care and College Tuition should be free. No one wants to pay taxes. Everyone wants the free lunch. Conservatives want people to be responsible for themselves and their families. People that screw up should not get bailed out — they should suffer the consequences. For too many years, politicians have pandered to their electorate in an effort to buy votes. This is all wrong!!!

    1. Dances With Fascists says:

      “Conservatives want people to be responsible for themselves and their families” and their fellow Americans without healthcare can suffer and die like wounded animals in the woods for all they care. Conservatives are not responsible members of society at all but selfish psychopaths lacking empathy and conscience. You criticize the Occupiers for ‘not wanting to pay taxes’ when that is NOT their agenda at all but it certainly IS for you and your fellow Teabaggers, isn’t that in fact what it all mostly boils down to for you, you think you should enjoy living a wealthy life in America with all of the benefits that used to mean, but you don’t want to pay any taxes at all if you can get away with it? Like many millionaires and billionaires actually manage to accomplish by exploiting loopholes and sometimes getting laws passed to favor them? YOU and THEY are PARASITES on the rest of society and we will have you off us like the leeches you are.

      1. KansasGirl says:

        Hey pal, considering 49% don’t pay federal taxes, we taxpayers are running out of money to support your sorry a.

  179. glenp says:

    she CLAIMS rape just likte the DUKE LACROSSE ACCUSER

    the claim was made after she tired of his needledick

  180. Drew says:

    Who are Occupy Cleveland “personnel” and who are they to tell you what to do? And why would they put a strange guy a tent by himself with a young woman? Obviously the protest organizers are idiots. Anyway, the movement seems to have raised some money lately so now the young woman can use an evil, greedy capitalist lawyer to sue them.

  181. paulejb says:

    Guess it wasn’t just about “corporate greed” after all.

  182. Occupy Uranus says:

    This is what Democracy looks like!

  183. Navin Johnson says:

    I wonder what the mainstream press reaction would be if this incident would’ve happened at a Tea party rally?

    1. wncchester says:

      You can bet it would not be ignored by the TV or NYT. They pray for such a thing to discredit conservatives. But, what can anyone do to discredit masses of innerlecsull libberuls in a ‘grass roots’ protest being funded by wealthy radicals. Some of the protest leaders are being paid, the tents, sleeping bags are supplied and food is being catered. And, at least sometimes, they have potapotties… but no showers! Ah well, personal hygene has never been a high priority for pot smoking, drug sucking hippes out for a good time and getting in the news for whatever.

    2. dodger says:

      I can guarantee you that would never happen at a Tea Party event. For one, these are conservatives you’re talking about. They have moral values. Second, they don’t stay overnight unless its in a hotel. These are conservatives you’re talking about. They don’t spend the night in tents in the middle of the city and defecate on police cars. Remember, these are conservatives you’re talking about. Have you figured out the difference yet?

  184. KCEddie says:

    I guess common sense is not part of the curriculum taught in schools these days ! Maybe he thought it was a Fall free love rally ? There should be some Darwin Award recipients out there in the Occupy crowd ! LMAO

  185. Deb S. says:

    It doesn’t matter what her political affiliation is – rape is a violent crime, and this person has experienced a horrifying traumatic event.

    The victim is a 19 yr old girl who perhaps made some bad decisions and trusted people who weren’t worthy of her trust. There is nothing that makes mocking her and insinuating that she deserved to be raped right.

    Where is our humanity?

    1. glenp says:

      DEB shut your PIEHOLE

      you walk in front of a moving BUS you get RUN OVER

      you go SHACK UP w a PERVERT you get RAPED

      where is her brain and most importantly WHERE IS YOURS?

    2. Bryan says:

      Well Deb, liberalism should be classified a violent crime, too.

      1. Deb S. says:

        I don’t know about it being a violent crime, but it certainly is contrary to my world view, and is polar opposite of every belief that I hold.

        I’m a conservative, and also a mom of a daughter this age. While I pray that my daughter would not ever take such a dangerous risk, I know that sometimes kids her age do things and make decisions that are stupid, ill-advised, and unbelievable to those of us with more life experience.

        Regardless, sexual violence is NEVER the fault of the victim – no matter what they were wearing, how much they drank, or where they made the decision to go.

