By William McGuinness

CINCINNATI, Ohio (CBS Cleveland) — Ladies and gentlemen, forget your tray table because seats don’t belong in the upright position for this flight. For $425, a Valentine’s Day romance flight with Flamingo Air will land passengers in the exclusive Mile High Club.

Captain and CEO Dave MacDonald’s response to a dare, Flamingo Air offers one of the most uncustomary date experiences found anywhere, never mind Cincinnati. His seven-passenger Piper Cherokee 6 is missing its middle row because he expects turbulence, but champagne and chocolate often smooth passengers over.

The flight, MacDonald said, is no trashy loop de loop. The sky, after all, has room for romance along with all those stars.

He said nearly 80 percent of bookings come from females looking for an unconventional date, and a way to pull their partners from their comfort zones and into a less inhibited atmosphere.

“It’s the big secret,” MacDonald said. “Ladies just love it.”

With no competition he knows of, MacDonald said he’s offering an experience no 747 bathroom can measure up to. Now in its 11th year, Flamingo Air takes flight eight to 10 times per day during this busy season and three per week when slower seasons arrive.

In that time, MacDonald has stories that’ll make a confessional blush.

A young couple climbs aboard one day with a big picnic basket, MacDonald begins. He said it’s not uncustomary for customers to bring their own wares, so he ticked through the pre-flight checklist and drew the curtains only to hear the couple ask that they be opened once the plane leveled off.

With eight kids, MacDonald said, the couple never had time alone. The basket was filled with a picnic of all things, and they just wanted to look around and be together as alone as they could be.

MacDonald said every passenger has a perversion all his own.


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