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CHARDON, Ohio (CBS Cleveland/AP) — A teenager described as an outcast at a suburban Cleveland high school opened fire in the cafeteria Monday, killing one student and wounding four others before being caught a short distance away, authorities said.

A student who saw the attack close-up said it appeared that the gunman targeted a group of students sitting at a cafeteria table and that the one who was killed was trying to duck under the table.

Steven, a student at Chardon High School, witnessed the shooting called 92.3 The Fan’s Baskin & Phelps to give his perspective.

“I saw the kid shoot the gun in the cafeteria. I was maybe 200 feet away, it was pretty scary.” said Steven

He went on to describe the situation. “We all got under the tables, which is what your supposed to do and then we all just, people were screaming, getting into the nearest room, there was a teachers lounge, there was the kitchen, so everyone was just running as fast as they could into those rooms.”

Steven described his feelings on what he should do in that situation saying “I was actually the last one into the teachers lounge because I was under the table I was just panicking, my legs couldn’t move I was like wait what do I do? So I just ran as fast as I could into the teachers lounge.”

Since there was no lock, the people in the teachers lounge moved a piano in front of the door do try and keep the shooter out. “It was pretty scary. I’m still a little shaken up.”

According to Steven, the gunman, who is a student whom he went to elementary school with in 4th and 5th grade, left the cafeteria after firing 4 or 5 times.

AUDIO: Steven from Chardon

Panicked students screamed and ran through the halls after gunfire broke out at the start of the school day at 1,100-student Chardon High, about 30 miles from Cleveland. Teachers locked down their classrooms as they had been trained to do during drills, and students took cover as they waited for the all-clear.

One teacher was said to have dragged a wounded student into his classroom for protection. And distressed parents thronged the streets around the school as they heard from students via text message and cellphone long before official word came of the attack.

Two of the wounded were listed in critical condition, and another was in serious condition.

The suspect, whose name was not released because he is a juvenile, was arrested near his car a half-mile away, the FBI said. He was not immediately charged.

FBI officials would not comment on a motive. And Police Chief Tim McKenna said authorities “have a lot of homework to do yet” in their investigation. But 15-year-old Danny Komertz, who witnessed the shooting, said the gunman was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied.

“I looked up and this kid was pointing a gun about 10 feet away from me to a group of four kids sitting at a table,” Komertz said. He said the gunman fired two shots quickly, and students scrambled for safety. One of them was “trying to get underneath the table, trying to hide, protecting his face.”

The slain student, Daniel Parmertor, was an aspiring computer repairman who was shot while waiting for the bus for his daily 15-minute ride to a vocational center. His teacher at the Auburn Career School had no idea why Parmertor, “a very good young man, very quiet,” had been targeted, said Auburn superintendent Maggie Lynch.

“We are shocked by this senseless tragedy,” his family said in a statement. “Danny was a bright young boy who had a bright future ahead of him.”

Officers investigating the shooting blocked off a road in a heavily wooded area several miles from the school. Federal agents patrolled the muddy driveway leading to several spacious homes and ponds, while other officers walked a snowy hillside. A police dog was brought in. It wasn’t clear what they were looking for.

Teacher Joe Ricci had just begun class when he heard shots and slammed the door to his classroom, yelling, “Lock down!” to students, according to Karli Sensibello, a student whose sister was in Ricci’s classroom.

A few minutes later, Ricci heard a student moaning outside, opened the door and pulled in student Nick Walczak who had been shot several times, Sensibello said in an email. Ricci comforted Walczak and let him use his cellphone to call his girlfriend and parents, Sensibello said. She said her sister was too upset to talk.

Heather Ziska, 17, said she was in the cafeteria when she saw a boy she recognized as a fellow student come into the cafeteria and start shooting. She said she and several others immediately ran outside, while other friends ran into a middle school and others locked themselves in a teachers’ lounge.

“Everybody just started running,” said 17-year-old Megan Hennessy, who was in class when she heard loud noises. “Everyone was running and screaming down the hallway.”

Rebecca Moser, 17, had just settled into her chemistry class when the school went into lockdown. The class of about 25 students ducked behind the lab tables at the back of the classroom, uncertain whether it was a drill.

Text messages started flying inside and outside the school, spreading information about what was happening and what friends and family were hearing outside the building.

“We all have cellphones, so people were constantly giving people updates — about what was going on, who the victims were, how they were doing,” Moser said.

The school had no metal detectors, but current and past students said it had frequent security drills in case of a shooting.

Anxious parents of high school students were told to go to an elementary school to pick up their children.

Joe Bergant, superintendent of schools in Chardon, a town of about 5,100 people, said school was canceled Tuesday and grief counselors would be available to students and families.

“If you haven’t hugged or kissed your kid in the last couple of days, take that time,” he said.

Gov. John Kasich has issued this statement:
“Please join me in praying for the students who’ve been injured in this horrible crime. Praise goes to the Chardon Police and Geauga County Sheriff’s office for quickly getting this situation under control. I’ve pledged Ohio’s full support to them, the school and the local community in this difficult time.”

Chardon is a city of about 5,100 residents.

AP writers Dan Sewell in Cincinnati and Julie Carr Smyth and Andrew Welsh-Huggins in Columbus contributed to this report.

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  1. Joshy says:

    Dont blame the guns you crazy protectionist thug people. This may have even been some kind of false flag. The ATF supplied the guns, the teachers made sure the kid never got attention for his problems, and my guess is that the doctors had him on some kooky medication. This is the fault of the parents, teachers, and gov.

    1. Eric Gunther Oberhauser says:

      Very good thinking.

      1. End the Dept of Education says:

        Justified shoot in my book, every action has a reaction. At least the cops didn’t sit this one out “’til the site was secure and everybody was dead” viz Columbine.

        And why do we pay the educracy 50 cents on every dollar? Get rid of the Dept of Education.

      2. Dave W says:

        At least the cops didn’t wait until “the site was secure and everyone was dead.” lol…love it…..so true. Is like that family in Mass where, as the cops sat outside for a half hour, two men tied a woman and her teen and pre-teen daughters to their beds, poured gasoline on them, and burned them all alive.

    2. sean says:

      ya the gov, and teachers have taken parenting rights away from the parents. I would be very surprised if the shooter was not on some kind of psychiatric drug.

      1. chuck says:

        I almost agree with youl. But the problem is that my generation 1948-1960 were so covinced that our parent and teachers had it wrong, that we changed the way schools were run. Parents now make excuse for bad actions, grades or anything that their kids do. We were raised to think and not to puke back the correct answers to a state of federal standards test. And last but not least, when you screwed up some kind of punishment was going ot happens and if your parents found out you caught double the punishment in school. As far a moives or game leading to this. My daughter favorite movies when she was youn was the conan series. She is one of the most gentle and loving creatures on this earth. In the words of Clinton, iIT IS THE PARENTS dumbiie….that is the big difference in what is going on. I was trained as a teacher and ended up in the army instead. I am still certifited to teach, but there is no way in hell I would od that today. Not because of the kids, but because of the parents

      2. Totally Confused says:

        Did you just quote a “Clinton”…..

        All validity lost….clean that dress….come on now…I mean really…of all to quote?

      3. DavidM says:

        Revenge shooting at its finest. Do not ever think you can bully someone and think you can get away with it. The bullies are now victims. Awwww no heart cry for them.

      4. Ishmot2 says:

        I was taught when bullied to just fight back in a fair fight, kick their a$$ and gain some respect!

      5. marty says:

        The school system is designed for girls to succeed and for thr boys to be feminized. We have a school system that the democrats have created and the republicans do not know what to do, since they are outnumbered 10 to 1. It’s up tp the voters to reject political correctness and change the system. Otherwise, go private or christian schools.

    3. T. Paine says:

      Yeah, I can believe that. After Operation Fast and Furious, with regard to guns, I no longer believe a word the government says.

      1. RobinNJ says:

        as someone who suffered severely under bullies in Rahway, NJ, I know full well how helpless you can be, and how that rage builds up and you wish you could do something. I always said, I was the first Columbine that never happened. I had those thoughts many times. They were so cruel and unrelenting…left me with a lot of baggage, while they went on with their lives and became successful. I had low self esteem issues that hindered my career to be a cartoonist. I have NO sympathy for bullies that get shot.

    4. Smedley says:

      Although much of what you say probably factors in, the bulk of responsibility for this type of event probably relates to the failure of the public school system. The regimented, collectivist style of learning is ill-suited to independent-minded individuals of varying interest and temperament. Under a voucher system, school shootings would probably never happen. Under a free-market system the boy who committed this crime would have been able to find a school better suited to his interests and social preference

      1. Pk says:

        It seems to me the bulk of the responsibility rests with the kid that did the shooting. No matter what may have happened to him he still had the agency to make a choice and he chose poorly.

      2. cleanfun says:


      3. Ishmot2 says:

        In the good old days; when we were not a nation of cowards this kid would have been taken out before any shoots were fired, I hope my kids will understand that you need to take notice of what is around you, and it’s better to fight back then cower to the floor.

    5. chuck says:

      It is not the guns. It is parent and adults not teaching kids that bullying is not part of growning up, but instead is part of getting killed. No one knows what go on in another persons mind. And everyone know just how cruel and mean young adutls can b e. Until we have a different mindset and change people atitude to bullying thiese things will continue to happend. I know many years ago, I was picked on thought out my school years. And it was only byt grace of god and a very strong parent that I didi not do somethig like this.

      1. marty says:

        I knew this was coming. An article mentions bullying(the lefts new political correctness craze) and leftists immediately want to blame someone else. Well tell that to the dead kids parents. Buyllying has been around for thousands of years, but today’s feminized boys cannott handle the difficulties of life. This is a leftist problem created by a “new” politically correct education system. Most boys will not succeed in a completely feminized school system.

      2. NavyBuckeye says:


        I agree 100%. I was bullied and so is pretty much every single kid in school to some degree. Instead of crying about it and saying it is mean, teach kids that it will happen and to buck up and deal with it. It works wonders when you teach your kid that if a person is making fun of you (especially at the high school and middle school age) that person has those insecurities and just projects them onto others to feel better.

        But instead we feminize and use “Bullying” as an excuse to parse blame. The only person at fault is the shooter and he should be dealt with accordingly.

    6. Larry Pierson says:

      Almost – it’s the fault of allowing the humanist/atheist mindset taking over our public education system. Insofar as the shooter is concerned this world is all there is to existence. If he can’t enjoy it he is going to be determined to ensure the bullies who make his life a living hell won’t either.

    7. BarrySotero says:

      This is obviously a false flag operation by the anti gun Obama White House. Too bad for this drugged out Manchurian candidate shooter. The regime will stop at nothing to further their totalitarian agenda.

      1. Brad Brad Brad says:

        There’s not enough tin-foil in the world to help you.

    8. Kaitara says:

      Actually, I blame the school more. You can’t tell me that this kid was not known around school for being bullied, and made fun of. This was common knowledge. You can go to any school, talk to the kids, and within minutes know who the bullies are and who is being bullied. What does the school do? 99% of the time the take the person being bullied and give him/her counseling. They do nothing to stop the bullies. When their is intervention against the bullies, the bullies parents speak up and want to sue the school, and the school cowers. The schools keep saying they have this zero tolerance, yet it continues, how is that possible? When you take the people who are the bullies, and permanently ban them from schools, that will send a message to the rest of them and the PARENTS. Make a shadow program, some schools have this. If a kid gets in trouble like this, one or the other parent must come to school, every day for how ever many days is specified, and follow their child to every class including lunch. Maybe when the parents get tired of shadowing their child at school, they will make them behave!

