STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (CBS Cleveland/AP) — A Paterno family spokesman says the former Penn State football coach has not passed away despite multiple reports indicating that Joe Paterno died from lung cancer Saturday night.

“Over the last few days Joe Paterno has experienced further health complications,” family spokesman Dan McGinn said in a brief statement Saturday to The Associated Press. “His doctors have now characterized his status as serious.

“His family will have no comment on the situation and asks that their privacy be respected during this difficult time,” he said.

Paterno’s sons Scott and Jay both took to Twitter Saturday night to refute reports that their father had died.

Wrote Jay Paterno: “I appreciate the support (and) prayers. Joe is continuing to fight.”

Onward State, the university’s student-run website, apologized for originally reporting that Paterno had died.

“I ask not for your forgiveness, but for your understanding,” managing editor Devon Edwards said in a statement on the website, adding that he was stepping down immediately. “I am so very, very, sorry, and we at Onward State continue to pray for Coach Paterno.” also apologized for falsely reporting Paterno’s death.

“Earlier Saturday night, published an unsubstantiated report that former Penn State coach Joe Paterno had died,” the statement said. “That mistake was the result of a failure to verify the original report. holds itself to high journalistic standards, and in this circumstance tonight, we fell well short of those expectations.”

Joe Paterno has been in the hospital since Jan. 13 for observation for what his family had called minor complications from his cancer treatments. Not long before that, he conducted his only interview since losing his job, with The Washington Post. Paterno was described as frail then and wearing a wig. The second half of the two-day interview was conducted by his bedside.

The Citizens’ Voice reports that the 85-year-old is near death and that Paterno’s wife, Sue, asked family and friends to come to his bedside so he could say his final goodbyes.

Roughly 200 students and townspeople gathered Saturday night at a statue of Paterno just outside a gate at Beaver Stadium. Some brought candles, while others held up their smart phones to take photos of the scene. The mood was somber, with no chanting or shouting.

“Drove by students at the Joe statue,” Jay Paterno tweeted. “Just told my Dad about all the love & support–inspiring him.”

The final days of Paterno’s Penn State career were easily the toughest in his 61 years with the university and 46 seasons as head football coach.

Sandusky, a longtime defensive coordinator who was on Paterno’s staff in two national title seasons, was arrested Nov. 5 and ultimately charged with sexually abusing a total of 10 boys over 15 years. His arrest sparked outrage not just locally but across the nation and there were widespread calls for Paterno to quit.

Paterno announced late on Nov. 9 that he would retire at the end of the season but just hours later he received a call from board vice chairman John Surma, telling him he had been terminated as coach. By that point, a crowd of students and media were outside the Paterno home. When news spread that Paterno had been dumped, there was rioting in State College.

Police on Saturday night had barricaded off the block where Paterno lives, and a police car was stationed about 50 yards from his home. A light was on in the living room but there was no activity inside. No one was outside, other than reporters and photographers stationed there.

Trustees said this week they pushed Paterno out in part because he failed a moral responsibility to report an allegation made in 2002 against Sandusky to authorities outside the university. They also felt he had challenged their authority and that, as a practical matter, with all the media in town and attention to the Sandusky case, he could no longer run the team.

Paterno testified before the grand jury investigating Sandusky that he had relayed to his bosses an accusation that came from graduate assistant Mike McQueary, who said he saw Sandusky abusing a boy in the showers of the Penn State football building.

Paterno told the Post that he didn’t know how to handle the charge, but a day after McQueary visited him, Paterno spoke to the athletic director and the administrator with oversight over the campus police.

Wick Sollers, Paterno’s lawyer, called the board’s comments this week self-serving and unsupported by the facts. Paterno fully reported what he knew to the people responsible for campus investigations, Sollers said.

“He did what he thought was right with the information he had at the time,” Sollers said.

Sandusky says he is innocent and is out on bail, awaiting trial.

The back and forth between Paterno’s representative and the board reflects a trend in recent weeks, during which Penn State alumni — and especially former players, including Hall of Fame running back Franco Harris — have questioned the trustees’ actions and accused them of failing to give Paterno a chance to defend himself.

Three town halls, in Pittsburgh, suburban Philadelphia and New York City, seemed to do little to calm the situation and dozens of candidates have now expressed interest in running for the board, a volunteer position that typically attracts much less interest.

While everyone involved has said the focus should be on Sandusky’s accusers and their ordeals, the abuse scandal for Paterno put a sour ending on a sterling career. Paterno won 409 games and took the Nittany Lions to 37 bowl games and those two national championships. More than 250 of the players he coached went on to the NFL.

With his thick glasses, rolled up khakis and white socks, Paterno was synonymous with Penn State and was seen in many ways as the archetypal football coach.

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  1. wrickard says:

    One great Man, so sad, just goes to show how sad our society is, blaming someone before any real knowledge of what happened surfaced. I will miss His, Him as I miss Elvis , Bob Hope and John Wayne as all American in the very truest sense.

    1. Jeff says:

      Are you that deft? Please, where there is smoke there is always fire. Cue the Bob Costas interview and get out of your denial mode.

      1. Austin says:

        deft: characterized by facility and skill
        Used in a sentence: The photographer is known for her deft use of lighting.
        Maybe you meant deaf?

      2. Timx says:

        Not always. Duke lacrosse. Syracuse basketball is looking like it could be also.

      3. henryk says:

        I think he meant daft duh

      4. GFM2012 says:

        Jeff, you are a consummate horse’s ass. “Where there’s smoke there is always fire.” What a monumentally ignorant point of view. Because there’s an allegation by the dimwit media, we should assume it is true. Incredible stupidity. When I hear an allegation made by the sorry media in the U.S., I automatically assume it is FALSE until I am convinced by a preponderance of evidence. Morons like you are the reason that these pathetic journalist impersonators thrive – not on accuracy and truth-telling, but on sensationalism and distortion. You must be a liberal.

      5. laffin'atcha says:

        Timx – What about Duke Lacrosse? That they were accused by a KNOWN liar, who has since be arrested numerous times? May you and your family have, and enjoy, the spoils of being wrongly accused. Joe Paterno did wrong, plain and simple…

      6. Kevin Stowell says:


      7. Onlooker says:

        All I can say is this wouldn’t have gone down this same path if it was Jo-Pa’s grandkid. Tell you what, no authority on campus would have stopped the a** whooping going on up in there. So…….since that didn’t happen……all we can do is speculate on motives and intentions. 🙁

      8. Dave says:

        onlooker, you are SO right. If this was one of Paterno’s grandkids it never would have gone down that way, and that is just shameful. There was a moral failure, but Paterno was human, as are we all, and he made a serious mistake. He was not the abuser of these boys, but has some culpability nonetheless.