    3. Big D says:

      It left the station, Jan21, 2008. Suck it up! BeeYatch!

  186. wncchester says:

    I thought the whole purpose of the Occupiers was to demand those who have share with those who have not?

    Okay, so maybe she was startled a bit – at first – but she was making a glorious if fuzzy contritubion to a “grass roots” demonstration (in which tents, sleeping bags and catered food are being provided by unseen hands), to protest un-equal sharing… and now, after shareing a low priced and easily reusable for free personal asset, she’s whining about the unfairness in the hole thing?? (just a lil’ pun for fun) Goodness, isn’t there a touch of innerlecshul libbrul hypocracy somewhere in there?

  187. wncchester says:

    To answer the earlier question, “Did she scream?”, dunno but probably so. at least a llttle. Some where towards the end.

  188. blaine says:

    sadly, women frequently lie about this stuff frequently; we need to wean ourselves off this knee-jerk notion that just because a woman says it, it’s true.

  189. blaine says:

    my apologies for the redundancy in my last point; I scribbled the note quickly and carelessly and that’s why you have “frequently” appearing twice when it should only appear once

  190. Al From Maine says:

    Gee, you never hear about such things happening at Tea Party events. They keep trying to tell us that this band of nut jobs is just like the Tea Party, but instead they want an anti-semetic communist state. When will people realize how dangerous these fools are?

  191. FedUp says:

    Carry a firearm they work wonders in these kind of situations.

    1. Bryan says:

      They can’t, they’re liberal tree huggers, only conservatives are evil…

  192. Bryan says:

    Gee, how many rapes, kidnappings, and exposures did the TEA Party have? And they call US out of control? The TEA is filled with decent people, the Koolaid party is filled with perverts and criminals.

    The authorities need to shutdown these koolaid kampouts because they can’t control themselves.

  193. manbearpig says:

    There’s a lot of sexual injustice in this country. We have to share the poontang.

  194. LUPO1234 says:

    “Suicide Tape Transcript”

    Shortly after November 18, 1978 a tape emerged from the ruins of Jonestown. It appeared to be an audio recording of the actual death scene.

    JONES: All they do is taking a drink. They take it to go to sleep. That’s what death is, sleep. You can have it (inaudible) I’m tired of it all.

    WOMAN 15: Everything we could have ever done, most loving thing all of us could have done, and it’s been a pleasure walking with all of you in this revolutionary struggle. No other way I would rather go to give my life for socialism, communism, and I thank Dad very, very much.

    WOMAN 16: Right. Yes, eh. Dad’s love and nursing, goodness and kindness and bring us to this land of freedom. His love–his mother was the advance –the advance guard to socialism. And his love (inaudible) will go on forever unto the fields of–

    JONES: Where’s the vat, the vat, the vat? Where’s the vat with the Green C on it? The vat with the Green C in. Bring it so the adults can begin.

    WOMAN 16: Go on unto the sing, and thank you Dad.

    JONES: (Inaudible.) … Don’t, don’t fail to follow my advice. You’ll be sorry. You’ll be sorry. If we do it, than that they do it. Have trust. You have to step across. (Music.) We used to think this world was–this world was not our home–well, it sure isn’t–we were saying–it sure wasn’t.
    He doesn’t want to tell them. All he’s doing–if they will tell them– assure these kids. Can’t some people assure these children of the relaxation of stepping over to the next plane? They set an example for others. We said –one thousand people who said, we don’t like the way the world is.

    VOICE: Take some.

    JONES: Take our life from us. We laid it down. We got tired. We didn’t commit suicide, we committed an act of revolutionary suicide protesting the conditions of an inhumane world.


  195. bob says:

    oh sure she had no idea it was going to happen….if you believe that you are dummer than she was/is

  196. chuckles says:

    In Texas, we teach our kids that if you play with snakes, you will get bit. She’s 19 and didn’t know what a 5 year old should know. What possible knowledge are we supposed to learn from this idiot? They probably think Freddie and Fannie are a singing duo.