      1. Totally Confused says:

        What? Shadow Programs…you are another Lib….give me a break, I never had shadow programs, yet I do well. You are asking for the schools to step in first to help you raise a child…look at your last line.

        YOU are the problem….ty for writing.

      2. Barbara says:

        Oh for goodness sake, if every kid who claimed he/she was bullied at school actually told the truth, it would cut the number in half! And if every kid who ever really was bullied went on to kill and maim, we would be in a lot worse shape than we are already. We don’t yet know the full story and blaming the kids who got shot is just not rational!

      3. robynn says:

        you are absolutely right on…..the school and community have the right to morn the students involved, and healing will take a long time. Yes all of that is important. BUT what about the boy who had to go to the extreme to get his point across that being bullied is hurtful and abusive. What is the school and officials in charge of our children going to do to prevent this from happening in the future…..that part of this tragity is going to be brushed under the rug unless some parents at that school stand up for those being hurt By bullying. Where I live their is a no tolorence to bullying in our school district, doesn’t matter if your the bully or a follower or watching on the sidelines…….you
        get punished. we cant keep letting these things happen where our children are supposed to feel safe while learning. How many times did that child go to someone in his school and let them know he was being bullied? How many times did it get handled with punishment sever enough for it to stop? How
        many times ere the parents involved on either side to put an end to this nonsense? How many more times does this have to happen before the school officials and parents are on the same page?

      4. marty says:

        Kaitara: You are the problem! You are a Democrat! You are a leftist! This is a problem that you and your people created. Now live with it!

    9. realistic says:

      Are you a teacher? What entitlement do you have to blame the teachers? You are making a lot of assumptions based on nothing but conjecture, and you are presenting yourself in a negative light. I’m not saying teachers did all they could, because I WAS NOT THERE.

      –a teacher

      1. Jake says:

        Not entitlement, right.

        Do your @#$#@$# jobs and stop kids from being bullied. Too often teachers know when bullying is going on and do diddly squat, leaving the poor victim to endure horrific torture and abuse.

      2. Lu Kang-sung says:

        Dear ” a teacher”

        Have you been bullied? What entitlement do you have to blame the bullied? You are making a lot of assumptions based on nothing but conjecture, and you are presenting yourself in a negative light.

        I was bullied. I am missing some body parts because of bullying. I am a teacher! I will blame teachers! I will blame parents!

        You questioned Joshy not for the accuracy of the information.

        A liberal will try to attack a person’s right to speak-up when his speech disagrees with that liberal’s mindset.
        Lu Kang-sung

        –a teacher

      3. Jake says:

        Really? I think that is much more true of a Conservative. And Conservatives are much more likely to bully others.

    10. JumJum says:

      You, sir, are totally paranoid. Whatever happened to people taking personal responsibility for themselves. Other yeah, the Illuminati controls everything, people can’t be blamed for crazy behavior anymore.

  2. Patriot1776 says:

    This is what happens when a person gets bullied and teased so much. Bullys push their victims to using deadly violence. Its no different in workplaces. But older people have learned to shut their mouths because people resort to using guns now to settle differences.

    Never bully nice people. Even they have a breaking point.

    1. modd kenwood says:

      bullying has gone on in school forever…killing someone for doing the bullying is a bit extreme ain’t it?

      1. Climp Jones says:

        obviously not

      2. J. Mayer says:

        Does that make it ok??? Some people don’t have the limits that others do. Kids today have SO much more pressure than we did in my day. And honestly, its going to happen more and more until bullying is taken seriously by the staffers at public schools. Unfortunately being a teacher has become a babysitting job, but if they don’t want to do it, don’t bother making it your career.

        Modd – btw, bullying in ANY form is inexcusable. No matter who you are, you will have a breaking point and lash out in some form. Not everyone will be deadly, but there will be violence involved.

      3. L. S. Stewart says:

        This is true but back in the day, we would wait for the bully after school and give him a “blanket party” (throw a blanket or coat over his head and beat the snot out of him. Today that is SOOOO wrong and kids are threatened with suspension or expulsion if they respond with any violence toward the bullies. I think the logic here is if I’m going to be in deep kimchee, I might as well kill them.

      4. littleleers says:

        My best friend was bullied a lot. She did not go out and get a gun. Usually, someone who bullies or is a bully has little support at home.

        Having a supportive, non-dysfunctional family helps get kids through those difficult years.

      5. Nik Boldrini says:

        Bullying is a a bit extreme! Forever is a lame excuse.

      6. magicsquare says:

        Not really. Bullies destroy lives. They’re sociopaths and the future would be better off if they were euthanized the moment it became clear that they were antisocial little monsters.

      7. Tom says:

        Yes bullying has gone on forever in school BUT the problem is Parents don’t discipline there kids, there is so much violence on TV and video games so these kids learn how to solve there problems with violence. I am not saying the bully deserved this but schools REALLY NEED TO PAY ATTENTION BETTER! and not sweep things under the carpet, I have kids in school and I do see bullies getting away with stuff all the time

      8. Bullied Badly as youth says:

        The only reason I never got pushed to this point is due to my parents being there for me. The only reason I wasn’t in the news 20 years ago was I was able to work it out with my family, I could get the guns back then.

      9. Sam says:

        Not really.

        When faculty is unresponsive, or punishes the person being bullied, then yes, I’d say that deadly force is the last option.

        What else is one supposed to do, “suck it up?” The administration should be prosecuted, not the boy who did the shooting. The administration is as guilty as pushing that boy over as the bullies were.

      10. Totally Confused says:

        What an idiotic comment…that bullying has been going on forever..etc…

        Have meds been going on forever at the level they are prescribed?
        Has the parental unit ever been so messed up that these kids have nobody?
        Was music always this “in yo face violent”?

        Did you have this much pressure as a teen in school, relating to social media, the Hollywood TMZ updates…etc….you are a fool.

        A kid bullied back then in this environment…would have done the same. It’s sooo not right…but it’s our world. Let me ask you this…did you think someone 70 would have to work until 99 in the US back then? Time change…so should your dumb frame of mind.

      11. Larry Pierson says:

        Bullying has gotten worse within the last generation or so. As fewer parents teach their children Jude-Christian ethics the bullies are less inhibited and restrained.

      12. Totally Confused says:

        There are so many comments relating to gun control and such it’s funny in a sad way. Those that say it’s the gun’s fault…tell me it;s the cars fault when a drunk driver kills…then you would proclaim CAR CONTROL.

        This is someone that was picked on…and made a decision. They could have used a knife just as easy and had the same result unfortunately. It has nothing to do with such…it’s about mentality, social impact…and the ability to make a decision. It is obvious that this child had no background in decision making from the parent(s)….and this was the only “rational thought” in that head. How sad. Take that kid fishing….get him outdoors….I bet he would excel in something and these little freaks that picked on him would mean nothing to him. Some parents let these kids just go on their own….what do they expect if they don’t inspect?

      13. Scott Twist says:

        My stepson was given a cuncussion by a shool bully. The zero tolerance to bullying being pushed by the schools these days makes fighting back just as much of an offense as the original bullying. I am truly sorry for the families involved in this, but it was 100% preventable. Had the kid not have had access to a weapon, he probably would have just ran them over when he learned to drive. A murderer is a murderer, no matter what tool they choose to implement.

      14. Jake says:

        Extreme bullying kills innocence and destroys lives.

      15. Kaitara says:

        bullying used to last a few days at best, and then when the teachers paddled them (which is how it was) or dad came to school and beat their butts, it stopped. But you can’t do that any more, so it goes on and on and on and on. It’s relentless, they hound the kid every minute of the day. I don’s care who you are, you can only take so much. It’s like being restrained on a bed face up, and ever 20 seconds a large drop of water hits you in the middle of the forehead, sooner or later you will go mad. Even ADULTS who are bullied at work go off, ask postal employees… Some kids/adults can take it for weeks, months, years or decades, but in the end they will go off, maybe not kill someone, but lash out and beat someone, or hurt or kill themselves. This has to stop. You might be having fun as the bully but you sure wouldn’t have fun as the one being bullied, or the one being shot by the one being bullied.

    2. Ralph wilson says:

      I, agree with you.

    3. Glen says:

      Yep. Get pushed too far and receive no help from the indifferent powers that be, and thats what happens. I’ll bet the group that got shot were a bunch of assholes.

      I’s sure the school’s corrective action for this will be to rapidly identify and sanction bullied kids instead of actually protecting them.

      1. Rob says:

        lol, classic blame the victim. “it was her fault she got raped, she was asking for it.” “it was their fault some kid shot them.”

      2. Fred Zarguna says:

        @Rob WOW. An actual voice of sanity on this insane thread. Please make sure no one can backtrack to your real name, because some of the idiots on this thread will be trying to hunt you down for pointing out that bullying is not a capital crime.

      3. Daisy says:

        I hope you never have to read that your murdered child was an #@%&ole. Your moral compass is dyslexic.

      4. Linda says:

        If kids today had stable, secure homes with loving parents, then they would be able to handle being bullied. I was bullied in high school, and I never even considered taking a gun to school and killing people. Kids today can’t handle any situation that is hard. And the media has taught them that using the excuse of being bullied makes you a victim instead of your victims. You can’t go out and murder everyone who hurts your feelings. Geesh!

      5. Jake says:

        Great post. It is time that teachers who allow students to get bullied day in and day out were charged, and that the law was changed so victims can sue their tormentors, at any time in their lives.

        The people these bullying victims single out when they can’t take the torment anymore are not innocent victims. They get what is coming to them. To compare them to women who are raped is the height of absurdity.

      6. Scott Twist says:

        Well said. Its sad but also probably true.

      7. Kaitara says:

        @ Daisy If you raised your child NOT to be an a$$hole, you would never hear that comment.

    4. Merritt J swift says:

      I was never violent but the last eight years where Hell on Earth in school.Make no excuses for evil.If anyone would have gone psycho it would have been me.He made a choice and he should be executed .A wanna be bully got bullied that’s all.How many times does an actual perpetrator become the actual target of the reprisal?,almost never.Your heart means well.The schools don’t want to know what the horrible school peer to peer dynamics are,I tried to tell them ages ago but they can do no wrong and forgive themselves.

      1. EveryoneNeedsCompassion says:

        I’m sorry to hear you were treated horribly, but I’m so glad you survived. Even after all the distance and time, it still is haunting, a bit, isn’t it? Glad you made it through, though. Sometimes these little callouses on our hearts do make us tougher so we can stand the intense heat of the adult years, and to do the right thing, despite what others, even close family members say. Blessings to you.

    5. Bikertrash says:

      Sadly, maybe a lesson to the bullies of the world.

      1. Sam says:

        It won’t.

        As a former and current victim (even as an adult I get it), no one does jack.

        Bullying is encouraged by the schools. Bullies make good football players and trash taking a government paycheck. Yup, society needs more bullies!

        Better make sure, though, that there are more bullies than those bullied.