      9. no says:

        You’re the kind of idiot that ruins the justice system. “Why, this guy MUST be guilty! I’m going to vote that he’s guilty! After all, if he wasn’t guilty, why did the police arrest him?!”.

        Patornou may well be guilty, but whether or not he is, your statement is F-ing retarded.

      10. Brad says:

        Laffin; At the time no one knew the Duke Lacrosse accuser was a “known” liar. You have to be a disturbed female by your post. Am I right? As soon as someone yells abuse, (also known as yelling “fire” in other situations) the entire community, in this case liberals, reach for their shotguns and ropes to string up the varmint. No trial, no jury, no judge, no due process, just good-ole vigilante justice. Duke Lacrosse. Kobe Bryant. Hermann Cain. and millions of other men “falsely” accused.

      11. John Cartman says:

        Jeff, You are an idiot.

      12. Gerbil says:

        Once again, Penn State can’t get it right! The college paper reported Joe’s death just a tad too soon! As aPa. taxpayer, I am outraged at in the inept handling of this mess. However, Joe is in the middle of the mess. It wasn;t his playbook in the showere…no harm, no foul!

      13. B Real says:

        Timx –

        Syracuse basketball? Because one of the accusers admits he lied? Pay attention – even Fine’s wife indicated (in so many words) that he did it.

      14. JT Deth says:

        Where there is smoke there is ALWAYs fire? So you mean to say that when people said Clinton was constantly messing with bimbos and he denied it, it was real? Or that when Obama was accused of being a member of SDS and was supported by SDS members and radical leftists like Wright and was indeed a far left ideologue masquerading Alinsky-style as a fake moderate, the accusations were real? Or that Pelosi’s husband made millions from government contracts she influenced that was real? I cannot believe that you believe that where there is smoke there is ALWAYS fire.

      15. strosfan says:

        He’s dead now. Feel better?

    2. GrandInquisitor says:

      Gee – I didn’t know the King, Bob Hope and the Duke covered for pedaphiles.

    3. hope12 says:

      I am so sorry Coach Paterno’s celebrated life has to end this way. This man did not deserve to go out this way. My heart goes out to him and his family.

    4. I SEE YOU says:


      1. ICE13 says:

        Actually Satanists push a message of peace and kindness. Learn about what you’re talking about clown.

    5. joecool says:

      JoePa has done more for young people than most can even understand. To pre-judge him, fire him and destroy him is part of today’s politics of destruction, and it fits with the sound-bite mentality of so many in our nation.

      Jerry Sandusky is an evil monster and a genius manipulator. I doubt many of the Monday Morning quarterbacks on this issue were ever violated by a monster such as Sandusky, or they might understand how thoroughly controlling he could be.

      Unless you have felt the fire of perversion as a victim, it is very difficult to understand the web of evil around a Jerry Sandusky. A good manipulator will make YOU think you’re the crazy one.

      1. CentpaG says:

        Excellent post. I get weary of defending Mr. Paterno (of whom I have stated should have been replaced as coach for several years due to the changing attitudes of the “elite college athlete” getting away from his idealistic wants), but for him to have had to endure this kind of punishment for doing what was prescribed for him to do, is unfathonable.

        Many of these posters are just haters of his because he expected much of others and because of Penn State’s success (in football and other areas) that would not have been acheived without Paterno’s support. Some posters are venting their own shortcomings.

        To those “Joe should have done more, I would have” people, I don’t believe that you would have. I hear that all the time. I have witnessed it very rarely. But along those same lines, why are we not saying that NONE of this would be an issue had McQ have done more at the very moment he witness this (still alleged) heinious act? A young big strapping football player/coach seeing a late 50 year old doing this? Why did he not “do more” than leaving and only talking to his dad and then Joe? Had he “done more” at that very instant, all of this would be a moot point.

        So slam and hate away. But look at your own life and see if you “do more” EVERY time you see some wrong being done. Not just Do More, but do you do ANYTHING?

        To you haters, it sounds like Mr. Paterno will be out of your hair in the near future. My hope is he will not. But when he is gone and after the facts have all come out, I hope this media and you posters will be back on here with your apologzes to the Paternos. I doubt you will have the guts for that either.

    6. LJP says:

      I totally agree…well put!!!!

    7. LJP says:

      YES…WELL PUT!!!!

    8. McCarthyism says:

      I’m so glad this enabling pile of human excrement is suffering immensely before he departs the land of the living. His next round of judgement & punishment — in the after life — will be far worse…

    9. Mike says:

      Are you kidding me. He could have make a huge impact in a few young boys life but your great Man didn’t.

  2. too bad says:

    I think in the end it was a broken heart. May he have peace in death.

    1. The Sage Waitress says:


    2. gmk17 says:

      Short and sweet…you have it right.

  3. Mr. X says:

    PSU officials should have his death on their conscience. They handled this in an inept, ham-fisted manner.

    May PSU rot in hell for their shameful mistreatment of an elderly man dying of cancer.


    1. GOgogoStopSTOP says:

      The handling of Joe Pa’s firing reminds me of the beginning of the French Revolution… they started trying to do something they thought was right, & it ended with blood & bodies & fear & loathing, everywhere.

      Penn State will ride this tiger for a long, long time.

    2. Onlooker says:

      And may this elderly man have his last thoughts “what if that was my grandkid”…….

      1. Dave says:

        I do feel badly that he is in pain and dying, but he didn’t do enough. Even he said that. There’s no need to wish him in hell, he didn’t do the abusing, but he is accountable for not doing more.

      2. ella funt says:

        Well? It wasn’t his grand kid. — ” What if it was your grandkid?????”
        AND!! What if Sandusky was your father or brother???? What if–What if

      3. Artemis says:

        Once again, as a supermajority of the media repeatedly failed to point out until after he was fired (and if Joe Paterno had been even the slightest bit vindictive toward the University, the Commonwealth—Penn State receiving partial funding from the state—would have lawful grounds to pursue defamation and false light tort claims), Paterno not only reported the incident to University officials, but reported the incident to the administrative head of the University Police Department. In addition, Paterno, not being an attorney, referred the incident through the internal reporting structure no different than that which is required in cases of securities fraud, for example. “What if Penn State had been a bank, and Joe Paterno had knew a Bernie Madoff was in their midst? Why wouldhe not go to police, but instead allow billions of dollars to disappear from peoples’ retirement accounts? There are elderly people with alzheimers who are now homeless.” This latter logic has being applied to demonize Joe Paterno, and it is despicable. Children are the most vulnerable of victims and they deserve the highest level of protection in our society. But mob mentality driven by incomplete sensational journalism to achieve advertising click revenues provides no excuse for the treatment which was handled in this case, and it leaves me to question not only the values of our media, but also the competence of my fellow Americans. There was good reason our founding fathers did not trust the masses and refused to allow direct election of Senators or the President.