  197. Mark says:

    Sounds likes she knew it was gonna be a rock& roll type of party down there an hear of all these awfull American’s and put her trust with a “Protester” an sleep with a stranger in tent. Sounds like she thought she was at a Tea Party full of fun. She had No Clue of what you can Expect. A Mad world we all live in now an these campers are like her……CLUELESS !!!!

  198. VeritasVincit says:

    It wasn’t “rape”. THAT word no longer applies in a post-OWS surreality. The correct term is “redistributed sexuality”. HE wanted HER sex, and SHE refused to fork it over.

  199. Ben says:

    Breaking story.

    Apparently the organizers of Occupy Cleveland provided a white female high school student with a tent and a sleeping bag. However they told her to share the tent with a man named Leland. The woman was raped in the tent.

    The Cleveland media is censoring the description of the suspect, which means he is most likely black.

  200. Barnie's Frank in Freddie's Fannie says:

    She had vagina. He did not have any vagina. But he wanted some, so, in true OWS fashion he merely redistributed the vagina so that all parties had some. And he shared what he had in return. It’s all very egalitarian really.

  201. VictimsRightsAdvocate says:

    We should ALL want the police to capture this rapist and throw him in jail, so it doesn’t happen to another victim. Men who rape do it repeatedly, it won’t be his last time and probably wasn’t his first. It doesn’t matter that the victim is a leftie – she is the victim of the terrible crime of rape. People are idiots who think she had it coming b/c of her wacko political beliefs. No one “deserves” to be raped. I hope those of you who have made those comments never have to face this situation with your mom, sister or other loved one.

    1. johnniestwatsmellz says:

      Hey Miss “Advocate” – It’s got NOTHING to do with her political beliefs, but does have EVERYTHING to do with blatant stupidity. I expect that my sister, mom, or loved one would have at least a shred of COMMON SENSE and not decide to share a tent with a total stranger. Especially a ghetto thug stranger! You liberal ladies are really f’d in the head!

  202. Truth Detector says:

    Interesting ‘reporting’; i.e., that “she claimed that she was raped.”

    Since she’s accusing a fellow OWS’er, the media gives the perp the benefit of the doubt and doubts the accuser.

    Liberals raping and covering up for each other again…

  203. Corey says:

    Most of you people are disgusting, that’s all.

  204. Joannie says:

    The idiot protestors wanted the Arab Spring and the spirit of Tahrir Square and that’s exactly what they are getting.Class will tell and so will trash

  205. Obamaroid Ointment says:

    What’s the hippie chick’s problem with spreading her wealth around? If she’s hot the poor sexually oppressed rapist couldn’t afford the same quality service a millionaire or billionaire could. She has a good complaint though if she’s a typical pockmarked 7 tooth libtard skank, if that’s the case she should have been left with the standard $10 food stamp fee gals of her crack hoe quality normally charge.

    1. Big D says:

      Technically…Leland was simply “occupying” her vagina. Go protesticles!

  206. Brian says:

    If she was raped find the guy and cut his dick off.

    1. Anti-Occupation says:

      But we, the general public, cannot search for this rapist yet, as we have not yet been given a rough sketch or even a basic description of the perp…

  207. Read Marx says:

    A main tenet of Marxism is the end of marriage and the institution of “a community of women”. Maybe this girl should begin the process of shedding her bourgeois attitudes of sexuality and accept that the community at large has needs as well or maybe she should stay away from people who would put her in such close quarters with a total stranger in order to fill up a protest for the sake of a photo op.

  208. Linda says:

    I find this very hard to believe with all these tents so close together. IF this actually happened why did this girl not scream and fight off this guy ???

  209. anti-pacifist says:

    I would wager that the background story goes something along these lines:
    I imagine that her teacher is a self-serving union member who used this girl as a minion as part of her agenda of grooming children to become moral-relativist children with all the usual baggage of white guilt, etc. and encouraged her (and probably others) to go and join the demonstrations. The dutiful, brainwashed drone went out with her inexperienced eyes aglow at the thrill of being part of something big and exciting, and believing that these leftists are all as altruistic and good as her.
    Another leftist at the camp, who like all other lefties had become cynical, jaded and hateful by his or her mid twenties (and therefore harbors a deep-seated resentment and jealousy of apparent innocents and a desire to corrupt them as soon as possible) took the process of corrupting and breaking the girl’s spirit to the next step by putting her in with some creep.
    What’s the bet that when the girl confided in her teacher about the rape, the teacher immediately went into damage control mode, feigning concern for the girl while doing her utmost to persuade her that this was an aberration by some criminal opportunist who has nothing to do with the movement, and should not reflect on the movement or its goals. The girl, being a mind slave to her dark lord teacher, without the mental tools to understand everything that has happened to her and that the people around her are evil will undoubtedly buy this and continue on her path toward becoming another useful and hateful liberal.
    If someone knows this girl they should send her this posting. There’s a small chance that reading something like this and the other postings here will wake her up to the fact that her teachers, parents and friends have failed her and are robbing her of her God-given purity and future happiness.

  210. adastra2005 says:

    Check the calendars of GW Bush and all the Wall Street CEOs. I bet one of them was in Cleveland and did this.

    Yep … the Occupy everywhere folks are the same as the TEA Party rallies.

    1. Anti-Occupation says:

      Yeah, you better round up the Koch brothers, too. Oh, and Jim DeMint…and Herman Cain while we’re at it…lol

  211. chitownmom says:

    I feel badly for her.

    But what does this say about the Occupy crowd… per the photo on this article the tents are so close that she would be only 2 vinyl sheets away from the occupants of several other tents. Did they not hear her? Did they not try to hear her? What happened after the rape? Did she leave? Did she walk through the tent city and told no one? Did no one see her and notice she was distrught and still didn’t try to help her?

    1. BRYAN says:

      exactly…this could not have taken place as she claimed. It’s like raping somebody in the middle of the mall.

  212. anti-pacifist says:

    And, like all liberalism, it really all boils down to self-interest disguised as altruism: the teacher gets to strengthen union interests and the security of her benefits through this occupy movement.
    The tin pot dictator at the camp gets to feel better about himself by not having to be reminded on a subconscious level of his own black soul by having to face the stark contrast of purity and innocence.
    The liberal rapist who never learned about self-restraint and compassion for others, who’s heart and mind was instead filled from an early age with hatred and resentment toward those who are successful (and quite likely whites in particular, even it he himself is white), gets to satisfy is carnal lusts without a thought of its horrible impact on the girl.
    Obama and his minions get a mindless drone army to do their bidding so that they can party in the white house for another four years and his wife can spend another $10 million per year on vacations alone (yes that is what she spent this past year), not to mention her entourage of 60 people.
    George Soros, Warren Buffet and wealthy Hollywood liberals can ease their guilty consciences at their excessive lifestyles at the thought that they made an effort to raise taxes on everyone else.

  213. Barnie's Frank in Freddie's Fannie says:

    “It wasn’t “rape” rape”.

    -Whoopie Goldberg

  214. Endoxa52 says:

    Is this a surprise?

  215. Sick of Nigeroids says:







  216. BRYAN says:

    Sorry kiddo, in Communism, the individual exists only for the good of society as a whole. Therefore, your body belongs to the group and is available for anyone’s use as they need it.

    This is what your movement is supporting.

  217. Michael Brand says:

    How sad for this girl to be raped in a tent in a very crowded park knowing that if she cried out for help there would be no one coming to her aid.

  218. Constitution First says:

    And how, exactly, is this insanity like the TEA Party?

    We work, they don’t. We want personal responsibility, they want to blame others. We want to take care of our own, they want everyone else to take care of them. We want the freedom to make money, they want to take money that others made… the differences are, day / night, Adults / children.

    This is an Øbummer (with not just a little help from Van Jones) diversionary tacit, to get the public eye away from gun-running, energy scandals, failed stimulus, socialized medicine, bank/auto bailouts, voter fraud, racial incitement…. Another endless list of EPIC FAILURE.

    Our attention on Ø’s malfeasance is not going away.

    We need another four years of the big Ø like we need a venereal disease.

  219. John Checkem says:

    >rapists face when

  220. Cooter says:

    This is a ridiculous story.

    RAPE would mean he forced her to have sex . . . in what amounts to a tent in a parking lot full of people.

    All she would’ve needed to do is scream. Or yell. Or fight until the tent fell down. Some guy there would’ve had the decency to extinguish the little turd on her behalf without demanding anything in return.