        Bullied people DO fight back. Sometimes in the most spectacular ways.

      2. Pk says:

        Bullying is encouraged by schools? You’re nuts.

    6. Daisy says:

      I’m not condoning bullying, however, sometimes kids will bully kids who are threatening to their own safety and well being.

      When adults are not in charge (see: Lazy Parents/Teachers) kids will take matters into their own hands in an attempt to further marginalize dangerous kids in their midst. The murderer (who, btw, is a bully supreme) did not become this disturbed over-night. Lots of signals ignored and perhaps even applauded for the sake of ‘diversity’.

      Again, not condoning – just offering a plausible explanation.

      1. Locke says:

        It’s not plausable at all.

        Bullies go after the weaker, quiet kids because they know they won’t fight back – they are psychopaths.
        Bullies are cowards and are the dangerous ones, not knights in shining armor.

      2. Brad Brad Brad says:

        Daisy, your “plausible explanation”is the most idiotic thing I have ever read.

    7. karo says:

      I agree, when will kids learn not to bully. I hope it was not innocent people who were shot. Not that you want the bullies shot, but when will people learn to just keep their darn mouth shut???? the bullies should be held accountalbe as well.

    8. stinkin says:

      I liked it better when fist fights settled acrimony. A bloody nose or a loose tooth was the maximum damage allowed. This is more than a angry kid. This is a nut.

    9. Bullies Deserve It says:

      Bully’s deserve what they get when thier victims have had enough. The only good bully is a dead bully.

      1. Sam says:

        BRAVO, from a former victim.

    10. DouginTexas says:

      I don’t know if the shooter targetted his bullies or not. My question is: Why weren’t the school teachers and authorites aware of the bullying? They are supposed to stop it, not turn their backs or support their favorites.

    11. Dennis Johnson says:

      Your statement says it all. It’s always someone else’s fault when some CRIMINAL commits a criminal act. Individual responsibility is for someone else I guess. Hope this kid gets the chair / needle or whatever if they allow it.

    12. Barbara says:

      Don’t buy into this bullying stuff! It is just another useless “anti-program” to take the place of math, science, English, history, geography that are not being taught in our schools. How else can we train them up to be “occupiers?”

    13. marty says:

      This is not a bullying problem, it is a character problem. The school system knows very little about building character. They are good at cramming environmental rules down their throats, but character….too religous for the brilliant secular minds at the headquarters. bullying is the new anti male craze the school system has wrapped their arms around. bullying, we have no proof at all that this was the case, has been arounf forever. No worse now than before. but the left needs someone to blame besides the gun. new policies must be enacted. A new, new anti bullying position must be budgeted. A new safe zone must be built. A new asexual boy must be built. And you people send your kids to this zoo?

  3. B says:

    Huh? What is “Baskin & Phelps”? Do any of you people know how to do basic news writing?

    1. Tom says:

      It sounds like a sleazy ice cream joint.

      1. Marina says:

        Love it haha sorry 😦

      2. Fred Zarguna says:

        They make ice cream that self-destructs in 5 seconds.

  4. David says:

    I’d love to see someone try that in my high school, especially in October or November. They’d be extremely out-gunned.

  5. Unoga says:

    this boy was deeply troubled and SOMEBODY knew it yet did nothing to help him. This sort of thing happens again and again across this country. It’s like tenn suicides: SOMEBODY knows there is a problen, yet does nothing.

    1. magicsquare says:

      The problem is that in the US, the education system values the ability of the strong to humiliate the weak far more than the mental health and well being of kids who don’t fit in, especially in flyover country. The south and the rust belt is basically one big reenactment of Lord of the Flies with all of the kid roles being played by John Wayne except for piggy, who is played by anyone who doesn’t think that Jesus was a big fan of beating kids with belts and shooting women who have had abortions.

      1. Carl says:

        Darwin teaches us it is survival of the fittest. Killers take out their prey. It’s the rule of the jungle.

      2. Fred Zarguna says:

        The BIG problem is that you’re mentally ill and apparently don’t even realize it.

        Bigotry much?

      3. robynn says:

        the real problem. Is our government has been aloud to take Jesus out of our public schools. the bible say spair the rod, spoil the child…..its so easy for children to say…my parents abuse me, when their simply. Being disciplined…. if we could as parents beat our,kids,asses maybe these things wouldn’t be happening about schools.

    2. Tim says:

      Apparently, anyone that disagrees with Fred is “mentally ill”.

  6. kjatexas says:

    What did the school do to stop the bullying of this kid? If its like most schools, they did nothing. That is a sure fire recipe for the kind of violence that erupted at this school.

    1. justsmart says:

      To go a step further the parents of the bully’s should be held responsible as well as the School.

      1. sha sene says:

        the gay mafia’s bullying campaign blames children on the suicides of others, even though no one kills themselves from being bullyied
        Suicides happen because of serious underlying mental disorders, not being called names
        Now the liberals are attempting to blame the victims for this shooting

        Liberals are sick

      2. Jake says:

        Of course people kill themselves because of bullying. And those that don’t turn the violence inwards turn it outwards. I’m not sure which I admire more – those who won’t do violence to others, or those who take out those sadists who tortured and tormented them.

        And what is sicker than a hateful, twisted, Conservative?

      3. cleanfun says:

        It didn’t happen on the parent’s shift. It happened while the school had him, because of the environment the school allowed, and obvious issues the school didn’t address with the bullies. The school has your child most of their waking hours, but when something goes terribly wrong because of their neglect, all the sudden the parents are blamed.

        If the parents did something wrong, it was that they didn’t listen to that boy when he begged them to not send him to school.

      4. Smart Target says:

        I’d agree. Do the families of the bullies mob and gangstalk in the community? Are they members of secret societies?

        Questions should be asked of them. How much targeting is going on in the community to “keep it safe?”

        Is the rest of the shooters family also being targeted, as in Targeted Individuals? Probably…

    2. Macfad says:

      Oh, so it’s the SCHOOL’S fault? BS! Bullying has been going on for thousands of years and idiots didnt resort to killing others. It’s the emasculation of society that is the fault. Kids need to “man up” and learn how to handle it instead of whining and crying and then shooting people!

      1. Elmer says:

        Looks to me like he did handle it.

      2. some dudester says:

        right on. The shooter was a coward that deserves to be hung.

      3. EveryoneNeedsCompassion says:

        My brother told my mom that he was getting bullied and physically knocked around (he likely said, “Some guys are giving me a hard time at school” since “bully” wasn’t the really the term in vogue at the time). Mom told him he’d had to show them some spine and knock them right back. They did, and that was that. I think the quicker a bullied kid responds with a sharp retort or smack, the better, even if the school gives the kids and the parents grief over it. At least, then, the adults are in the know and talking about it. I got flack in elementary school and I would take it for a while, then I’d turn around and make them stop, with a punch. Now, I know girls aren’t supposed to do it, but it ended, even if we did end up in the principal’s office. I never said two words in the principal’s office, just stared at the boy that started it, and the boy was always falling over himself to make excuses, trying to dig out of the hole. I didn’t mind getting in trouble to stick up for myself. Sometimes, you have to go to the mattresses. When I was older, about junior high, I learned that girls were psychologically mean, and so I stayed away from the mean girls and kept to myself. I didn’t date because I knew what boys said about girls, what they said about my sister was enough proof that dating wasn’t for me until I was older. And I kept to myself and just read, or wrote stories or poetry, and didn’t hide in the library, just sat wherever I pleased, and because I didn’t send out any “frightened mouse” or “victim” cues, the kids left me alone. It was a little lonely, but at least no one said anything to my face.

      4. Bullies Deserve It says:

        The shooter DID handle it. He could not physically defeat the bullies, so he picked up a equalizer and took care of business. The only good bully is a dead bully. If the shooter only shot those who bullied him, then I find no fault with his actions. Bully at your own risk you little thugs, and you too can reap the results.

  7. phuc it says:

    its bush’s faulot

  8. Senseless Huh says:

    We are shocked by this senseless tragedy. Something like this can’t happen without someone saying “senseless tragedy.”

    It wasn’t senseless. This kid was obviously out for revenge or retribution. I’m not saying what he did was right or justified, I’m just saying it’s far from senseless.

    The thing to remember here is that EVERYONE has a breaking point. Treat people with kindness, compassion etc. and this wouldn’t be a problem. But we as a society are always trying to one-up each other, trying to find self-worth and value from belittling others…and it’s all fun and games until those people reach that breaking point and go head hunting because they don’t care anymore.

    1. sha sene says:


      People who commit murder because they are lacking in the mental department to begin with,

      No one kills themselves or others because of mere bullying
      Only a retard would blame children for the violence of the mentally disturbed

      1. Daisy says:

        “People who commit murder because they are lacking in the mental department to begin with, …”

        Not to mention the moral department.

      2. Facts says:

        Wrong. People can – and DO – kill because of bullying. We allow them to be bullied incessantly and to the absolute mental/psycological breaking point, but forbid any backlash…what do we expect will happen?

        DUUUUUH, folks…this is not rocket science!

      3. Bob says:

        Ever hear the words “Crime of Passion”? As in, when someone is so overcome with emotion, they kill? There’s a reason we don’t just have “Murder” as a charge. There are different kinds of murder charges because, unlike you, the courts understand that people do, indeed, kill for any number of reasons.

        If you keep poking a lion in the eye, and the lion rips your arm off, if isn’t really the lion’s fault. There are consequences.

      4. Jake says:

        I’m betting you were a bully. Too bad the kid you tormented didn’t get his hands on a gun.

      5. Dave W says:

        “no one kills themselves because of mere bullying” Are you FU—ING serious? We’er talking about teenagers here. All emotion. All very sensitive to what their piers think of them. An emotionally vulnerable time for many of them. The only “retard” on this post is you.

      6. Dave W says:

        We’re, not We’er, and Peers, not Piers……just beating you to it, you twit

  9. JoeKlip says:

    It used to be when a kid got bullied, his father or uncle would seek out the thugs and gave them a good whipping. The bullying just stopped after that. The lesson is there are consequence if you do bad things. Now, that is considered to be child abuse. Kids today are learning there are no consequences for your actions. The kid acted out because he has absolutely no recourse. If he hit back at the thugs, he get expelled. This world is upside down.

    1. Macfad says:

      So prison is a better alternative than being expelled? More evidence that those who resort to killing others as a course of action are mentally disturbed.

      1. Bill says:

        No Kidding!! Your a real rocket scientist… There is a reason these kids are an outcast..Picking on them is real smart based on their known personalities. Great rational thinking with your insight..

    2. BrunoS says:

      You are right. In my day you got bullied you snapped and popped the A–hole in the nose… you didn’t in trouble for it because the school knew you were being bullied and the A–hole deserved it… fast forward to now…

      You get bullied you can a) say something to the teachers who will ignore you, or b) do something and get in trouble while the bully gets off scotfree…. eventually when those are the only two choices available the bullied kid is going to pick option c) waste the A–holes and be done with it.

      Truth be told, there are a lot of people responsible when this happens. At the very least it appears the shooter was being selective so at least no one truly innocent was targeted.

      1. Scott Twist says:

        Look up how many kids take option D, suicide. My family recently met the father and mother of a bullied child that did just that. The kid was an avid hunter and could have easily snuck a gun to school but instead turned it on himself.