      4. Texas says:

        Onlookers—-How do you know that Paterno didn’t do enough? Joe said that, in retrospect and once he learned that higher-level school officials had not followed up aggressively, that he wished he had done more. But, after McQuery reported the situation to him, he immediately informed the school officials responsible for police relations. Remember also that McQuery was far from explicit and specific in what he told Paterno. Insofar as anyone knows, Paterno thought all along that appropriate investigation and action had been taken. Did he pass the buck on to others? Yes, but he passed the buck on to those responsible for handling the situation and well positioned to do so. By the way, I have no connection whatsoever to PSU but, after working in the criminal justice system for over 25 years, I have learned not to jump to conclusions and to differentiate evidence from opinion.

      5. GOgogoStopSTOP says:

        Your post drips with revenge, angry revenge. “What if, what if, what if?” You are an onlooker, for sure, someone sitting off hoping to see blood & guts, uncaring who’s it is. And you don’t have the fact’s of Artemis or you don’t care to learn them.

        You come from the mobs of the French Revolution, the Leninist, Marxist Circus Maximus of hate for what others have & you don’t. He was an ordinary guy who made a great life for himself. He had a God that put him where luck would find him. He had his ups & downs as we all do. But no matter his achievements or shortcomings… why the reaction of “his punishment isn’t enough?” I don’t understand it.

    3. Vicky Bevis says:

      So let me get this stright: If Paterno wasn’t elderly AND dying, it would be O.K. to call out what, in most of Pa., is a GOD!? I know; I lived there most of my adult life & remember at the time many years ago when he talked about retiring & going out on top. THAT would have left a sterling legacy.

      I gew up in E. Ohio & retired back here. I don’t remember any “riots” in Columbus when Woody Hayes was terminated & he was as much a “god” here as Peterno is in Pa.

      BTW, I have a nephew who did time for molesting his step-daughter & if I’d known, I”d have reported him in a minute. And if the “authorities” didn’t do anything, I’d report it higher up until I got some action.

    4. bill curry says:

      may paterno rot in hell with sandusky for willingly allowing the abuse to continue. if he truly wanted to bring a stop to the abuse, he could have had him banned from campus. paterno built the school on the backs of abused children.

  4. BuddyP says:

    A once great leader cast under the bus by the University he helped to build, near death and disgraced. It’s all a damn shame

    1. sfburke says:

      The buck has to stop somewhere and it should have stopped with him.

  5. emma says:

    We will all have to stand before God on judgement day at which time our actions will be judged, our motives for doing what we did or saying what we said, not how many football games we won or lost. The key word in that sentence is ALL of us. To God, sin is sin, there are no varying degrees.

    1. Mark says:

      No varying degrees of sin? So someone telling a little white lie is the same as Hitler or Stalin? How about bluffing at poker? Is that the same as cheating on a spouse? Don’t be stupid.

      1. Chico says:

        Um, those examples aren’t sins. I see your point, but you’re making it very poorly.

    2. Pamela says:

      Actually, there are varying degrees. Jesus, Himself, said to Pilate that the one who turned Him over had ‘the greater sin’.

      But there is forgiveness for those who ask, no matter how great the sin. Peace.

    3. ella funt says:

      Why did God let it happen?? Why didn’t God stop it??? Why does God make perverts, homosexuals, retards, killers , etc????????

      1. Dr. Feelgood says:

        Its called free will.

  6. A.C.Guard says:

    The real question is why did the family allow, or ask for, the hospital to put a man so close to death from lung cancer on a respirator? It makes no sense.

    1. hope12 says:

      Why shouldn’t “the buck” have stopped with the man who walked in on Sandusky abusing a child? That is where the anger should be directed–not at Paterno.

      1. bill curry says:

        bc paterno held immense power at the school–ultimately he is responsible for following up on such abuse–please….the tired comments of “he did what he needed to–he reported to administration” is a pathetic excuse and strawman argument. Paterno was the center of power and that he didn’t follow through–essentially he willingly allowed abuse to continue– this calls into question paterno’s true interests–more interested in football then abuse. Paterno was complicit to some degree and for this he now knows his punishment as he has passed away.

  7. Dan says:

    A legend on the football field, now more famous for his lack of control of the locker room showers. Too bad such a great man made the moral mistake of putting a friend and colleague before justice. Just remember, we are all fallable, and even the great Joe had his. I will remember the great Joe forever, and let the Lord judge him in passing.

  8. WDDB says:

    Helpless in the hands of Fate.

  9. Richard says:

    Hey August….Let he without sin cast the first stone. You don’t know the whole story and none of us probably ever will. You also don’t know the man who is JoePa to millions, he spent a lifetime as a one of the most upstanding members of the community and University.. He reported what he was told to his superiors, should he have done more…you could argue that but there are a lot more people out there who have done less.

    1. Jeff says:

      And he leaves this world known to many millions for his misdeeds.

      Did you think about that before writing your diatribe?

    2. Onlooker says:

      Yup, just like he would have done if it was his grandkid. Wait a second, no…. he would have done something different.
      End of story.:(

    3. jmh54 says:

      well said Richard. I can’t believe some of these comment that have been written.

  10. King Solomom says:

    The decision of Penn State to move Paterno along even before there was any serious investigation is responsible for the ill health in which Paterno now finds himself. If Paterno dies withing the next few days, those responsible for his firing should be tried for manslaughter.

    1. eddie333 says:

      Tried for manslaughter? You can’t be serious.

      1. blupill says:

        1OO$ says King Solomon will be an attorney some day (or already is) probably a DA

    2. Onlooker says:

      Then with that logic, king, the athletic dept. owes the raped boys (im sorry, sodomized boys) mental and physical medical treatment for the rest of their lives. And the fans should riot/turn over cars/ boycott alumni meetings/ quit paying dues until each VICTIM is supported first before the next jersey is bought for that pathetic school. 🙁

    3. sfburke says:

      Oh, baloney. He had lung cancer, and he didn’t get it from this deal.

    4. Vicky Bevis says:

      You obviously know niothing about lung cancer! (Retired nurse). BTW, poor JoPa was “smart” enough to have signed his & his wife’s home over to her for $1 last summer, so they knew some very bad dreck was coming.

  11. eddie333 says:

    I wonder if his sudden decline is due to sepsis.

