OBERLIN, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) – A convicted animal enterprise terrorist encouraged college students to break laws in order to achieve the change they want and provided guidance on how to do so last month.

Radical animal rights activist Peter Young spoke to nearly 100 Oberlin College students on Dec. 5, stressing that breaking the law for something you believe in can bring about change, even if it means going to prison. Young is known for eluding the FBI for more than seven years after he had released up to 12,000 minks and 100 foxes housed in fur farms in three states in 1997. He was arrested and served two years in federal prison for animal enterprise terrorism charges.

“Two rules to be a successful fugitive: Number one, have an I.D. under a different name, a real I.D. under a different name, and number two, don’t call your parents,” Young said in his speech, according to the Oberlin Review. “If you can do those two things you’re pretty much set. The FBI is not quite as savvy as they’d have you believe. It took them seven-and-a-half years to find me.

“And, oh, third thing to be a successful fugitive, don’t shoplift CDs from Starbucks. That’s how they caught me; they said I was trying to steal CDs from Starbucks.”

Throughout the course of the speech, Young emphasized how animal rights is more of a war than an activist pursuit and how activism that’s considered more “radical” has more value when it comes to achieving change for the greater good.

“Peter Young specifically encouraged us to break the law and take action even when the consequence may be prison,” one student said, according to the Oberlin Review. “Additionally, it seemed like he was suggesting that the audience free the animals from the basement where research experiments may be conducted on them. Hearing that was pretty shocking.”

Other students in attendance believed that Young needs to incorporate more protesting methodologies in order to drive home a message rather than just stick to his radical mindset, mentioning how a greater array of methods can help persuade people.

“I’m not sure how many people he is persuading by letting animals out,” another student told the Oberlin Review. “I’m not going to say that what he is doing is completely ineffective because I think what he is doing is really, really great, but that’s not the only thing that needs to happen in the movement. That’s one of the many tools.”

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  1. Amy says:

    This is an embarrassingly poor article that missed nearly every point Peter Young was trying to make and selectively included only that which fit the author’s agenda.

    A few points:

    *Young did not “encourage” illegal activity. He spoke about how he came to the conclusion to break the law to rescue animals via rational and pragmatic reasoning, which he explained in detail.

    *He did not frown on legal tactics, and many times made the point that vegan outreach is very important.

    *The author missed the major point of his talk, which was to educate Oberlin about animal abuse exploitation. He made abundant mention of conditions in farms and labs and why it was important to address this kind of injustice, and asked people many times to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

    Oberlin considers itself a radical campus with a strong activist culture. I am shocked anyone there would consider placing life over property “extreme”.

    — Amy

  2. Laurella Desborough says:

    Don’t you just LOVE those animal rights radicals that release FARM RAISED mink who have NO CLUE as to how to survive and end up getting run over on the road, try to cozy up to fishermen (because they are fed a fish diet), and basically these animals suffer and die after release. Way to go guys…way to go. This AETA needs to be strengthened to put these animal criminals in jail for a much longer time. And, what in the world is in the mind of a college president who allows this kind of criminal to be lecturing to the students??? I cannot imagine such stupidity on the part of a supposedly educated professional.

    1. blood simple says:

      Is it Laurella or Cruella? You’re trying to pervert the point that fur (or slaves) no longer is a profitable commodity. And this view has been determined by the free market. All you want to do is protect special interests and criminalize their opponents. Moreover, the manner in which society treats its humblest members, including the unborn, is a reflection of its civility and religiosity. Stick it.