    3. robynn says:

      Your absolutely correct…. from 6th grade to 10th grade I was bullied daily…..the school helping me take care of the problem, what a joke……it took my dad to confront the bully, and threatening them to get them to stop…..my parents did everything from talking to the school to the kids parents…..and nothing worked. I hated school, and ended up quoting cause I missed so much due to being made fun of everyday…..now days parents aren’t aloud to meet with the other child’s parents, you have to rely on the school talking to the other party’s…..

  10. Here's Johnny says:

    No excuse to Kill

    Let the law deal with him as harshly as he did to those in the cafeteria

    1. Jake says:

      I think he had a pretty good excuse. The people who should be charged are the adults who did nothing to stop the bullying he was subjected to.

      1. DavidM says:

        Jake you are 100% correct!

  11. Dave W says:

    I never could understand why kids would pick on other kids. Growing up, of course, I saw it all the time. Many times I would come to the defense of someone being bullied, but I had the advantage of being a pretty big guy. Some kids were utterly ruthless and preyed on the low self esteem of others. Not saying that was the case here, but, frankly…..if it turns out that these kids DID relentlessly torment the shooter, then they got what was comin’ to them. Extreme response or not, bullying others is, in itself, a sign of sociopathology and ruthlessness.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      So, in your mind, bullying is a capital crime.

      No mental problems with you, eh?

      1. Bullies Deserve It says:


        Bully ME and you too can reap the results, you cowardly bullying prick. Bullies DESERVE what they reap from their victims.

      2. Fred Zarguna says:

        @Bullies Deserve to be killed because I’m a moral cretin:

        You can’t can’t image how frightened I am.

      3. Dave W says:

        Actually, yes Fred..extreme mental problems here..Fred Zarguna…..can’t be too many of you can there……see you soon, friend….

  12. Mauloa says:

    Where are we failing our youth? For a teenager to think it’s o.k. to “shoot to kill” anyone he has feelings against is ludicrous. I am 72 years old, and can’t think of ANY person doing such things in my life time until the past 20 years. Beginning with Columbine, those with grudges (whether just or not) think “this is what we do” – bullying is a cause/reason to commit murder. Nonesense, these kids are becoming so “dulled and accepting” of violance because most of our reality shows, gameboy violance and Hollywood over the top visions of violance have created a “reality” that is not real. Facebook, twitter, tweeting, etc. can be wonderful, but the flip side is horrendous. Parents, teachers and anyone working with youth better wake up and start finding out where their kids are, what they are doing, and who they are associating with. We have failed to teach our kids consequences of their actions…. until it is too late. Where does this kid involved in today’s shooting think he was going to end up? He never thought beyond his own agenda.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Your problem understanding this arises from the fact that you grew up in America at a time when most of the people were not literally insane.

  13. PDH says:

    Well, its obvious that the federal gov’t. needs to get involved, revoke the second amendment by executive order and that will make this country so much safer.

    1. Macfad says:

      $100 says the kid didn’t come by the gun legally….so in that case, all the laws in the world wouldn’t have prevented this. How many times does it have to be said, MURDER is already against the law. Laws are only for the LAW ABIDING public. Murders DO NOT OBEY your laws!

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        Careful: If you’re mistaken you’ll owe $100 to everyone on the Internet. Ouch.

        I’m not aware of any state where a person under 18 can own a handgun, or use one without adult supervision.

        Anyway, what difference does it make? The gun didn’t commit a crime whether is was obtained legally or not.

    2. Chase says:

      Can’t happen, will not happen, w/o amending the Constitution (Thank God). If Obama &Co. try to do that, all Hell will break loose in USA. You will see a revolution like you can’t imagine

    3. Tim says:

      And next, the first amendment. And how about elections, liberals don’t like them either. Why not children all together, just outlaw them. They just cause global warming after all.

      PDH you are what is wrong with the world!

      1. T. Paine says:

        Try attuning yourself to irony

  14. David says:

    I was bullied from 1st grade to 11th grade because I was Gay. I shot the windows out of the principal’s office at night. I recently stopped attending a 12 step program after three years of being bullied because I am Gay.

    1. Macfad says:

      So it’s ok that you vandalize and destroy other’s property and break the law all because you couldn’t seem to get others to accept you a a sodomizer?

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        I think he was being facetious.

    2. Just Sayin says:

      I was bullied for being gay, even though I am not gay.

      The worst bullies are the ones who have a pretense of morality.

      I finally realized that gay marriage didn’t harm my marriage, but grown up bullies who beat their wives harm the reputation of heterosexual marriage.

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        I was bullied for not being gay by h o m o s. I was bullied for being gay by heteros. The truth is that I live with the shame of being asexual. I want “Ay” rights for old maids and aged family members who live together. Otherwise, I will either jump off a bridge or shoot strangers — whichever wins more approval from idiots on the Internet.

        I finally realized that gay people don’t want to be married. They’re just trying to pay the straight people back for bullying them by bullying them with politics. They also don’t want to be scoutmasters. They just want to sue people who won’t let them be scoutmasters.

        I also realized that gay people who beat their … whatever … are going to give gay marriage a bad name. But not until I read your post, which was indispensible.

        [No. Not really.]

  15. Dave W says:

    Oh yah, and it’s true….teachers rarely if ever defend the bullied. They turn a blind eye in most cases. They just can’t be bothered. It’s always been that way. Is one of the main reasons I never respected most teachers very much.

    1. Macfad says:

      That’s not their job. Their job is to teach students the curriculum of their particular courses. They are not baby-sitters, they are not arbitration officials, they are not the police, they are not mental counselors, they are teachers. Kids who disrupt the learning environment should be expelled., Period. No exceptions.l

      1. EveryoneNeedsCompassion says:

        Agreed, but I recall one young teacher who invited the taunts in Spanish class. She was emotionally immature, it was clear, even in junior high — one of those teachers who chooses to re-live her youth through her profession. She was horrible. I tried to make friends with the boy, but he was so defensive he thought I was setting him up for a fall or something, very defensive, even with a hello. Years later, a year after high school, I spotted him biking up an insane hill in town — he had bulked up, he was motoring up that hill. Seriously, no person in his or her right mind would cross that dude anymore!

      2. Jake says:

        That is very much their job. They stand in loco parentis and any parent who would let one of their children be continuously bullied and brutalized by their siblings would face a failing to provide necessities charge, or after a suicide, depraved indifference. It is high time teachers were held to the same standard as parents, not excused by clowns like you.

      3. Dave W says:

        Not that simple MacFly…..when you take on the responsibility of being a teacher, a certain amount of counselor comes with the territory. That is unless a teacher is a friggin’ emotion devoid cyborg. Teachers of children need to have compassion for children, or they don’t belong in the classroom, period.

  16. B says:

    Is bullying that much worse these days than when I was in highschool 15 years ago? Or are kids’ skin that much thinner in this “everyone gets a trophy” mindset? I got bullied all the time in highschool and junior high. A lot of kids did. We let it roll off our backs, found something we had fun doing and focused on that. I can’t imagine that bullying so much worse today that kids do this or commit suicide.

    1. Barugger says:

      It is the kids these days but it’s not their fault… parenting has gone out the window much like society has….too much political correctness…too little in the way of “a broken rule a consequence to be paid” …parents have gone soft and try to be their kids best friends rather than being parents…”it takes a village” is way weaker than it takes two strong parents who love their kids enough to teach them right from wrong!

    2. EveryoneNeedsCompassion says:

      I attended a US Army conference over a year ago, and one of the generals speaking on the suicide rate of soldiers mentioned that there was indeed something different about some young people today. He noted that most of the suicides were of those who hadn’t been deployed. He was careful not to disparage the demographic, and it was apparent he was troubled by the stats, but you could tell he was completely at a loss as to why they were, underneath it all, so fragile.

  17. Michael B. says:

    “We all got under the tables, which is what your supposed to do”


    Whomever taught these kids that they should be sitting ducks should be brought up on some criminal negligence charges.

    1. Dave W says:

      I thought the same thing when I read that…..thanks for bringing it up……exactly…..if you hear shots….curl up in the fetal position and hope the perp goes away….

    2. Ted H says:

      Or better than run away from the shooter…if everybody run to the shooter and stomped his/her lights out… option B anyway.

  18. The Halfrican says:

    Gun’s play the same role in a school shooting as a camera does in child pornography. Only lib’s and morons will mention the gun. They will also state that child pornography does not harm children. Schools should have ZERO tolerance for bullying ! In the 1970’s the best part about turning 16 was we could take guns to school and go hunting before and after school. They were in plain sight in the windows of our pick-up trucks, so go ahead all you lib’s and show your stupidity by giving the gun a role in this senseless violence.

    1. BDD_1970 says:

      I hear ya, we used to fight each other. Sometimes the bully one sometimes he didn’t, but it was settled. Now we are equal and nobody can win the game, be the honor student, be the prettiest, or be anything but a lemming.

    1. Just Sayin says:

      There is no reason to blame Bush.

      He did not create the loose gun laws. The NRA wrote them.

      He did not start the violent wars. Contractors came up with it.

      He did not create a culture of bullying comments. The Architect did.

      Bush is innocent.

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        You left out your last name, which is clearly “Nonsense.”

        So, Just Nayin Nonense. James Madison wrote the Second Amendment at the behest of the NRA? Interesting, because Thomas Jefferson’s version was even more “right-wing:” “No Free Man shall ever be debarred the use of Arms.” He was NRA, too, I guess.

        So many slaves.

        So little time left to educate them.

  19. BDD_1970 says:

    We do not prepare our kids with how to deal with being bullied. We coddle them by not using red ink or giving them failing grades. We do not fail them but instead give them high school completion certificates instead of diplomas. We are all responsible for this kind of tragedy because we have let the Fed wussify us and our kids. Enjoy your latte crapachino on your way to the cliffs my fellow lemmings.

  20. Tim says:

    “We are shocked by this senseless tragedy,” his family said in a statement. “Danny was a bright young boy who had a bright future ahead of him. “

    Well, if he wasn’t just an innocent bystander, “Danny” didn’t possess enough common sense and civility to restrain himself from bullying other kids. When a bully takes it upon himself or herself to threaten and intimidate other students, they have to expect some degree of retaliation. After all, the school faculty and district isn’t going to do anything about it!

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Right. So, in your opinion bullying is a capital offense?

      It’s quite incredible that so many people on this thread are actually blaming the victims.

      1. Tim says:

        Yeah, it is a capital offense because the victims of bullying oftentimes bear their emotional scars and wounds for an entire lifetime! Apparently, you haven’t a clue as to the personal torment that a bullying victim has to endure, all because school officials do nothing about the problem. Somebody says, “Well, fight back.” Looks to me like this kid fought back. Oh, maybe he should have fought with his fists instead of a gun? When you take the garbage out, do you take it out one little piece at a time? No, you take it all out. Like I said, if “Danny” wasn’t an innocent bystander and was one of the bullies, he pretty much got what was coming to him. It is entirely possible that all parties involved in this tragedy could be wrong. Because the kid who did the killing decided to take up arms against his oppressor, shouldn’t make him the only one who is wrong!!!

      2. Fred Zarguna says:

        @Tim you have mental problems if you think killing somone over bullying is justified.

