INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (CBS Cleveland) — Hundreds of thousands of people at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis could have been exposed to the measles.

The Indiana State Department of Health confirms that a person infected with the highly contagious disease went to the Super Bowl Village in downtown Indianapolis on Feb. 3, but did not say what time the person was there. WISH-TV reports that 200,000 people were there that day. Health officials said the infected person did not go into the NFL Experience at the Indiana Convention Center.

Indiana is currently working with health officials in New York and Massachusetts to warn them of a potential measles outbreak. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has also been notified.

Indiana health officials said in a statement to CBS Cleveland that two cases of measles in Hamilton County have been identified and there are two probable cases in Boone County.

A person can contract measles when infected persons sneeze or cough. Symptoms of measles include rash, fever, cough, runny nose red eyes.

According to the CDC, the disease kills 200,000 people worldwide every year.

Comments (32)
  1. Punky Funky says:

    Probably hundreds of venereal disease cases from hookers is more likely to be the outcome. Indiana wants me … but I can’t go back there …..

    1. Ryan says:

      Haha I agree. This government is growing dumber by the day. Get prepared for the eventual collapse of this giant federal turd.

  2. concerned says:


    “200,000 people were there that day…

    According to the CDC, the disease kills 200,000 people worldwide every year.”


    1. NOBAMA 2012 says:

      You’re pretty much screwed if you went to the Super Bowl…measles just got their quota for the whole year in one day!! Measles 1, World 0….that’s government for ya!!

  3. carl38 says:

    It snot the the measles. It’s the nirtate in the hot dogs and the stabbing frying things.

  4. Jose says:

    Another sweet thing given to us by illegal immigration… diseases eradicated from the US, now Jose is bringing them back… bueno

    At least the drug companies make money forcing vaccines on the kids.. bueno sheeple americans

    1. Aria says:

      Measles was never eradicated in the US.

      1. jack says:

        And never will be because diseases mutate constantly…and actually get weaker in the process. Honestly, the chances of someone dying from measles outside of a third world country is much less than dying from a bee sting.

        What the gov should be worrying about is the biological weapons they have stored that usually kill 90% percent they contact that the gov stores in outdated facilities across the country…right now! Or the nuke plants that are decades older than designed to last.

  5. Aria says:

    And the vast majority of those deaths are in undeveloped countries where a simple scrape can turn gangrenous. In the US, measles is a very mild illness. The CDC’s own website says a full recovery is expected in American cases. Why on earth are people panicking over an illness that the CDC, which loves to make us think we’re all a sneeze away from death so we’ll get every vaccine big pharma pays them to, excuse me, “lobbies” them, to promote, even admits is a very mild illness?

    Chances are someone in the area had the flu. Why no panic over that? We in America are far more likely to die from the flu.

    1. jack says:

      And as the flu vaccine use has gone down the last two/three years, the death rates from the flu have decreased as well. Many other diseases have nearly vanished in W. societies without vaccines (scarlet fever, TB, etc.). Makes you wonder when you see so many people vaccinated for measles, whooping cough, etc. get the diseases. Reminds me of patent medicines with better marketing and lobbyists.

  6. DingDingDing says:

    I’m surprised it wasn’t the new strain of Bird Flu we have all heard about recently

    1. glenp says:

      OMG OMG!!!!! THE AVIAN FLU PANDEMIC!!!!! (that hasn’t happened even with all teh histrionics for the last 20 years!)

  7. jabusse says:

    Millions of people crowd into an area and someone had measels?????? WOW BIG NEWS. .And we pay for these folks? How bout mumps? VD? TB? Flu? and everything else humans carry as a matter of course.
    This is government with too much time on their hands and reporters with nothing to do. Fire them all.

  8. flowerladytoo says:

    Rubella is a mild illness.(except in pregnant women). True measles can and does kill and maim. It can cause brain inflammation and because it’s a virus there is no real effective treatment for it, only controlling symptoms.. I’m old enough to remember the children who were made deaf and blind from MEASLES…and anyone can check their genealogical tree and find deaths from measles on it. It is extremely contagious and anyone who was within sneezing distance of this person, and doesn’t have immunity is going to get sick. Hopefully the people there that day were mostly vaccinated and healthy. This could become very bad, otherwise. People who don’t know they are infected can spread it, anyway and cause a snowball effect. Hope for the best, and expect the worst…sigh.