  12. dan says:

    wow, the judgement of some of you hateful losers is astonishing. you have no information about what happened but glee in the suffering of a human being. Speaking of karma, the hate that lives in your heart will consume you in the end.

    1. Onlooker says:

      I know, JoPa is a very forgiving man. After all it happened to his OWN grandkid and he did all that he was legally bound to do and not phone 911. Oh, snap, that didn’t happen. Never mind. Karma does occur, maybe its coming for all of HIS supporters. Who is next in happy valley?

    2. Vicky Bevis says:

      You mistake “Abject Disgust” for “hate,” Dan. Until you have been molested as I was by a Band Director & 2 others, You don’t kjnow what “walking a mile in one’s shoe” is all about.

      Hate? I live a wonderful life with my husband of 45 yrs. 2 incredible children & a comfortable retirement. And I do volunteer work? do you?

  13. Travis says:

    PSU trustees, ESPN and other liberal media should be proud of themselves. They blamed an innocent man for another man’s abnormal homosexual behavior against young boys. Just like the animals in the Catholic Church homosexual scandal, etc. The media looked for scapegoats rather than pin the blame directly where it should’ve been…against predatory homosexuals stalking America’s young boys. Absolutely pathetic. God bless Joe Paterno, you will be vindicated and embraced by God with open arms.

    1. deb says:

      so if he raped young girls, like so many athletes and coaches do, you’d be okay with it? perhaps we need to take a look at your personal life.

      1. Travis says:

        Feel free to look at my personal life. Name me the athletes and coaches who have “raped young girls” and gotten away with it? That is a BS argument, again in a lame attempt to deflect attention away from the homosexual aspect of the PSU crime and the Catholic Church crime. Homosexuality is an abnormal behavior choice, and it is endangering young boys and men in this country…period!

      2. Nate says:

        Travis, you do realize by scapegoating homosexuality, you’re being incredibly disrespectful to the victims of sexual molestation. You’re using their suffering as a means to back up your own insecurities and prejudices. Honestly, you should be ashamed of yourself, especially when you come in here on your high horse spewing complete nonsense.

      3. Nate says:

        Also missing is your complete condemnation of heterosexuality. Since you seem to be an expert in sexual molestation crimes, how do you explain the situations where a child is molested by someone of the opposite sex? If you’re going to scapegoat homosexuality when it’s a boy molested by a man, you sure as hell better be scapegoating heterosexuality when it’s a case of a child molested by someone of the opposite sex. Or is that kind of behavior less serious than same-sex molestation cases?

        You don’t know your arse from a hole in the ground.

      1. Travis says:

        Nate, I completely know my “arse froma a hole in the ground.” The crimes at PSU and in the Catholic Church, and groups like NAMBLA wouldn’t exist if Americans weren’t forced by political correctness to tolerate an abnormal lifestyle choice like homosexuality. Of course ANY crime against a minor is horrendous, but that’s not the issue in this article or the PSU crime. Sandusky committed a rape against minor boys by having homosexual sex with them. The media in an effort to divert attention away from that…scapegoated an innocent man in Paterno. I mean this scandal isn’t even about Sandusky’s behavior anymore, whenever it’s discussed the first name mentioned is Paterno, how wrong is that? Also, I’m not on “insecure” about anything, I’m just a normal person sick of being forced to tolerate the abnormal.

    2. RonT says:

      It’s nice that all these “moral” specialist feel that blaming an innocent man for their over active investigative powers. Who knows what the real story is because of the media malpractice. The one thing, Coach Paterno is not the perpetrator in this case, and was victimize by the media for being so naive to think that taking the issue to his bosses for them to handle it was the right thing to do! Rest in peace Coach!

      1. Drew says:

        Evil happens when good men do nothing. Seems to be what happened here; He made a report to his superiors, enough to clear his conscience…or enough to cover his butt?

    3. Vicky Bevis says:

      Travis: Please look up the difference between “homoexuality” & “pedophilia.” There IS a difference & it makes for a more informed conversation.

  14. gutsygirl says:

    Joe did what he was supposed to, he reported to those above him. PSU is what killed Joe, after all he gave to them. I wish him peace.

    1. Smile says:

      PSU gave Joe lung cancer?

    2. Onlooker says:

      That is ALL he would have done if it was HIS GRANDSON?
      IF YES, continue on with your rationalization.

  15. m. geary says:

    God bless you,Joe Pa.Your fellow Brooklyn Prep alumni. 1972.
    Ad Majorem Gloriam Deum.

  16. steve thomas says:

    The Lord works in mysterious ways. Hell has an opening for you joe…

  17. larry says:

    Will Sandusky come by for a last hug or….?

  18. stevevancampen says:

    the inept psu board of trustees should be spanked for what they diid so unfairly to joe paterno…it is a national disgrace..1964 grad

  19. Dr.IceCheck says:

    Some people here are absolutely brutal. For 46 years, the man did a pretty good job producing academic all-americans and building up a university.

    If he made a mistake in the year 2002, I can accept that. We all have done things wrong.

    To blame a man for the failures of his superiors is a lttle harsh>

    Unless you are perfect, let’s have a little class for a human being on death’s door.

  20. andy says:

    Good Riddance hope u have a nice trip to hell

    1. twiiliam says:

      You do know that Joe Parterno has never been accused of molesting a child. That place in hell may be yours for judging him. Have you ever suspected anyone of pedophilia and reported it to your supervisors and then you go to hell? What kind of warped religion to which you belong….must be a small group.

  21. Dave says:

    Sounds like things really got out of hand at PSU. The football program should be suspended until further notice. The players can keep their scholarships to honor what they were promised. What an absolute disgrace this has been to a once highly respected coach, football team and college.

    Penn State can take this issue and rebuild from it. How they respond is what matters.

  22. mtm105 says:

    a Shakespearian Tragedy, for sure. From thi height of most victories to the depths of protecting a child abuser and enabling the Pres and others to get fired.

    Now all PSU has to do is figure how to spin his death to get more $ from it’s alums. It has grown dependent on it’s football profits and will soon not only lose in $, but talent will not be willing to go there, either.

    1. JFK says:

      What did he do to protect a child abuser, specifically?

      1. Vicky Bevis says:

        He, as head of the football program, was responsible for at least an investigation into the allegations. Was Sandusky ever called to a meeting of HIS superiors & asked about this in a formal way? If so, I didn’t hear about it.

  23. La Liz says:

    So sorry for this entire situation. It is very cringe-worthy, but I think Joe Paterno and McQueary should have done more. May he rest in peace.

  24. James says:

    I’ll take St. Peter and lay the points.

  25. I Baja says:

    Long before the events of this past season I said the when he leaves the game he will die. How many of us have known somebody who once they retire from their passion they no longer have reason to live. So many die within a year hanging it up.

