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It’s December, and in many cities around our great country people are talking about their football team going to the playoffs. Here in Cleveland it’s a different story. We are talking about concussions, dirty hits, contracts, a team president who has only decided to talk to the media again after much prodding, Christmas Ale, the 2012 NFL draft, the fact that Michigan sucks (it doesn’t need to be December to talk about that), Sokolowski’s (ummm… I could go for some pierogi), and anything other than the playoffs. Why? Well, the team sucks! The only hope is that fans in San Francisco, Cincinnati, Detroit, Denver and Oakland were doing the same thing last December (I bet even in Detroit they think Michigan sucks!). Maybe the Browns will be one of those teams in 2012.

The Indians have not done much so far this month but, as their team President Mark Shapiro (who actually speaks to the media and the fans regularly) astutely pointed out we still have 2 months until spring training. There is still plenty of time to get things done if the talented front office is given the resources to do so. As of this morning Michael Cuddyer was still available. He would be a GREAT addition to the Tribe both on the field and in the locker room. I would also like to see them try and deal for a young, cheap, but very talented 1B like Mark Trumbo of the Angels or Ike Davis from the Mets. Both of whom have been rumored to be available.

It has not been a fun December so far for the fans of Cleveland but hey, the Cavs season is right around the corner (well, that might not make things much better… although I believe the long term future is bright), and so are the holidays, and at least it hasn’t really snowed much yet!

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Comments (2)
  1. Joe Mersnik says:

    Very nice, Bull!

  2. Bill says:

    Today is not the best bull and fox show I have heard since I switched to fm sports last month. Trying to find email connections to Dustin or Adam or anyone else on this site is fruitless. I’d love to discuss what I see the station doing right, and the issues you are still perceived to have, but oh well. With football season over, I’ll be listening to satellite radio again. Good try and good luck.

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