    1. jack says:

      Unfortunately, you’ll find that recent measles outbreaks in the US predominantly infected people who had been vaccinated for it. It doesn’t seem to matter.

      Certainly a lot has changed since the old days in treating viruses and treatment with antibiotics results in only extremely rare occurrences of life long affects.

      Just an FYI

  9. Kevin Stowell says:

    A place where tens of thousands of people pass through during the dead of winter and some of these might have been exposed to measles?

    Sherlock would be sooo proud. Take me now, Lord.

  10. James says:

    Only in America would a person in a public area with measles be a reason for a public alert. Quick, time to round up everybody at the Superbowl and anybody within 10 miles and put them in quarantine! Sadly, close to 50% of them would probably agree it is the correct and necessary thing t do

    This country is going down hill fast and news stories like this prove it to me on a daily basis.

    1. Modwhistletoe says:

      Correct. Of course, the quaratine is likely to be FEMA internment camp. Got to get them used to it sooner or later.

  11. WakeUpSheeple says:

    It’s all coming together… Scientists create H5N1 Super Virus… FBI warns that anyone who pays with cash could be a terrorist… Outbreak of measles at the Stupor Bowl, which just happens to be filled with occult symbolism… Yes, Watson, I think I’ve got it! THE NEXT TERROR ATTACK WILL BE A SUPER VIRUS RELEASED AT A PUBLIC EVENT BY AN “ANTI-GOVERNMENT AMERICAN EXTREMIST” THAT’S ACTUALLY A GOVERNMENT AGENT. Everyone get yo’ gas masks on.

  12. Susie22 says:

    I grew up in the 50’s, and everyone I knew had measles. Usually several kinds over their childhood. While I’m sure it must have happened, I never met one person with lasting effects of measles. In America these days, it is not possible to enter government schools without being fully vaccinated-to include measles, of course. Are there any adults left who, if my age, haven’t had the measles and are therefore immune, or, if younger, haven’t had the required shots?

    1. McDade TX says:

      Same here…. had a couple of types of measles in the 50’s, along with mumps and pox. Younger folks should have been vacinated before going to school. So, is this just another media hype like the recent flu-scare?

      1. jack says:

        Technically there is no “law” per say in most states requiring vaccination of children before school, only health codes which can be waived for a variety of reasons. Like any medicine (except that vaccines have a blanket waiver of immunity against law suits that other scripts don’t get which is troubling in a market sense), there are adverse affects from vaccines as well. The CDC has a publicly accessible database for adverse reactions reported from all prescriptions and vaccines.
        One problem is that recent medical studies find that only about 10% of adverse reactions from prescriptions/vaccines are ever reported for a variety of reasons (concern over law suits, laziness, etc.). Every parent is given info at the time of vaccination that states the chance for adverse reactions ranging from mild rashes and fevers (which can be damaging of course as they are in the diseases themselves) to death. Reading the labels and inserts of the prescriptions and vaccines will give more info, but the handouts state those potential side affects as well.

  13. Connie says:

    I guess the hot dog vendors didn’t see that one coming, huh Big Sis??

  14. Piquerish says:

    Hookers perhaps – Illegal Aliens probably.

  15. vinko says:

    Why didn’tt the government trained hot dog vendors say something? or was it ahotdog vendor who had the measles?

  16. Scaremageddon says:

    ALERT ALERT! Someone in Times Square in New York City just sneezed! Hundreds of thousands exposed to common cold germs!

    Quick, take your mercury-filled vaccines and your fluoridated water! Here, this bisphenol-A has proven to help build your immunity system. While we’re at it, here’s your California-mandated Gardasil shot, to prevent you from getting HPV, even if you’re just 8 years old. Ignore the aluminum-laden chemtrails we’re spraying above you in the sky — it’s for global warming and has nothing to do with endemic fertility problems or poisoning of your drinking water.

    They hate us for our freedoms . . . that is, your Federal Family(TM).

  17. luxomni says:

    Weaponized Measles from Fort Detrick, “accidentally” released.

    1. Modwhistletoe says:

      Pretty funny:)

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