      3. Tim says:

        What I am saying, Fred, is that it is entirely possible that the shooter and his victims could all be wrong concerning this conflict. It very well may not be an either/or situation. Criminals kill innocent people. They also kill other criminals. When they kill other criminals, both parties are at fault. I might have a mental illness, but I at least possess some ability to logically deduce a situation. Apparently, you don’t!!

      4. Fred Zarguna says:

        @Tim the hallmark of civilization — which is clearly disintegrating — is that we are able to make and understand moral distinctions. Only sav ages believe that all wrong is equally wrong. To say both the bulliers and bullied are at fault is to trivilize a felonious armed assault and murder, as if such a despicable act is morally equivalent to murder.

        No, it isn’t.

        You must have been one of the OJ Jurors, who believed that the mere possibility that a detective peripherally involved in a case might have used the word ni**er at some time during the last ten years — not directly to anyone, and certainly not directed at the accused — was a sufficient justification to allow a murderer to go free.

  21. Boyd says:

    So the FBI has no clue to motive but some 15 year old kid says, “the gunman was known as an outcast who had apparently been bullied.” and CBS quotes it as important? An outcast? “Aparently” bullied? Can we surmise that CBS sees the need to push its thought crime agenda over reporting? Yes, we can surmise that.

  22. debrarae says:

    Other people were ‘bullied’ outcasts. I don’t see ‘them’ going out and shooting people. My prayers are with the victims and their families.

    1. Bullies Deserve It says:

      My prayers are with the kid who was bullied so harshly and so long he saw only one way out – kill the bullies tormenting him.

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        My prayers are with you, because you’re clearly ill.

      2. Jake says:

        Frank, you sick sadistic, bully justifying a$$.

  23. Luther says:

    If the shooter said “Mom/Dad/Teacher/counselor/Principal – please help me, I’m gonna snap with all this bullying” what do you think would happen? He’d be labeled an unstable psycho in addition to being bullied. It would not have helped. He may have even tried it. There’s more to this story that will be coming out.

  24. Jim says:

    sadly this is going to bring up the bullying legislation talks again, like that’s going to help. there’s a lot of bullying commentary out there that completely misses a few things. you can educate parents til you’re blue in the face but when your kids are watching bullying on American Idol and shows like that ALL OVER THE PLACE, the parents can’t help. The parents watch our political leaders bully each other, watch a president bully Plumber Joe and participate in hate talk against anyone who thinks differently.

    Point is, bullying will never stop. It’s better to prepare your children. Remember the ol days? Sticks and stones? I was bullied and never felt like I needed to respond in kind.

  25. Pete says:

    Sounds to me like they bullied the wrong kid this time.

    1. Kevin says:

      I am not in favor of anyone killing another. But by all appearances they indeed picked on the wrong kid. Right, wrong or indifferent, if the reason he shot these kids was in retribution then the reality of it is self-evident. Let the courts now decide who was more wrong… For me, they were both waaaaay out of line. Sad thing for all.

  26. BW says:

    I wonder if this was the shooter.

  27. Fred Zarguna says:

    It is simply an outrage that so many morally bankrupt people on this thread are actually rationalizing the murder and felonious armed assualt on defenseless students as being somehow “justified.” Even worse, there are JACK A S S ES here who are going as far as saying that the bullies “got what they deserved.”


    Some of you had better reexamine your values, because neither verbal abuse nor physical assault are capital crimes, and even if they were, no student would be justified in taking the law into his own hands. THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for turning a gun on another human being short of defending your own life from imminent danger.

    Wow. Just plain wow. I guess they’ve made computers so easy to use that even people with IQ’s of 60 or less can post comments.

    1. Tim says:

      What you fail to recognize Fred, is that the human mind can be murdered while the physical body lives on. Many of us have dogs as pets. Try this, over the next month or so, whenever your dog approaches you wanting to be petted or given a snack, grab one of his whiskers and tug a little on it. Keep doing that repeatedly and I can guarantee you that after awhile of doing the same thing, that pooch will snap as soon as he your hand gets close to his face. None of us has any idea yet as to how much the shooter endured prior to this incident. We can all pretty much bet on the fact that the school will do it’s best to minimize the extent of the bullying, and maximize their own image.

      1. Fred Zarguna says:


        You’re a officially a kook.

        The “mind can be murdered while the physical body lives on.”

        Uh huh.

        And this is why, in every nation on earth there is a crime, punishable by death, called “First Degree Mind Murder.”

        Oh, wait, no there isn’t. There is only such a law on Planet Tim. Thank God only one person actually lives there.

        The hallmark of civilization — which is clearly disintegrating — is that we are able to make and understand moral distinctions. Only savages believe that all wrong is equally wrong. To say both the bulliers and bullied are at fault is to trivilize a felonious armed assault and murder, as if such a despicable act is morally equivalent to “bullying.” However tenuously or subjectively defined. .

        No, it isn’t.

        You must have been one of the OJ Jurors, who believed that the mere possibility that a detective peripherally involved in a case might have used the word ni**er at some time during the last ten years — not directly to anyone, and certainly not directed at the accused — was a sufficient justification to allow a murderer to go free.

      2. Tim says:

        I have a very good hunch that you were a bully in high school – or perhaps you are still in high school. The only answer you seem capable of posting is an essay punctuated with invective.

        “THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION for turning a gun on another human being short of defending your own life from imminent danger.”
        Really, Judge, Jury, and Executioner? Well, that’s not much in line with our Constitution which states that we have right to defend our lives and property. Another slam dunk on the comment board bully, Fred!

    2. Jake says:

      You are simply an outrage, you bullying justifying A$$. Too bad your victim didn’t get his hands on a gun. And don’t judge the IQ’s of other people based on your own half-wit scores.

    3. Dave W says:

      Hi again, Fred Zarguna……see you soon, buddy…..

  28. BW says:

    That link didn’t work for some reason. This one does.

  29. ratbag says:

    Who knows the truth? The first news reports I heard said the shooter was a “known bully.” Now, he’s suddenly the victim of bullying. Another report said he was shooting at random and another that he was targeting his victims.

    At any rate, a young boy is dead and four others still in hospital. Sending good thoughts to their families.

  30. Bsmith says:

    Probably one of the worst written pieces I have ever seen in a commercial context. Perhaps the writers should go back to high school to learn English composition.

  31. TroyG says:

    Just one more example of Parents not doing their jobs.
    I’m sorry, this crap doesn’t come out of nowhere, there is a path that caused this screwed up little creep to kill people. Mom and Dad really dropped the ball.
    They’ve raised up a little monster, and don’t blame the bullies.
    There have been bullies since time began, most of us had them in our pasts, but very few if any pulled a gun and wacked them.

  32. sean says:

    when i was in high school early 80s lots of kids had rifles in their vehicals to use in hunting trips after class, I knew of nobody on ritilin or prozac back then. nowadays nobody legally has a gun at school and plenty of kids are on ritilin and proxac ect. maybe that is the change we are all wondering about.

  33. anonymous says:

    It’s a terrible tragedy. But if you check wikipedia for the history of shootings like this, you’ll see that they’ve been going on forever. They happened in the 1940s. They happened in the 1950s. They happened in the 1960s. Etc, etc.

    I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive for better. I _am_ saying that this is a country with 300 million, 300 MILLION people. There will be headlines like this. The concept of personal responsibility means that one person is responsible for one person’s actions. 300 million people are not responsible for one person’s actions.

    And to the poster who said he was gay, stop being gay. That’s a terrible, deplorable lifestyle. Being gay is against God’s wishes, the Bible says so all over the place. The media is downplaying the incident rate of AIDS in our country because of advoacy groups like GLAAD who don’t want you to know that AIDS is still a gay disease. You are 50 times more likely to contract AIDS if you are a detestable homosexual.

  34. Cindi says:

    Lets not blame this on bullying. This sounds like it was premeditated and the kid knew he could holler bullying and he’d probably get off. Pray for the family of the student that was killed. Sounds like the shooter was the bully.

  35. Curt says:

    Shooter decribed as a “bullied outcast”. How about decribing the shooter as a “MURDERER”

    1. Bullies Deserve It says:

      How about describing the “victims” who were shot as bullying thugs? Who finally reaped what they had sown?

  36. Bruce says:

    Well, it’s perfectly clear to me that there are two problems here. The main one is clearly students bullying other students. The other is allowing a bullied teenager to have access to deadly weapons. That’s why we need gun control in addition to making it a hate crime to bully anyone.

    1. Chase says:

      One opinion: Restrictive laws apply only to the” law abiding” – like door locks”. Hate crime “laws defy common sense.

    2. Bob says:

      So you want to live in a society where only the criminals are armed.

    3. sean says:

      bruce, Gun control is hitting what you aim at, and hate crime legislation just keeps racism alive and well. we need to look into why the pharmicutical co.s are drugging our children and destroying the future generation.

    4. Fred Zarguna says:

      That’s right! Because we just don’t have any laws against assault with a deadly weapon. And we certainly don’t have any laws against murder.

      So, yeah, right on. More laws will definitely help.


      1. Druitt says:

        in other countries where gun laws are alot more strict, you will never hear of school kids walking into school and shooting other kids……there’s a famous saying that you hear all over the world that goes with this phenomenon….”only in America”

      2. Eric says:

        Yeah, I love when people use that rationale of more gun laws. When are people going to realize that gun laws only effect law abiding citizens. CRIMINALS DON’T FOLLOW THE LAW. What, am I supposed to carry a copy of more strict gun laws aroud with me and when a idiot criminal starts shooting, I’m supposed to hold up the paper and say “you can’t do that, there are strict laws against it……………….as a bullet comes through the paper.

        One licensed and carrying teacher could have ended this in a matter of second.

    5. Bruce says:

      I see my gentle troll elicited a few responses.

  37. Chase says:

    The story of “loners” being persecuted by cliques is as old as time. I experienced clique bullying in the mid-fifties. Then, it was handled with verbal threats, and finally fists. My guess is that we have been “conditiioned to higher levels of violence through violent movies and games. Mere fists are so passe! In reality,for normal kids, one good lick is all it takes to end a fight – a bloody noise, loss of dignity and it’s over. Isn’t societal progress WONDERFUL?

  38. Shufflin says:

    Was dey black?

  39. Guest says:

    We had bullies in high school 30 years ago, and none of the victims did anything like this. We didn’t have monthly anti-bullying workshops like they do now during the school day. We need to find out why kids today aren’t coping like they were years ago. Something changed, and not for the better.

    1. sean says:

      yes millions of kids on ritilin, prozac ect.

    2. Jake says:

      “I don’t like Mondays.”

      There were shootings 30 years ago – not as many but then there weren’t as many people living in the country – and there were suicides. Perhaps if there had been more, bullying would be taken seriously by teachers and we wouldn’t have the problems we have today.

  40. Cedrick says:

    Won tam, I wuz got bully den I buss him up in his teefus til he un cawed da law.

  41. ADM says:

    He’s going from being a “bullied outcast”, to being “the new b**** in prison”.

  42. jane doe says:

    I think teachers are the biggest bulliers of all It is the bulling from teachers that is the worst and most often ignored.

    1. Schnurri says:

      I totally agree!

  43. Daisy says:

    Okay, the mass murderer was possibly bullied.