  3. V. Barnes says:

    Unfortuantely universities are now hiring animal rights radicals who push their propaganda on the students using the same lies and slander as HSUS and PeTA. These people do not really care at all about animals. Ask the farmers where the undercover videographers for PeTA stuck a pitchfork into one of the cows because no worker would do that. Ask the dog breeder at Westminster when his dog got run over in the streets of New running in total fear after an animal rights nut let him out of his crate and ran him out the door to certain death. Ask the fur farmers whose animals were killed by Peter Young and don’t forget the animal rights radicals who put antifreeze in the drinking water of show dogs at a show. This movement is being pushed by a few so called philosophers who think human beings should be wiped off the face of this earth. Peter Singer wrote an article for the New York Times on Should this be the Last Generation which asked all of our young people to spay and neuter themselves and then party down until the last human being dies out. Even our president has hired Cass Sunstein who is an avid animal rights person and since his hire we have had rules come down that say no child can work with animals on a farm. We have had the end of humane horse slaughter replaced by starving millions of horses to death. This is a cult and it is being pushed by philosophy departments across this country. Check the university your child attends before you send them as this is a cult and their goal is to end the lives of all domestic animals. Gary Francione at Rutgers, Jean Kazez at SMU who pushes vegetarism, Tom Regan formerly of North Carolina State, Steven Best at UT who collects money to pay for violent acts and runs NIO, Anna Peterson in the Religion Department at Michigan State, most of these cult members come from Philosophy or Religion departments and they put on symposiums that feature non-degreed radicals propaganda with no usual university intellectual opposition in these forums. They slander the owning of a pet, eating meat, using medicine from research and they all push a view that all human beings have done is to cause global warming by eating meat. This is a cult no different from Jim Jones except the victims are the animals they kill and the people whose lives they have destroyed. The first rule of recognizing a cult is that they always remove meat from the diet. The human brain requires meat because it has essential nutrients and active VB12 which cannot be found in plants otherwise the brain becomes irrational and overly emotional thus easy to influence. For any university to allow this type of propaganda that puts human beings at risk is unforgiveable. Any time a university or college has a symposium that features Wayne Pacelle or other animal rights cult leaders then know that is not where you want to send your child for their own safety. These groups are using universities to recruit for their cause. Bob Barker has endowed chairs at every cash strapped university that will start an animal rights department either in law or religion and philosophy. These programs allow no other viewpoint to be expressed and they encourage illegal activity on their students.

  4. V. Barnes says:

    “Throughout the course of the speech, Young emphasized how animal rights is more of a war than an activist pursuit and how activism that’s considered more “radical” has more value when it comes to achieving change for the greater good.”
    The greater good is to have the human race die off. That is the animal rights viewpoint. They want to force vegan diets on every human being despite the fact that 12 million children die each year from lack of protein, children who have access to all types of plants but no meat. http://naturalhygienesociety.org/diet-veganbaby.html
    925 million people were undernourished in 2010 (FAO 2010). As the figure below shows, the number of hungry people has increased since 1995-97.. The increase has been due to three factors: 1) neglect of farming for both meat and protein related foods relevant to very poor people by governments and international agencies; 2) the current worldwide economic crisis, and 3) the significant increase of food prices (due to passing laws that increase food production costs by ARs) in the last several years which has been devastating to those with only a few dollars a day to spend. 925 million people is 13.6 percent of the estimated world population of 6.8 billion. Obesity is a problem of eating too much carbohydrates not meat. The only diet that actually works is the one that removes or reduces carbs from the diet. Before we as a nation became obese it was rare to get sugar or treats. When Norway during WWII was rationed and ran out of sugar heart disease and diabetes was drastically reduced in the population. Eating meat is not the problem, but over eating starches and sugars is the problem as these calories are stored as fat in the body. When athletes stop playing they become overweight fairly quickly as they continue to consume the carbs they needed before, but don’t need now. In the past it was rare to find a vending machine in every building or a store with so much junk food available. Note also home cooked meals were the norm, but now instant dinners with fillers such as soy, wheat, sugar, preservatives are all added to each food product so people are eating far more carbs than they should. By distorting the truth animal rights radicals have been pushing a strict vegan diet which in fact will create more problems. Studies show that Vegans die from heart disease at the same rates as the general population. Why if they are slender? Because the placque build up in the vessels is 20% animal fat and 80% vegetable oil fat. WE did not have so many vegetable oils in the past, only lard from animal fat. So.stop eating carbs and you will stop gaining weight. Sugar and vegetable oils along with too much starch is the main cause of diseases and clogged arteries.

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