  26. American Man 2012 says:

    The knuckle heads running Penn State, better not demoralize Paterno’s legacy, by stripping Joe’s name and statue off the campus. If they do that, over this Sandusky crap, I wouldn’t be surprised if the student body and alumni burn the University to the ground.

  27. Justice says:

    You reap in eternity that which you have sown in life.

    1. Kevin Stowell says:

      I suspect that’s the definition of Hell.

  28. mirreldo says:

    Why so many people dying of cancer? I hear that the treatments kill you faster than the disease? Is cancer a Eugenics experiment? I wonder sometimes, with all the talk about depopulation

    1. D. R. Nance says:

      It sure happened that way with my wife. I question “Midern Medicine” and certainly do not trust our “Superior Healthcare Providers”

  29. Chris says:

    I figured this would happen. His will to live was taken away involuntarily when he was stripped of his coaching position.

  30. eric says:

    who cares… i won’t miss him.

    1. twiiliam says:

      Dear Eric, it pains me to let you know that more people will be saddened by Paterno’s death than yours. So in the meantime why not just stfu.

  31. mirreldo says:

    Dr. Maurice Hilleman made astounding revelations in an interview that was cut from The Health Century — the admission that Merck drug company vaccines had been injecting dangerous viruses into people worldwide.

    Bear in mind that Dr. Hilleman was the developer of Merck’s vaccine program. He developed over three dozen vaccines, more than any other scientist in history. He was a member of the U.S. National Academy of Science, the Institute of Medicine, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and the American Philosophical Society. He received a special lifetime achievement award from the World Health Organization. Hilleman was one of the early vaccine pioneers to warn about the possibility that simian viruses might contaminate vaccines.

  32. Beth says:

    Could this story be any sadder?

  33. Matthew says:

    Joe Paterno,
    Thank you for so many good games. And, for positively influencing so many.

    1. Jack weed says:


    2. HISTORY BOOKS says:

      He failed to help those poor raped children!!








      1. olegunny says:

        You are nuts

      2. LoveJoe says:

        Joe did exactly what he should have done. He is the only one who did the right thing.

  34. Paul in FL says:

    How many boys did Paterno molest? How many boys did Paterno see Sandusky molesting? The whole crucifixion of Paterno was absurd. As Pat the Rat said, he reported what he was told, including reporting to a law enforcement official. Paterno bears NO responsiblity.

    The guilty part here is Sandusky, and nobody else.

  35. fiorot says:

    Well that didn’t take long.

  36. leslie says:

    Looks like he will have to answer to God soon.

    1. PowerPC says:

      For what? Are you inferring that he will have to answer for any of the child rape charges that are being investigated or just have to answer for his life of sin like everyone else will have to do?

  37. JustPlainFolks says:

    headstone should read:

    He Died Of A Broken Heart.

  38. PowerPC says:

    The media has done their job. They have destroyed a successful “rich, whilte man” without alll of the facts being presented and before he has had his day in court. The media are experts at doing this.The school has removed his statue and all of the trophys and awards the school won under his coaching. While I will agree that he should have retired years ago, some people live for their work and this is definitely the case in Paterno’s situation. Look at him, he has been fired and is on his deathbed less than three months later. I have seen it happen even quicker. I hope this man gets his day in the spotlight to set the record straight and I hope the school and the media end up having to shovel out apologies and law-suits.

  39. JonInVa says:

    It’s amazing how so many cancer patients fail so quickly once the “doctors” get their hands on them. Unless you are young, the chances are you will die much quicker with all of these treatments that are designed not only to kill the cancer cells, but kill the whole body too. Such a shame.

  40. John Mapes says:

    Ain’t karma a bitch? One of the enablers down, now one more coach to go! May all the abused young boys sleep a little bit better.

  41. Claire Alexander says:

    Paterno cared about the football and the school administration cared about the big money. No one cared about a bunch of kids, forget about it and let’s go on about our business. They care now that it got out and everybody knows their dirty business. They made it theirs when they refused to investigate and prosecute. Sorry, no sympathy for the heartless men? who allowed Sandusky to continue his predatory molesting of children.


    JOE PATERNO they should remove all his statues and pictures from Penn State
    His whole life is in the trash can where it belongs!

    Pull the plug already.

  43. rawheadrex says:

    There are people in this world, believe it or not, who actually cannot conceive of the perversity of the few who are so immoral. They may shutter their sensibilities to avoid acknowledging evil. Or their attitude may be to acknowledge the evil and pray that those guilty will go and sin no more.
    I think Mother Teresa one of them, despite Christopher Hitchens’ condemnation of her; Pope John Paul II, despite the ephebophilic scandals in the Church. Each may have known and advised the transgressors, in prayer, to go and sin no more. I do not know that Joe Paterno was such a person. I have read that he attended mass daily and took communion and I suspect that he, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II believed judge not.
    It is not our place, whatever exalted view we hold of our position, to judge. God and God alone will judge Joe Paterno, as He has all souls.
    Be very careful of whom you condemn; the line of accusers is long and your name may be among those you disdain.
    Every saint has a past; every sinner has a future.

  44. richmondtommy says:

    I think that most of us would have done about the same thing he did with hearsay evidence. He told the campus police and his immediate supervisor. He did what most of us do when we see something wrong or criminal. Everyone is really quick to blame someone who actually told on the guy.

  45. Goodriddancejoe says:

    Thanks to all of you who have brought the truth to these ridiculous comments supporting a child rape enabler. Some of you have obviously taken the time to read the indictment and the testimony.
    I would be grateful to you for neighbors.

    1. keithradzion says:

      Are you talking about the indictment where they mention Paterno in what amounts to passing?

      The indictment is disgusting, but it’s disgusting because of the accounts of what Sandusky did. Nothing to do with Paterno.

  46. dw81 says:

    “I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”

    — Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

  47. Jack weed says:

    This guy was known for stopping those who ran the four way at State College. Too bad he didnt stop the threeways taking place in his office. HE WILL FOREVER BE A JOKE IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL DUE TO THIS. PLUS THESE GUYS NEVER PLAY ANY STRONG TEAMS. SEC OWNS THE NORTH!

    1. ENR says:

      Really? I guess you weren’t around for the 1983 Sugar Bowl or the 1987 Orange Bowl. A joke in college football? I guess having coached more wins than any other human being doesn’t quiet cut it in your hick world, eh?

