Cleveland (CBS Cleveland) — One Ohio woman credits Occupy Cleveland with helping to save her home.

Beth Sommerer thought she and her children would be put on the street because of an upcoming foreclosure. However,when she went to court Monday, she was given an additional 30 days. Sommerer said it was all due to the support of Occupy Cleveland.

“The Occupy movement is mostly about the little people. I live on Main Street and they helped me out,” Sommerer told the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

Initially, Sommerer used Twitter to contact Occupy Cleveland. On Sunday, the group set up five tents in her backyard. They also reached out to Sommerer’s neighbors to introduce themselves and to get their support.

The Occupy Cleveland movement swore to stay with Sommerer and act on her family’s behalf if the sheriff’s office served them an eviction.

“Occupations stand for communities and this is something communities can do to support their neighbors,” Occupy Cleveland spokesperson Erin McCardle told CBS Cleveland.

McCardle also said that people should not “be afraid of the banks, they should afraid of us.”

Occupy Cleveland is still camping in Sommerer’s backyard. They plan to leave Tuesday morning.

Comments (4)
  1. Gary Goodman says:

    There is no justifiable or sensible reason for Americans to be held hostage by predatory criminal banks who themselves committed millions of acts of fraud (“William Black: Why Nobody Went to Jail During the Credit Crisis” speaking to conservative investor/analyst Jim Puplava), banks and bankers were themselves recipients of Billions and ultimately more than Ten Trillions of dollars in handouts from the Federal Reserve (off-books) and Congress (TARP and other programs).

    How have we evolved to the point that the only sustainable government welfare programs are for SUPER-RICH people? How has capitalism evolved to giant rewards with no risk of losing?

    As for the Super Committee and domestic “austerity” aka “poverty” policies, look up MMT.

  2. allexx says:

    Beth Sommerer Independent Civic & Social Organization Professional Location Cleveland/Akron, Ohio Area Industry Civic & Social …

    Same Beth? So was this all planned as PR for the cause?

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