YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A 2-month-old kitten has already used up its nine lives – and then some – after being shot 17 times.

Two-month-old kitten Lily suffered a whopping 17 BB and pellet gun shot wounds all over her body.

The kitten was brought to the Austintown Veterinary Clinic on Oct. 17 for treatment after being found malnourished and injured in a busy area.

“Actually, for what she’d been through, she was in pretty good shape,” Linda Plant, the clinic’s officer manager, told CBS Cleveland. “You could feel the BBs under her skin, and some of the wounds were open, (but) when an animal gets shot, the bullet is hot, so it cauterizes the wound.”

Lily sustained 16 BB shots throughout her body, and one pellet wound in between her shoulders.

According to WJW-TV, Emily Dvorovy, along with her husband, found Lily in a Target parking lot in Boardman last Saturday.

“If they had gone to an emergency clinic over the weekend, they would have paid over $1,000. She was just trying to be a good Samaritan,” Plant said, adding that Lily appeared to be happy to receive any treatment at all. “She was purring and rubbing her head against (the doctor), and seemed happy to have found someone to take care of her.”

The clinic went to work quickly, determining whether or not removal of the BBs and pellet were critical, as surgery on such a young animal can prove more invasive and harmful than the initial injuries that lead to them.

They also tested Lily for different feline diseases, and made sure she was properly nourished.

Plant said that Lily is expected to make a full recovery, and is pleasantly surprised by this turn of events, given how the kitten’s story started.

“The poor thing is only about 8-weeks-old, (and) she was exposed to night air, probably had no food, scared and hiding under cars. She’s lucky she survived at all,” she said. “You just have to wonder what’s going through somebody’s brain when they do that.”

She added that Dvorovy’s aunt is likely to adopt the animal.

As far as an investigation is concerned, Plant said it is unlikely Lily’s abuser will ever be found, due in part to the ever-increasing number of stray cats in the area, as well as the lack of laws concerning animal protection in the state.

“Lily could have been born to a feral cat. There are whole colonies of them, and they multiply like rabbits,” she said, adding that the number of suspects could be as large as the pool of strays from where Lily came. “Animal laws are really lax, just a slap on the wrist. You saw what happened with the wild animals (released in Ohio).

“I just hope Lily’s in a good place now.”


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