  48. jpuck says:

    I remember when I lived in Nittany 26 in 1975. Everyday, after parctice Coach Paterno would always walk past our dorm on the way home or to Rec Hall. He always had a kind word and the time to talk about the coming game or how we were doing with courses. He was never arrogant or aloof, just a real down to earth man who you knew really did care when he talked with you. Even now, when he says he didn’t completely understand what happened, I believe him.
    When he says I know I should have done more, I know he meant it and will pass with that on his conscience. The man will always have a fond place in my memories. I know God will grant him peace.

  49. Gordo says:

    You know what? Nothing can be gained from arguing about this. The best thing, the only good thing that can come from this whole horrible episode, is to use it as an example. He’s dead now, the investigation continues, the only good from it are the lessons to be learned from it and hope justice is served. See something … SAY SOMETHING and FOLLOW UP. If Paterno had done that and followed the age-old rules of C.Y.A., he may have saved some young people who trusted him and those around him…and his legacy.

  50. RTR says:

    From the heart of Alabama we express our condolences to his family.

    Paterno was loved even here in the SEC.

    1. Larry Mowdouski says:

      From the heart of Pennsylvania we express condolences to the innocent children he let get raped by his close friends. RTR is a heartless evil person.

      1. RTR says:

        Well, well, well. I see he’s still alive.

        You, on the other hand, had better not come south if you wish to remain the same. We throw out the trash around here.

  51. BW says:

    You effin retards are celebrating the death of the wrong person. Sandusky is the one who allegedly committed these heinous crimes. You foolish people have more hatred toward Paterno than you do toward the sick individual who allegedly molested all of those boys. That’s right, allegedly, or have we changed our law to guilty until proven innocent? Sandusky is most likely guilty. Paterno is most likely a victim of the mob mentality,,strung up before he has been given a fair trial. Shame on all the haters who have cast the first stone.

    1. Larry Mowdouski says:

      Joe Paterno (*spits*) will forever be immortalized as the awful, evil man who let the children he was around be preyed upon by his close friends whom he sheltered from the law. May he rot.

  52. Brent Fulberry says:

    A “legend” or a “martyr” doesn’t cower away from doing the right thing and STOPPING child RAPE when he obviously could have. Wanna cry for someone? Cry for those boys whose lives have been ruined by Paterno’s monster, Sandusky.

  53. Da_Fahzha says:

    Was this a story about Joe’s passing or a recap of the scandal? Four paragraphs of the passing of Joe Paterno, the rest about the scandal. Some journalism…

  54. Brent Fulberry says:

    FACT! Everyone knows child rape is a SERIOUS Crime.
    FACT! Joe Pa was told about his coach raping children.
    FACT! Even though he told his immediate supervisor, Joe Pa saw Sandusky had never been punished for a SERIOUS crime.
    FACT! Joe Pa is a piece of DIRT for that.

    1. keithradzion says:

      1) Yes. Sexual assault on a child is a serious crime.
      2) He was told of an encounter that happened. There is no way he could know if what he was told was the truth.
      3) It was not his job to see that the person accused of something was punished for a crime they allegedly committed.
      4) He’s a piece of dirt because someone else did something and he went through the proper procedures in the situation? Think about that for a moment.

  55. Justin White says:

    Child abuse is a serious crime. But to abuse the future of children is more grevious than that. Some from among the charter schools teachers denigrate internationaly run Gulen charter schools because of personal business. Gulen charter schools are very well doing in math and science that we deadly need her in the US.

  56. K33tanz says:

    He’s back from the dead! It’s official that he’s Zombie status.

  57. Norbert Ginsel says:

    To all those who accused him of buying influence with the PS board, I suggest the $100K he donated was simply part of settling his estate plans in order so his death would not cause his family further hardship. A sad death, this, as his rep will never outlive the taint of the scandal.

    To those who wanted to see a terminally ill old man suffer, you got your wish. I pity you.

  58. Truther2 says:

    Joe Paterno made Penn State. Let him die in peace. Penn State will go on but Joe won’t. Isn’t that enough.

  59. tessa says:

    he’s not dead yet….C full of BS, f’d up.

  60. Lisa says:

    According to WTAE his family is saying he is NOT dead.

  61. Lisa says:

    According to WTAE he is not dead according to his family.

  62. Brent Fulberry says:

    FACT! If it had been “JOE PA’S” grandchildren, Sandusky would have been stopped and jailed a full decade ago. This man is not a “legend”.

  63. Susan Berna says:

    Everyone who is complaining have unresolved issues over their own molestation.

    They are projecting their hatred of those who didn’t protect them onto Joe.

    1. Mark Rannick says:

      I wasn’t complaining until I read Your post. Yeah, I have unresolved issues over my own molestation. I’m nearly 50 and spent a 1/3 of that in therapy and currently still am. It’s expensive and time consuming but I’m hopeful that things will get better but I’ll probably be in recovery for the rest of my life. Joe is human and Sandusky is evil. I get the difference. Joe dropped the ball in the biggest test handed to him and I’m sure it pains him knowing he failed. I could care less if he did what he was lawfully obligated. That only helps him it doesn’t help the victim. Don’t assume hatred for outrage. They are projecting their OUTRAGE of those who didn’t protect them onto Joe BECAUSE Joe didn’t protect. Just because the crime act has stopped doesn’t mean the victim is safe, the victim is more vulnerable than ever at this point.

  64. Cranky Media Guy says:

    I would like to ask those of you who are excusing Paterno for not alerting the police about the rape of a child that he was made aware of if you would feel the same about him if the victim was YOUR child or grandchild. Be honest, please. Would you be so ready to say “Oh well” if YOUR son or grandson was being raped or would you have wanted Paterno to do everything he could to prevent the abuse? Keep in mind that if he HAD reported it to the police at the time, several other boys would have been spared the same abuse. Also, how could Paterno continue to work with Sandusky once he knew he was a child rapist? Could you?

  65. Jasonn says:

    Too bad that Joe will never live to see himself vindicated. I hope that the members of the Lamestream Media are proud of themselves.

  66. riddance says:

    Now he’ll never be held accountable for choosing football over child rape. But these idiots posting in here sure can. You’re a bunch of sociopathic jerks making apologies for pedophilia because football is ever so freaking important. Up yours, you soulless freaks. Hope your kid gets raped by a really good coach. That would certainly clear up this dilemma for you. Maybe. Unless the team was winning or something.

  67. MaggieLyn says:

    Please excuse me my bitterness and my glass of wine! News says Joe Paterno is either dead or iminatly dying from lung cancer. My husband died from lung cancer and left a void in many lives, his 5 sons, grandchildren and numerous grandchildren and great grandchilrenn that would never have the joy of knowing him! He would never have hesitated turning a child abuser as did Joe Paterno. Sorry, but I shed no tears!