    THEN she didn’t report it, or run from the tent after he finished. She mentioned it to her ‘teacher’ on Monday. ( A 19 year old has a teacher? Shouldn’t she be out of high school by now? Or was this an ‘instructor’? Perhaps a feminist instructor?) AND THE TEACHER CONTACTED AUTHORITIES?

    Either way; if she was okay with it enough to not scream on Saturday night, okay enough with it to not go to police on Sunday, then she was okay with it right up until he wandered off without leaving his phone number. Then she stewed and got mad, then she talked to her ‘teacher’ and got madder and madder until it became rape. Honey, if you’re a slut, there’s no fixing it by accusing other people of committing a crime; you’re just a slut and need to learn to be okay with your low self-esteem.

    Another point; ‘Occupy Cleveland Personnel’? . . .??? Really? Were they wearing badges? Some guy said sleep in this tent with this guy and she just went along with it? Then the guy climbed on top of her and she just went along with it as well?

    Sorry honey, but in a case of he said/she said, you don’t have a leg to stand on. It wasn’t rape if you didn’t say no. (If you were passed out drunk, that would be an exception, but the story indicated otherwise.)

    As I said; the story is ridiculous.

  221. Anti-Occupation says:

    This happened to CBS News reporter Lara Logan earlier this year in Egypt’s Tahrir Square…
    Lara Logan was viciously attacked, stripped, and repeatedly raped by several hundred Muslim protesters…
    The mainstream media did not report that news story, as it did not fit their “agenda” or being a “peaceful” and “non-secular” movement for “equal rights” and “democracy’…
    I wonder if anyone will ever put two and two together and will report these similarities?
    My guess is “no”, as it doesn’t fit the storyline of the agenda.

    1. Dances With Fascists says:

      You’ve hallucinated part of your story about Lara Logan. She was stripped and pinched hard and beaten with hands and sticks but no evidence of rape and she was rescued by other women in the crowd and some soldiers. It was reported in the mainstream media and despite your sleazy attempt to equate an Egyptian mob with the Occupation the Egyptian movement was ultimately successful and a good thing and the Occupation is a good thing already that can only be ultimately successful as long as they remain nonviolent. Which they understand and are doing. It is also to be expected that many infiltrator/imposters will try to discredit the Occupation as some already have but they don’t last long before they are ‘screamed’ away by the genuine ones, the ones that will make the people’s movement succeed. Your animalistic mentality is giving way to civilization, maybe if you grew a conscience you could be part of it instead of part of the problem.

      1. dodger says:

        You are wrong. According to Ms. Logan, she was “manually” raped during the so-called “Arab Spring”. A rape does not have to involve a penis. And as to your remark that the “Egyptian movement was ultimately successful and a good thing…”, that has yet to be determined. It looks, more and more, like the Muslim Brotherhood is taking control after these movements, and that may yet prove to be “not a good thing.”

  222. Alicia says:

    But isn’t this what complete freedom from rules is all about and what the Occupiers want? Isn’t something like “rape” just a matter of how you look at things? All things are “relative” aren’t they? After all, she is a female and she should want to always be ready to provide her “fair share”.

  223. Ben says:

    This sucks. Definitely can’t say it’s like the Tea Party anymore. I never heard of any rapes at their protests.

  224. Macko says:

    They were in a tent surrounded by other tents. What kind of people were in the other tents? How could this go unnoticed? How come nothing happened the moment this guy stepped out of the tent?

  225. Mark says:

    This story is bullcrap how can u get raped in a tent with hundreds of people around you … do they have sound proof tents now ?? if she said rape once there would have been 100 people there in seconds … story is bullcrap disinfo … straight out …

  226. Simon says:

    I’m shocked to hear that a Socialist would use coercion.

  227. john says:

    Every one of you hateful pricks that says or implies that she deserved this because she is a democrat or a liberal is going to Hell. You conservatives are the real vermin. All you have to contriubute to society is hate and hostility.

    1. hazmae says:

      Yes, I can feel the peace and love flowing out of you.