    Is it okay to mention the perfectly obvious fact that murder is, itself, bullying of the most extreme variety? Or, are we all to somehow come to the conclusion that the murderer is a victim and those he murdered victimizers and not victims of his bullying?

    1. Bullies Deserve It says:

      One dead. Hardly mass murder freakshow.

    2. Dave W says:

      It comes down to from where did the provacation originate…..

  44. bob2389 says:

    Why is there so much bullying? Just look at the sitcoms on TV, American Idol, and all the other garbage. They all have one thing in common, they make fun of people. It’s fun to insult and denigrate. we are no longer in a civilized society. We are Lord of the Flies and the parents lead by example. America needs to return to a polite society. But we make fun of churches and God and all that is kind and caring. we care about iPhones and tennis shoes. There is no hope, I’m moving out. Godd Luck Everybody!

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      When you find an island of sanity, please send a postcard and we’ll join you.

  45. Nifty says:

    “The slain student, Daniel Parmertor, was an aspiring computer repairman who was shot while waiting for the bus for his daily 15-minute ride to a vocational center.”

    Horrible and tragic, but this part of the story makes no sense. He was waiting for the bus? I thought the shooting happened in the cafeteria.

    1. ratbag says:

      Apparently, there are satellite buildings on this campus with minibuses ferrying students back and forth. As the shooter moved to various locations after he left the cafeteria, he shot various people.

  46. fergy says:

    There’s bullies in school nowadays? REALLY?!?!?
    We use to just beat the c rap out of each other, not shoot!!!
    What a punk!

  47. mjk says:

    The more crap you suggest to kids the more they believe it. Kids have been bullied since the beginning of time. Not that it’s right but now can we say the bullied provoked the murderer?

  48. Phillep Harding says:

    Teachers need to take a concealed carry course, get a CCW, and carry. Any who refuse should be fired.

  49. psadie says:

    When will these kids ever learn to be kind to everyone no matter what? Why didn’t some of these kids report to school authorities about the shooter being bullied? Teachers need to carry guns for the safety of all students. Are these schools stressing the importance of understanding, kindness and inclusiveness? The schools and the students never do enough to prevent this until it is too late.

  50. Nelbert says:

    Why were school shootings by disaffected youths so much rarer back before the education system tried to inflate everyone’s self-esteem?

    1. Schnurri says:

      School shootuings were not rare in the 1950s and before. It’s just that the media reprots it now. Ever heard of a Zip Gun?

  51. Schnurri says:

    I was bullied in school by the teachers, not the students. What does a kid do then?

  52. bo says:

    “which is what your supposed to do”
    should be:
    “which is what you’re supposed to do”

    This guy is a writer?

  53. Schnurri says:

    I bet everyone of those wounded kids will claim that they never bullied that kid. THey are totally innocent victums.

    1. Terry Rohan says:

      the report said the kid dragged in the classroom was shot several times, out of 4 shots fired, who shared the other bullet?

  54. Just Sayin says:

    How do we change away from a culture of bullying?

    We currently have a culture of cruelty on television and internet video. We have a culture of bullying in the schools. We have a culture of loose gun laws outside of schools. We have a culture of bullying from politicians and lobbyists. We have a culture of a death penalty that children watch happen. We have a culture starting wars for getting what we want, like oil.


    What if we had an anti-bullying culture? What if television and internet had videos of compelling narrative instead of shocking sex and violence? What if we had a more reasonable and literal interpretation of the 2nd amendment? What if our politicians were not so negative to each other? What if the NRA didn’t bully too… What if we taught children that we just can’t kill people we don’t like. What if we taught children not to fight unless we really really have to.

    Anthropologists teach us that culture is what we teach our children so they can learn to survive.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      What if we had a more literal interpretation of laws against murder?

      What if we had a more literal interpretation of laws against assault with a deadly weapon?

      Oh… wait … we DO.

      And how did that literalism work out?

      What if we had fewer people who wanted to throw our Bill of Rights in the trash can?

      [That would be great.]

  55. Garr Obo says:

    I’ll bet that there will be a shortage of bullying in that school for a while. Go, Kid.

  56. Harry says:

    (1) If the child is a minor, this could not have happened if all of the firearms at his home (and the homes of friends) were in a locked gun safe. Whoever owned the gun should be prosecuted for failure to safe the gun. LIkewise, all of the victims should sue the gun owner for the same reason.

    (2) Why didn’t the school screen all persons entering the building for guns? I think we would have learned that is the minimal requirement these days.

    (3) Why was there no armed police officer on duty at the school? Again, that seems the minimum requirement these days.

    (4) Where is the adult supervision at the school? Bullying can only happen when students are out of earshot and eyeshot of teachers. Again, it is clear today that there should be no time in a school day when a teacher (or more than one) are not present with students.

  57. Del says:

    bully anyone hard enough and a reaction like this is likely to occur. Teachers and schools are not tough enough on bullying………they are too busy acting as political operatives for the democratic Party to stop bullying, much less teach and maintain order

  58. badben31 says:

    As the background of this story unfolds, I’ll bet that the shooter was probably under some sort of psychiatric medication like Prozac with suicidal/homicidal side effects. More and more our children are being prescribed these selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors to treat depression and since this prescription trend to medicate and mask the root cause, these school shootings have become frequent.

    I pray for everyone affected by this tragedy…

  59. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    Sadly, we can expect more of these tragedies, which always seem to happen in the year leading up to an election, and “coincidentally” almost without exception in a swing state…especially if a certain party continues to be successful in exploiting them.

  60. Just Sayin says:

    Or, this was not about bullying at all.

    Remember, the investigator said they still had a lot of homework to do.

    The slain child was not known as a bully.

    99.99% of all murders are done by people who are not insane. Could you expect a number that is much different from people who are simply young adults?

    Blaming this on bullying is simply an excuse to dismiss this story so that unrestricted gun supporters don’t have to answer for it.

  61. Malcom says:

    show the kids pictures of dead kids who bullied. nuff said.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Show the kids pictures of the shooter and his new roommate at the Ohio State Penitentiary engaging in unapproved private recreational activities.

      Nuff said.

      1. Bullies Deserve It says:

        You must have been quite the bully back in the day Fred. Too bad no one stopped you and taught you better.

  62. Scott Anderson says:

    I can almost guarantee you that the kids sitting at the lunch table were all involved in the torment the shooter had taken for too long.

    Everyone has a breaking point. Kids that bully should realize that sooner or later they will pay the piper.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Anyone who thinks his bullying situation is going to be substantially improved by a lifetime in the Ohio State Penitentiary is on a collision course with discovereing the true meaning of “paying the piper.”

    2. Bullies Deserve It says:


    3. Jake says:

      Karma’s a bitch.

  63. Terry Rohan says:

    see if there was a law against bullying, this wouldn’t have happened ;-?

  64. Mark says:

    Bottom line. Our system in this country is broken…. The public school system, the tax system, our government system, everything … But most of all..the way we treat each other …is what is the underlying problem…we just accept anymore that he was just crazy…or she deserved it….but do you think things will change… I can only hope… We all need to reread the 25 Lessons of Life.. And put it up everywhere for everyone to read .. As a reminder that as Lesson # 25 says..
    “We Are never alone”
    We are never alone

  65. Bullies Deserve It says:

    I hope he only shot the bullies and not innocents. If he did shoot bullies, perhaps the ones who survive will have learned a life long lesson, and their parents will stop the little thugs from bullying in the future.

    Bullies DESERVE to learn a hard lesson.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      There are no bullies in the state prisons or mental hospitals, so … yeah … he’s really solved his problems.

  66. Mark F. says:

    Wouldn’t shooting them in the ass be revenge enough?

  67. Mark says:

    Scott Anderson said it best……eventually sooner or later you will pay the piper

  68. MadCharles says:

    Was the kid screaming “Ali Akbar” or” I’m Gay” while shooting ?

    1. Bullies Deserve It says:

      No, he was thinking “those pricks will never bully ME again”. And he was correct, they will NOT bully him again, but will shrink away in fear should he ever walk free in society again. In fact the little thug bullies will likely never again bully ANYONE as they have learned they are not tougher than a victim demanding jupayback.

      1. Fred Zarguna says:

        No, the really mean kids in the Vo-Tech program at his school will not be bullying him again.

        The inmates at the Ohio State Penitentiary — who will be showing him what REAL BULLYING looks like — are another matter altogether.

  69. FettFan84 says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say maybe the bullies DESERVED to be shot. After all, children nowadays are raised to be nasty little monsters. Remember the Phoebe Prince case? They bullied her to the point where she hanged herself, and then they KEPT bullying her on a facebook memorial page.

    After Columbine, everyone is quick to condemn the shooters…but given what we know about how school tormentors operate, perhaps in this case is the sympathetic one.

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Please don’t reproduce.

      1. FettFan84 says:

        Please don’t be a bully. Someone might shoot you too.

    2. Dave W says:

      Funny you should say that, FettFan……funny you should say that….

    3. Dave W says:

      Funny that you would make that comment……ironic really…..

  70. bob self says:

    notice the kid called the local SPORTS station…..probably has no idea which station is the local news station.

    that says a LOT about american culture.

  71. truther says:

    i just hope he got the people who deserved it and not too many innocents… not like innocence really exists these days so… i guess all are fair game. if this happens frequently enough maybe the bullying will stop. if not at least we can work on the population issues we have…

    1. Fred Zarguna says:

      Do the rest of us a favor and start with yourself.

  72. Derick Moore says:

    It used to be that kids had an outlet. Quite often while I was in school, and often the target of bullies because I was “too nerdy”, fights would break out in the schoolyard. Sometimes I was the instigator, sometimes a target, and usually just a bystander.

    Teachers broke up the fights, but they didn’t run, and they didn’t try to fix blame if it was one-on-one.

    Nowadays, everyone tries to bottle up the angry emotions. And as a result, the punching and scratching that would have been an outlet becomes knives and guns.

    We’ve certainly made a lot progress, haven’t we?

    1. MeWantHoneyComb says:

      This is one of the few posts that hits the point! This PC society condemns anyone who wants to settle bullying the good ol’ classic way of confronting the bullier..the way that usually ended up with a few scars and the bully learning a lesson, but living to see another day!

    2. Jake says:

      When I was in school, teachers didn’t give a ra when someone was getting bullied. It seems that too often they still don’t. And then they wonder why these things happen.

  73. Diego Roswell says:

    Tragic as it may seem, what do you expect when a government insists on forcing young people to attend dangerous, overcrowded, miniature prisons? It is surprising to me that more violence, not less, is not occurring at our public prison-schools.

    1. Jake says:

      And then, doesn’t take meaningful measures to guarantee their safety.

  74. Druitt says:

    a shooting at an American school….wow…..whats new? and he’s white even more of a suprise………

  75. Before It Happens Again says:

    When parents teach their children to hate, then they sow the seeds of contempt. Instead, teach your children to be critical thinkers by looking at different view points and the consequences of a decision or action.

    Please stop minimizing the gravity of this situation. There is no such thing as bullying; it is called physical or verbal harassment or assault. You treat verbal harassment/assault either with kindness, walking away, logging off or hanging up the phone. Then report it to the administration or the police if the administration will not listen, because it is a punishable crime.

    No one needs to give up their second amendment rights either, because self-dense provides a valid use of force when in imminent danger or fleeing is not an option. However in this case. it looks like premeditated murder and assault with a deadly weapon.