    1. Steve Girard says:

      If you actually read the transcripts of the GJ testimony, you would realize that Paterno was never told of a child rape. In fact, McQueary never even used the word in his 3 testimonies… Paterno was told that a boy and Sandusky were in the showers, and that McQueary believed there was something going on. That’s all. McQueary told his father and a doctor friend that he did not see anything of a sexual nature in those showers, and he was asked 3 times.
      But I’m wasting my words here, because people like you and the others posting their hatred on this blog don’t care about truth… just making judgments based on bad reporting.

      1. Mark Rannick says:

        “Paterno was told that a boy and Sandusky were in the showers”… Wake up! Any red flags here? Follow up Follow up Follow up Joe if even just this is all You know. I would be asking my higher ups on a weekly basis “what was going on with Sandusky accusation”? Just this one little FACT is HUGE enough to at least bother Your conscience enough to do SOMETHING more like maybe talk to a REAL law enforcement person instead of a PSU Mall Guard Chief! He was never told of a child rape maybe but He was told enough and look at what we know now.

  68. Larry Mowdouski says:

    The bright part of all this is that God is ending his pathetic life for not protecting the most defenseless among us. The take-away is to remember to do what you are supposed to do. Another positive note is that Satan is getting a great head football coach for his minion team! So long, you old goat!

  69. Garr Obo says:

    This is redemption for the wig-wearing old bas***d for protecting his pedophilic, butt-busting, butt buddy all those years. Good riddance.

  70. John C says:

    Any of you sick moronic fools that defend this band of criminal bags of excrement for the sake of the glory of Penn State football are beneath frog semen lying on the floor of the gutter of a North Koresn prison.

    1. ENR says:

      Really insightful, intelligigent comment

      1. John C says:

        So u defend them. Moron idiot.

  71. Larry Mowdouski says:

    Joe Paterno touched me here:


  72. Larry Mowdouski says:

    Did Joe Paterno touch you here?


  73. Jack Brooks says:

    Coach Paterno comes from a generation, and a religion, that treated looking the other way the normal response to sexual misconduct. He did the less than the least he could do, because the man who reported the incident to him was an eye-witness, and by accounts a trustworthy man (who himself should have reported what he saw to the police). He should have barred the grounds to Sandusky until everything was cleared up. But the coach did what Roman Catholic bishops did for decades — called it a “tragedy” (which it wasn’t, it was an abominable crime), and hoped the whole thing would go away.

    1. Steve Girard says:

      You are a moron… speaking about things that you haven’t even read about, and adding things to the mix yourself. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  74. Mike G says:

    Good riddance. Forget him and remember the children.

  75. Bagwhan says:

    Dan Bernstein, the Chicago Sports Talk Radio Host who has hoped for a Death Wish to Joe, has almost gotten his wish come true. Shame on CBS Sports (who owns the Chicago SCORE Sports Radio) for allowing this kind of “talk” to occurr on FCC airwaves. Bernstein is a self proclaimed Progressive, and if thats the kind of talk and thought that comes with being Progressive—no wonder Newt won in SC tonight. Shame on CBS and the Hate Talk they employ.

  76. aFan says:

    (beer raised*)
    Jo Pa!

  77. MaggieLyn says:

    Paterno wrote his own obituary when he neglected to report the accusation of child sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusly! He fought lung cancer for a couiple of months. My husband, a loving father and grandfather, fought lung cancer for one year. Hw was deprived of knowing his grandchildren and great grandchildren due to lung cancer. Sorry, no synpathy for Paterno!


    1. Deo says:

      Your loss is no greater than Mrs Paternos. By the way he did report it as well as send the accuser to report it as the person who said he saw it was the only witness and now he is changing his story.

  78. FPaterno says:

    Paterno near death?… There just may be justice in this world after all. Anyone who stands by and covers a pedophile predator won’t be missed by me…

  79. GHP says:

    Joe Paterno is a worthless pig. Who cares if he is on deaths door, hell has plenty of room and is waiting for his arrival.

  80. Fireplanes says:

    Very sad story all the way around.

  81. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    Reportedly Near Death, aren’t we all?

  82. Gn says:

    Your stupidity is stupefying. Keep repeating your sophomoric “grand kid” argument ad Infinitum. My question, how do you self-righteous JoePa critics reconcile his report of he shower incident with a coverup? It is contradictory on its face. Go back to your basements.

  83. Deo says:

    Does any of us have a friend or family member that if someone told you that your dear friend/family member molested a young boy would it possible that you would not believe it? Come on now an old friend or family member that in your mind in no way could do such a thing? If you didn’t believe it would you even do as much as Joe Paterno did? If after you in essence turned him in to the higher ups in the chain of command and as people say there was no fire from the smoke you thought was a lie would you still press the matter? In hindsight we all would do things differently.

  84. BDDD says:

    -yawn- Wake me up when he checks-out.

  85. Piquerish says:

    The story of Joe Paterno couldn’t be more Shakespearean this this.

  86. PSU Ispu says:

    Joe is human, and therefore flawed–as are we all. The sins he committed are also the sins of the trustees and all the coaches involved. Forgiveness is ultimately reserved for G-d (fortunately) and not humankind. This is good for us all. Joe will have to answer, but it is between him and his maker. The blame here and sins are not limited to a few but a culture at Penn State. For these sins, PSU should NOT be allowed to hire a new coach, because there should be no more Penn State football. There should be all new Trustees. There should be total oversight of Penn State sports that remain but no football for a generation they lost that privilege. This message should be severe and a lesson to all (Michigan, Ohio State, Florida State, USC and the others who lie, cheat and steal.)

  87. Charlie Crenshaw says:

    Joe Paterno is a GIANT in College sports. He has directed many teams at Penn St and many men have had great lives because of him. It is despicable that his reputation, his career, his record has been tainted by an assistant coach that ruined the program. Paterno should be absolved from the whole sordid affair. The grand jury did just that. You people that have judged him are going to reap the wind of hell someday. I am from Texas. We love our coaches. Paterno was coach when we won the National Championship in 69. He was like a lion wanting respect. Penn State was undefeated and he thought they should have won. He was right. Nixon gave us the National Title and we won it in the Cotton Bowl against Notre Dame. But Joe Pa has lived through all of it. LONG LIVE JOE PA
    We love you!!!

  88. Angel says:

    My heart is broken. I forgive all of you. LORD, please bring peace to this situation. So many people are deeply, deeply hurt and striking out. They do not mean what they say. Heavenly FATHER – please heal all the boys that were involved in this matter. Please comfort their families, relatives, neighbors, communities and Churches. We completely understand:

    Mark 9:42 – And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.

