EUCLID, Ohio (CBS CLEVELAND)  — Do you call the Ghostbusters for this?

An Ohio grandmother and her 4-year-old granddaughter say they have caught ghosts having sex inside their house.

Speaking to CBS Cleveland, Diane Carlisle said this visitation was the latest in a series that goes back to when she first moved to her Euclid home 12 years ago. Her photos prove it, she said.

This time, her granddaughter Kimora saw a man’s bare backside and a woman’s legs with high heels still on. At other times, they’ve seen men, women and children in various rooms and in her backyard.

“It’s pretty strange to wake up, smelling breakfast on the stove,” she said, “only to walk downstairs and see no one there.”

Even her dog had an experience better to forget than remember. Walking up the stairs from the basement, something caught its hind legs and held them. Now, the dog avoids the basement.

The rest of the family has learned to live with them, Carlisle said.

“[My granddaughter, daughter and I] have grown with them around,” she said. “At times you get scared, like when you’re home alone and hear footsteps around and doors slam.”

But she said it extends Halloween’s creepy fun into the rest of the year.

“You never know what you’re going to get,” she said.

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