    There is no need to make separate criminal laws for minors or waste money on bullying programs. Just teach them the law, manners, common decency and how to dial 911.

  76. victoria says:

    My son was also in an extreme bullied situation in school. It was brought to the school’s attention but it was ignored and often times, as hard as it is to believe, it was condoned. Even the teachers at the school in Winnett, Mt. were bullys. It’s a painful situation for the victim. It’s enough to literally drive a person crazy and this is what we see happening. Until your a parent of a bullied child, you wont see two sides to this story. For those of you who say there is no excuse for the kids actions,, I say that sadly, yes, there is an excuse. The bullies’ collective, continuous abuse of this kid, put him over the edge. If you check your child’s school handbook it no doubt says your child has the right to attend school and learn in a safe environment. safe from harassment. Use it.

  77. Randy says:

    ““Please join me in praying for the students who’ve been injured in this horrible crime”

    NO, I will NOT join you in praying to your imaginary sky-daddy.

    1. Frances S. says:

      may you live a long gutless life, Randy. It is a feaful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. Hebrews 10:31. Faced with a possible death, why doesn’t anyone rush the gunman? Like the heroes in Portland, Or.

  78. Joe Citizen says:

    I was bullied and tormented in grade school (many many years ago). One day I broke and beat the crap out of a bully, knocking him unconscious, to the ground, out. He (and I) did not expect me to react with extreme violence. I was never bullied again. Violence works against bullies, and usually it works the first time.

  79. Bob says:

    Not too very long ago, kids got paddled for acting up in school. Then, usually, you got your butt tanned again when you got home. Know how many of these shootings happened then? None. Ever. Kids tried bullying me in High School for about a year. After three fights and half a dozen visits to the office for a paddling, we knocked it off. We decided it wasn’t worth it. Hell, we even became friends. I learned to stand up for myself, and they learned not to hassle smaller people. We all learned to settle our differences.

    Today, it doesn’t happen. Put a Bully in detention? Expel him? Take his iPhone away? I mean, come on. Know what that teaches him? There really are no significant consequences. It just reinforces his behavior.

    We mustn’t treat the little snowflakes harshly these days. Well, how’s that workin’ out?

    It’s been the same thing in high school, since there were high schools. Only thing different is these days there are no painful consequences for acting like an idiot. Well, here’s the result of kids with no discipline.

    Crying shame.

  80. John Moser says:

    Thank God none of the teachers had a gun. It could’ve been a bloodbath. /s off

  81. donzxcv says:

    so if he was ‘bullied’, (the new liberal catch word), it’s justifiable right? especially if he was a q ue er

  82. Blade Runner 1776 says:

    Bullies MUST be expelled the first time they BULLY someone. That takes care of the problem right off the start. Parents, you need to get your rights back from the NEA, that is National Education Association, UNION. The responsibility for your kids’ education is YOU the parents, not the UNION. Enough said.

  83. Concerned Mom of 5 says:

    Execute this “poor baby”. NOW.

  84. kindle says:

    sometimes you’ve got to take care of business yourself.

  85. Dawg says:

    My 21 year old son was getting bullied a bit when he started high school (he played football , baseball, and wrestled) he was just small and wiry. He came home and complained to me, so I went to school and spoke to the principal. I told the principal to handle the situation or I was going to turn him loose on the kid. School handled it nothing happened after that. The saga started outside of school so I told my son to handle it, which he did. The bully then jumped my son with 5 friends and worked him over. I then went to the parents house and made it clear, that if one more incident occurred, I would find the father and bust him in the mouth, then bring my 6’3 240lb son and my 6’1 250lb son to finish this nonsense. Needless to say that was the end of that. Bullies only understand one thing, a swift smack to the sewer hole.

  86. Heyward Jabloemee says:

    Time for the FOUR “Rs” Reading, “Riting,”Rithmatic and Rifling…mandatory firearms training for every child starting at age 2. If you aren’t a marksman for you grade level you’ll be held back. Kid’s must have a gun the same way they need to be vaccinated. If they’re old enough for free condoms then they get free ammo.

    Arm everyone so the next time some one trys something like this we can call it suicide by peer…ENOUGH ALREADY

  87. ECH says:

    School these days of increased violence and fallen social stigmas have to be vigilent about hints and patterns of student abuse. Hall monitors have eyes to see, lunchroom vigilence and coaches encouraging annoymous reporting from the locker room when this kind of thing goes on behind the scenes. The perpetrators need to be confronted and interviewed with painful consequences that are more than a slap on the wrist. Parents need to be held accountable. People used to do this in closer communities. Our values are so shot to hell that kids are getting more abusive for many reasons. Bottom line: Hurting people hurt people. Being a bully is a scream of brokenness, a sign that your needs for love, attention, worth and appreciation are not being met at basic levels, beginning in the home.

  88. One firearm on one person and the only one who’d be in his grave right now would be the attempted murdered.

    This is what happens when you outlaw and regulate firearms people. The good guys die and the bad guys murder them.

    1. Jake says:

      Who were the good guys? Who were the bad guys?

      1. badben31 says:

        The good guys were the unarmed victims, the bad guy was the shooter. Pretty simple point Jake, too bad your indoctrination has left you unable to see it. This is what happens when you demonize firearms.

        The second amendment was always intended to protect people from tyranny of government and from crazy people.

        If everyone had guns, nobody would use them.

        Its basically MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)

      2. Jake says:

        Because you have no respect for the lives of animals, and no respect for the lives of humans – mutually assured destruction is your “golden rule’ – your kids are doing the bullying that drive others to lash out and kill.

        And you have the gall to claim I’m indoctrinated.

  89. jaydee says:

    I will bet a paycheck that the suspect was driven to insanity by these school bullys. In a school setting they torment any student who does not fit their mold and make life hell. The lazy ass brain dead teacher staff know exactly what is going on and they are too lazy or disinterested to intervene. This stuff makes me sick.

  90. Tiredofyourbs says:

    Did this come from newstard.com, or danglingmodifier.com? The student was both shot under a cafeteria table , adn himself shot at a bus stop: Good job brainiacs.

  91. no says:

    Child is harassed and tortured and bullied for two hundred and fifty days of the year, six or ten years in a row. Everyone looks the other way. Tough sh** kid. Boys will be boys. Toughen up. Yadda yadda yadda.

    Kid finally fights back, since nobody else will fight FOR him, against the people harassing and torturing him every single day when he’s just going to class so he can learn. And suddenly OH NO THOSE POOR JOCKS AND PRETTY PROM QUEENS THIS IS SUCH A TRAVESTY!

    What a bunch of hypocritical BS.

  92. Bob says:

    I almost did this back in High School too. I was bullied by a big kid (6′ 4″). He later became a cop, was kicked off the force, later convicted of rape and sentenced to 8 years. He was a real jerk. Woburn, Mass. Meany. Google it.

  93. CLF says:

    You have a choice…you can continue to stick your children in Federal Schools, or choose private education. Our Federal schools are corrupt (unions), a-moral, and lets be honest here – they suck at teaching our kids. We’re constantly the WORST of the WORST in advanced countries when it comes to our students performing on standardized testing… the gun issue is a non starter…”right to bare arms shall not be infringed….” Change the constitutions 2nd amendment. On the coward who shot them – try him like an adult in a speedy and fair trial. Then execute him in public. Problem we have in this country is we are so soft skinned, we’d prefer to used categories for reasons people do horrific things, create excuses for tier actions, and come up with 1001 reasons why they should be shown leniency…it’s true, our society has asked for this standard – now we have it and people complain about it…folks – we made out bed, no lie in it.

  94. less1leg says:

    Again, you people are missing the point. Popular people always get the good end of the story. This obviously disturbed young man had been pushed beyond his comfort area and he retaliated for the groups endless punishments inflicted on the Shooter. Yes, he is the shooter, but he was or is the Victim.

    A young man, quiet, not popular, but still a sensative person was victimized by a group of thugs..
    Is the Shooter wrong, yes he was. But the individuals targetted by the Shooter are more at fault for pushing this young man into a state of mind that only at the barrell of a gun could his torment come to an end.

  95. Torpedo8 says:

    The kid was a loner, he was bullied. So instead of addressing the problem, which school leadership is universally incapable of doing, they put the kid on a SSRI. Disassociation and akathisia follows, along with homicidal/suicidal tendencies.

    Honestly, this happens almost every month now. No one’s looking at the medications and they’re prescribed like aspirin for a headache. No blood work, no history, just plop plop fizz fizz. SSRIs are a great way to convert loners into gunmen, and this has been going on since the early ’80s (when they were introduced). Another example of how modern medicine makes the cure a hell of a lot more dangerous than the original disease.

  96. Skullbuster says:

    He probably has ISSUES!

  97. Jeff says:

    Anyone want to take any bets on whether or not this kid was on Prozac??

    1. badben31 says:

      9 outa 10 school shooter are… But lets blame guns so our globalist controlled government can take the rest of our constitutional rights away and control us completely.

      1. Jake says:

        Got a source for that stat? If there wasn’t bullying in the schools there won’t be shootings. But then that would require that you teach your kids to do unto others as you would have them do unto you, not that they’d better have a gun tin order o keep others from killing them.

  98. ECH says:

    After discipline and charges are filed, let’s ask again…What’s going on at home? Hurting people hurt people!

  99. John says:

    Too bad Marylin Manson isn’t popular anymore or they could blame him the way they tried to do with Columbine, because it was easier than actually paying attention to the fact that the kids were reading a lot of Nazi paraphernalia.

  100. American says:

    In my youth I saw bullies and the bullied, never did I see this type of action. I will lay blame on the victim mentality, that is perpetrated by the media.

    1. Dave W says:

      This implies you saw bullies and the bullied and did nothing. I saw bullies….and kicked their asses. Too many people looking the other way is the problem. No offense.

    2. Dave says:

      Agreed. . . . there were bullies when I grew up, when my father grew up and when his father grew up, but there is no excuse for this reaction. I don’t want to make this political, but the victim mentality in every challenge we face in life has been justified by the media and the political party which aligns itself with the media. I’ll leave it at that.

  101. ericdb says:

    That’s it… we need to lock all people in padded cages so that they are incapable of hurting others. Liberty is no excuse. Banning humanity is the only logical course. If you disagree with this statement, it is the exact same as banning all guns.

  102. Brad Brad Brad says:

    I was bullied as a kid… Severely. It went on by the same 2 guys for years. About 3 months after HS graduation, the two of them together were side-swiped by a big rig and killed.

    I have never in my life, 30 years later, thought for one second that those two didn’t get exactly what they had coming to them. And honestly, I’m still glad they’re dead.

    While I don’t condone the shooter’s actions, I certainly understand it. Don’t ever think that severe, relentless bullying can’t drive somebody over the edge

    1. Dave W says:

      Amen, Brad. Amen……

      The kid that picked on me and took my lunch money every day(literally) in the seventh grade…..ended up being killed in a motorcycle accident. When I learned of it, I smirked. Then my hormones kicked in and I got really big, and spent the next five years kicking bullies asses. It was awesome.

  103. Kelly says:

    Who described him as a ‘bully outcast’, his lawyer?? Sorry, you start shooting and you lose all sympathy that I might have for you. It doesn’t sound as though the kid who died was the type that did any bullying.