  228. check says:


    Male, African American, light complected, 5’8 with no facial hair, seen wearing a green hoodie with front pockets. If you have any information regarding this person at Occupy Cleveland on the evenings of Friday October 14th, or Saturday October 15th, please contact Investigator M. Kovach at 216-623-5630 or email

  229. steve says:

    Hey guys let’s politicize rape!

  230. dodger says:

    Lie down with dogs…wake up with fleas.

  231. dodger says:

    I’m a conservative former cop and I know the kind of things that can cause a woman to be raped and nobody nearby know it was happening. How about one of these: 1. He held a weapon on her and threatened to kill her if she screamed, 2. He held a hand over her mouth, preventing a scream, then knocked her unconscious, 3. He knocked her unconscious to begin with, 4. He threatened her or her loved ones (this really should be two possibilities) if she screamed or told anyone later.
    Rape can happen even among those of you who are so deluded that you think we should all get together, sing Kumbaya, and solve all the world’s problems with a “sit-in”, “be-in” or “occupation”. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it is idealism personified.

  232. Caesar says:

    Reading these comments gave me cancer.

    Can’t you idiots go 5 mins without turning this into a Left vs Right thing?

    You sheep are one of the reasons why America is going downhill. Grow up.

  233. JP says:

    Relax, guys. The rapist probably raped her in self defense.

  234. Tomas says:

    I hope that guy dies a miserably slow death. My wife was raped at a wedding ( in Ohio ) this past August… she felt ashamed and kept it hidden from everyone. We are going through therapy together. There’s not a day that’s gone past I don’t think of the guy…. Sadly, I don’t think he could get caught.
    Rape is a serious issue. During the Spanish civil war, many communist soldiers were raping women. Franco said ANY man caught raping a woman will have their head cut off. Guess what? The raping stopped!

    1. steve says:

      Okay It seems to be an epidemic among communist like right hear and as far as your wife is concerned I hope she will find peace and healing soon. During the Red revolution in Russia the low life bastard raped the rich women then going through Germany 1 in every 10 women were raped by those nasty bastards then. There is a difference when a 19 year old female share a tent with a total stranger what do you think ids going to happen particularity with this bunch of hoodlums you have an answer. Women and men shouldn’t have even been allowed to sleep together if they are strangers. This alone shows you how these anti-Semitic bastards they are. You have the tea party being called racist and stupid however they have never been arrested or violent at all. And again I hope the best hope and healing for your lovely wife.

    2. Dan says:

      my sincere best wishes to your wife and yourself.
      you are in my prayers

  235. Rowdy Boots says:


    They are just like the Tea Party allright.

    Except at the Tea Party events, we rent hotel rooms and actually pay for them. These slobs use public property as if it only belongs to them and then cost the taxpayers millions.


    1. steve says:

      Tea party also they take showers and where clothes and 1 out of every 10000 signs has a misspelled word and gets railed by the so called media. And the wildest thing is there have been no rapes or arrest at the Tea Party oh except for the thugs who oppose them

  236. Rowdy Boots says:

    The poor girl was hoodwinked into sharing a tent with a total stranger.

    1. If the rape is true, OWS is libel and should be sued since they assigned the tent to the girl.

    2. It the rape is a lie, then the girl is really not all there.

    3. It is the police’s fault since they did not use their ESP to ferret out the rapist.

    4. What in God’s name is a 19 year old girl sleeping outside in a city?


  237. smeggo says:

    About the only thing we know about Leland is that he is a rapist.

    Rapists are amoral opportunists. He could have been wearing a priest’s frock (after all, many rapists do) — does that mean that the Church condones rape? That all priests are rapiist? Non sequitur. What it seems to mean is that a particular rapist exploited the perception of trust to victimize someone.

    Amoral opportunists are prone to do that.

    But to follow this logic, from these comments, you’d think that conservatives think it is justifiable to rape a liberal in a sleeping bag — probably because they also think it’s justifiable for the 1% to rape the 99% in the wallet.

  238. tsgmnsvuc says:

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  241. Aggie95 says:

    Right Wing Fringe ?

  242. Scott Devence says:

    This is disgusting and dehumanizing as are the people who salivate at the chance to use it to stereotype a group whom they dislike.

    1. Cromulent says:

      Nice bit of moral equivalence you have there:

      rapists = people who criticize

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