    There are really good people here, LORD. We know that this is a trial and now a cross we all must carry. CHRIST – Have mercy on all of us. Teach us your humility and we beg you for your forgiveness. AMEN and amen…..

  89. justified38 says:

    Joe Paterno reported the man the next day to his superiors. He did what he was supposed to do. His generation was not hip to the gay BS the thrives in today’s perverted society. He’s near death. Leave him and his family alone. Those sanctimonious a-holes running the man down should rot in hell.

    1. flynn says:

      exactly. My Grandfather was from the same cloth, he was not hip to all that perverted behavior either. He would have reported it and went on with his life. Not tracked Sandusky down like another sexual predator.

  90. Python says:

    Can I ask a serious question? Does anyone know how many boys were molested after the event when Paterno was told of an act by McQueary? We keep hearing that Paterno let things happen, I’m just trying to figure out what happened after the famous shower incident.

  91. Frank Truth says:

    The buck stops at the very top. God, Jesus, priests, and wealthy conservatives are all pedophiles who should be burned at the stake or rot in Hell for all Eternity. Everyone one of you is a fracking pedophile.

    1. Mark Rannick says:

      Thanks Frank Truth! What You say is so very… I don’t have any word to describe better… Your just “TOPS”! The very tops! The buck stops at the very top doesn’t it? Again You wise comments here makes You the “fracking Top”! You convinced me everyone is going to hell ~ including God and Jesus. I worship You Frank Truth ~ Your my new religion!

  92. flynn says:

    A lot of armchair lawyers on this post. I would have reported the incident to campus Police authorities just as Paterno did. I would have felt confident that the police would have done their jobs, I would have also thought they were handling it “undercover sting style” that it would not be all over the campus the next day. But the one’s who “dropped the ball” here is not Paterno, but the investigative arm that Paterno and this creepy McCreary told the story to. The leadership of the College is all to blame and they should be “removed”. But they decided instead to use Paterno as the patsy. Don’t you idiot’s on this forum see that. The sad part is history will show Paterno did what he thought was right and his name will probably be cleared after his death. I guess alot of you would have preferred Paterno walk up to Sandusky and just shoot him? But I’m sure Paterno was not sure if the allegations were true or not, that was not his job, that’s the PD’s job and the Colleges job. Saying Paterno is guilty is like saying the 4th or 5th Officer of this recent Cruise liner tragedy is the one at fault. It all boils down to the College Investigative PD arm, that is where the fire is.

    1. Mark Rannick says:

      Your assuming too much. Campus Police? What are they CSI PSU? I’d get more out of a mall guard. So You would do exactly what Joe did if You had his job? The only thing different would be You would have a losing record. Your Cruise liner tragedy equivalent doesn’t hold water ~ no pun intended. Legal guilt no ~ moral guilt yes. Wouldn’t You conscience want to protect that kid ~ and yes the kid after the fact needs protecting for he’s more vulnerable mentally. Even if You weren’t sure it happened, “the what if ” would have to be at least in the back of his mind.That maybe wasn’t his job but he failed the kid non the less.

  93. REVB says:

    Rot in Hell rape assistant Paterno! Sandusky COULDN’T have done it without your aid and support.

    Rot in Hell all students who rioted in support of these rapes!

    Rot in Hell all of you sick people who supported these monsters! You earned it!

  94. Charles says:

    A lot of people support child-molestation apparently.

    Joe-Pa is a sleaze-ball.

    May he rot in hell.

  95. stolen kisses says:

    I distinctly remember reading a piece in which the young man (McQueary) who had told Paterno about what he saw deliberately decided not go into the sordid description “out of respect” for Joe. So, because of this FACT said directly by the SOURCE, Paterno was told a sanitized version of the story that we did not hear, and because of that bad decision Joe did not fully understand what had really occured. Having said that, JOE STILL REPORTED THE INCIDENT ACCORDING TO THE PENN STATE PROCEDURE. It was the people above him who HAD gotten the full story that decided it was either untrue or too hot to handle. THAT is why Joe said later “he wished he had done more” because inadvertantly, the WITNESS from the getgo actually tried to protect JOE and wound up hurting him in the end.. The witness should have given Joe all of the horrible details in the first place because he then put Joe into a position of being told what to do by the Board. It was NEVER Joe.’s decision, he was out of the loop completely..

  96. Frank says:

    Now we may NEVER know what fully happened during those years. Sad really. Condolences to the family for all they have been put through, and the sadness they have to endure.

  97. joe k says:

    Who cares? Die Already, you child molesting homo!! Joe, you supported a CHILD RAPIST death is not good enough for you! Please DIE SOON !!!

  98. TR says:

    He can’t DIE fast enough, the only thing better would be long drawnout suffering and miserty for all the children he allowed to be molested for his personal football legacy. I hope he’s only remembered as an accessory to child molestation and rape!

  99. rosie says:

    I wonder what Joe will say when St. Peter asks him if he would have called the police if one of the kids being raped was one of his grandchildren.

  100. JJV says:

    Paterno’s career and legacy would have remained in place had he only asked Sandusky to step aside while the charges against him were investigated.

  101. I SEE YOU says:


  102. Roger Ball says:

    No one here gets out alive.

  103. maryh3 says:

    Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Rejoice and be glad, because great is your reward in heaven, for in the same way they persecuted the prophets who were before you.

  104. Bubba says:

    He knew exactly what was going on but ignored it for the money he was paid as a coach. Let’s blame the students who had the nerve to report their molestations, shall we? Surely this God-Type figure couldn’t have possibly been complicit in the silence. What a bunch of crap. If this happened to your child, you would be up in arms. Blind and ignorant sport fans.

  105. Ed says:

    It’s a bunch of bull… he is very alive… word has it that he is interviewing for the ohio state job…after urban bolts…. Go Blue!

  106. HMichaelH says:

    “That mistake was the result of a failure to verify the original report.” CBS seems to be developing a long list of “failures to verify!” I am suspicious of every report coming out of CBS.

  107. bob says:

    Here is a man nobody will miss.

    RIP joe have fun in hell!

  108. sfvwd13 says:

    Well he just died so he wont have to cover for his boy raping staff anymore.

  109. Mike says:

    I’m sure all the young boys that were abused because the great Joe didn’t have the balls to say anything are happy today!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy I bet!

  110. MaggieLyn says:

    Paterno’s motto, he said, was “ssuccess with honor”. Unfortunately, he himself marred the honor part! His greatness ceased to exist once he failed to follow up on what was happening under his nose. Had that first report to him involved his grandson, you can bet he would have handled it differently. Joe put the “game” ahead of what he should have done. Unfortunate for Joe but even worse for the victims!

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