  104. Siege says:

    The answer; let everyone have guns. Then if you fell threatened you can just start blasting your way out of danger. Makes total sense.

  105. Barbara says:

    You know what, I listened to the news all day long and heard many kids from the school talk about the boy who did this and not one mentioned that he was an outcast or was bullied. You quote nobody who actually said that he was bullied, but you use to further the victim agenda and change the conversation to bullying instead of murder.

  106. yourmom says:

    they only care about this shooting because its a white people school if it was indahood nobody would give a rip

  107. SG says:

    1)We need to stop protecting the identity of minors who commit horrible crimes. It’s not fair to the rest of us who did no such thing, to have these people walk anonymously among us, when they get released.
    2)Getting under a table does not protect you from a bullet. We need to train our kids better.
    3)Most kids are bullied. That’s life for most of us- we all have conflicts. The crazy ones separate from the crowd- they usually get more bullied, because they are CRAZY.

    1. Parker says:

      So it is OK to assault someone and or torture them because they are shy or a loner and don’t hang with the crowd?

      Guess we all need to join gangs as fast as we can so we can kick butt on all who are different.

      1. Eric says:

        That’s not what he said, and I read that the kid was ‘bullied’, I didn’t see anything about assault or torture. What kind of bullying took place? It wasn’t specified and name-calling doesn’t justify a school rampage.

        What he was saying is that our kids are being brought up to be incapable of handling any kind of conflicts in life because people are teaching them that everybody is a winner and nobody is a loser and nothing is black and white, it’s all grey. It’s a reality that doesn’t exist. And when people wind up treating them unfairly or cruel or they lose at something, they have no idea how to deal with it anymore so they lash out. Does a bully deserve a fat lip? Yeah. A bullet in the head? No.

  108. Sylvan says:

    This just goes to show why school lunch programs shouldn’t be allowed to serve tater-tots.

  109. Dave Mowers says:

    Lesson to parents of bullies, your children are going to die because you won’t parent. Losers.

    1. Parker says:

      Most of the parents of bullies are bullies themselves. They should punish the parents of bullies.

  110. Sylvan says:

    Tater-tots are the root of all evil.

  111. Parker says:

    Most school bullies have a parent or brothers/sisters who are bullies. And a lot of young bullies have also suffered ‘other’ types of abuse.

    But that is no excuse for allowing bullies to get away with their abuse. We have to do whatever we can do to stop the cycle of abuse.

    A lot of times students and witnesses won’t report bullying because they know they could be targeted for revenge. And many schools lack the will or legal ability to easily separate bullies from the other students.

    No easy answers. Many times I stood up to bullies in school who were picking on the weak or strange looking kids, and often payed the price with bruises or being punished along with the bullies.

  112. Kip Noxzema says:

    How could the superintendent possibly know this kid, out of a thousand? Something tells me a lot more information about what was going on with this kid will emerge in the next week.

  113. sickonation says:

    Consider the possibility that this kid may have been on anti-depressants or other RX drugs. Blame the pharmaceutical industry and/or the doctor!

  114. Dirk Diggler says:

    ” This country is in a moral free-fall. For over two generations, the public school system has taught in a moral vacuum, expeliing God from the school and from the govenment, replacing Him with evolution , where the strong kill the weak, without moral consequences and life has no inhererent value……We teach there are no absolutes, no right or wrong….” Brian Rohrbough, father of Columbine High School shooting victim Dan Rohrbough

  115. CM says:

    The shooter’s name and picture are all over the British news sites. Name and shame him….

  116. Robert says:

    I am sure you will find a young man addicted to Government Prescribed Anti-Depressants. These types of drugs are killers.

  117. Adam says:

    Itts most likely that this kid was drugged out on prescription medication no doubt used to fix his disease (aka the fake disease add and adhd). The disease is really just lazy parenting because no one wants to raise, teach, punish and praise their child for fear of Child Protective Services riding their ass for no reason.

    These shootings can be prevented not by gun bans, but by education across the board by the parents. Maybe if this kids parents actually did their job as parents, this would not have happened.

  118. ex-infantry says:

    You know, I was bullied in school, too. When I cried to my dad about it, he told me the next time someone bullied me to punch him in the nose, because most bullies are cowards.

    The next time I got bullied, I did exactly that. After that, i was never bullied again. The bully moved on to other targets who wouldn’t fight back.

    Of course, today I’d get suspended for doing so. But I will tell my children the same thing and tell them to take the suspension.

  119. Bill in Tennessee says:

    According to the article, one student said they were “trained to duck under tables” in such a situation. Really? Duck under a table and hope the shooter will be merciful? How about training people to charge a shooter en masse and take him down? Why are we teaching children to be cowering targets rather than doing something proactive that might actually make a difference? The passengers on Flight 93 on 9-11 didn’t cower in their seats like good little slaves, they got and did something, overpowered the hijackers, and changed the course of history. “Duck under tables”… that’s sad…just sad.

    1. Eric says:

      Absolutely right. Don’t dare defend yourself. Just be a good little victim and let it happen. Just let yourself be robbed or shot or raped or assaulted. You don’t have the right to do anything about it and you know what’s worse? If anyone had tried, they may have actually got in trouble for it because they had been trained to NOT do that.

      I was also seriuosly bothered by where the article said the ‘people’ in the teacher’s lounge blocked the door. So there were adults in there who didn’t try to go out and help the children being shot????? What is wrong woth people. Do SOMETHING. ANYTHING. Throw chairs, whatever. It’s better than NOTHING.

  120. Eric says:

    Hey liberals, how are those “gun free zones” workin for ya? Congradulations, you’ve given would-be murderers a great place to shoot people, where they know no one can shoot back.

    Also, I notice nowhere in the article is the type of gun mentioned. I’d be willing to bet it WASN’T a handgun. If it was the liberal press would be all over it. If it turns out I’m wrong I’ll be VERY surprised.

    1. Jake says:

      Hey gun nut, what did he use in the attack? Where did he get it from?

  121. Eric says:

    A lot of people are making statements on here about bullies getting what they deserve. First, let me say that I’m all for putting bullies in their place. BUT, a lot of this depends on HOW you define bullying. We now live in a culture where if you disagree with someone, you’re bullying them. (EX: Occupy protestors and other liberals) So, if you FEEL I’m bullying you that gives you the right to SHOOT me? GET A FRICKIN GRIP.

    1. Jake says:

      What makes you think anyone is talking about that? We are talking about bullying that was so bad this kid thought shooting his tormentors was the best solution he had available. Maybe after a dozen or so more of these incidents government will finally take bullying in schools seriously.

      1. Kelly says:

        Hey, looks like the kid wasn’t bullied. Where are all the weasles saying this group of kids deserved to die??? Did you all slither back under a rock???

      2. Jake says:

        Everything I’ve read so far says he was.

      3. Kelly says:

        Go back and read your own comments along with the others. The freaking bodies weren’t even cold and everyone was already jumping on the flavor of the month band wagon i.e., poor bullied kid. You’re sick along with everyone else. The kid didn’t sound bullied to me, and the description of at least one of the kids who was shot didn’t sound like he was a bully. But you know it all, right???

      4. Kelly says:

        Also Jake, and let me quote you, “karma’s a bitch”, Mr. bad ass. Don’t backtrack now. Own the words. I hope you feel all nice and superior while families grieve for their children who will never come home. The shooter was in an alternative school and he was upset because one of the kids was dating his ex girlfriend. Yeah, they all really deserved what karma dished out to them, didn’t they?

      5. Jake says:

        So direct me to something that suggests he wasn’t bullied. I still haven’t seen it.

        Your sick since you are justifying bullying and torture in schools.

      6. Jake says:

        Kids often transfer schools to escape bullying. They shouldn’t have to. Bullies should.

        “Poor bullied kid” is a flavor of the month bandwagon?

        I know the suicides of bullying victims have no impact on your sort. How many more Columbines it will take before you ostriches get your heads out of the sand and take it seriously? Perhaps when your own bully children end up in the body bags?

      7. Kelly says:

        And I know your sort will see a bully behind every bush. I never said I don’t have compassion for kids who are truly bullied, but it is just like your sort to attribute distasteful opinions to people who disagree with you. In fact, I bet you could care less about kids who are bullied, you are way to sanctimonious and seem to take on chacteristics of a bully yourself.

        Anyone who thinks a 15 year old deserves to die (remember your words…karma is a bitch) isn’t a compassionate person and should stop presenting themselves as such.

      8. Jake says:

        Ha, ha. You did exactly what you accused me of doing and then have the audacity to cry about it in the very paragraph you do it again – so typical of your sort. You sure didn’t show any compassion for this kid, whom others said was bullied. It didn’t “fit your narrative,” to borrow your phrase.

        15 year old kids who make some other kid’s life a living hell do not get much sympathy from me when the victim strikes back. Nor do bystanders that could have stuck up for the kid. However, I place the blame for these incidents, and the bullying itself, on teachers and principals since they are adults in authority and have a duty to keep children safe.. But these bullies sure get a lot of compassion from you, no doubt because you are and have always been, a bully in real life.

  122. Tim says:

    In the end there’s one of three outcomes. The victims of bullying are emotionally damaged for much of their life (You can eventually work through it with lots of effort). The victims will wage war on those they deem as deserving of “justice” and retrubution (Hence the reason for this news article). Or the pressure of said abuse results in overwhelming oceans of helplessness and they feel they have to choose between ongoing and relentless emotional beatings or resorting to suicide (unfortunately some choose the latter). Parents, teachers, schools, etc etc won’t be able to do a darn thing. It comes down to individuals and whether they have any empathy or not. The healing needs to begin with each of us. So often we pass the buck and try to point fingers at the guilty party. Show more appreciation for people and realize that your situation and life you were given does not give you superiority over another. People need to stop allowing themselves to be controlled solely by their ego.

  123. Chris F says:

    These school shootings often have a common theme: Bullied kid is tired of being bullied. Often, even if they bring it to the attention of the teachers, parents, or even school board it just gets worse. Many suffer in silence until they reach a breaking point and he (almost all are boys/young men) brings a weapon to school and tries to kill the bullies or even everyone around.

    The problem is the bullying. It is the root cause…..the shooting is the reaction of a tormented child. He sees no other way out and is willing to die to protect himself or get away from the torment.

  124. Cathy says:

    Bullies and guns have always been around and always will be. In our day the boys would just beat the crap out of each other and then shake hands the next day. Something is definitely wrong today with how we as parents are teaching our kids about handling adversity and being bullied. We must show them a way to handle conflicts. So they can survive to adulthood and know how to deal with the bullies that will then be in their workplace.

    1. Jake says:

      When was your day? And what would you know about bullying in the male world?
      Bullying lasted years, it didn’t end after a fight and hand shake. Maybe idiots like you should be teaching their kids not to bully, not how to deal with being bullied.

  125. Kelly says:

    Who are the true freaks and bullies??? All of you who have made excuses on very slim evidence that this shooting was deserved, and that these young people deserved to die. They aren’t even sure that the shooter was enrolled in the school, he was probably going to an alternative school…not a traditional place where poor, down-trodden young victims are sent.

    If you’ve had a chance to read his facebook postings you’ll see he didn’t seem to be the type that was bullied, rather he was the bully. Congratulations on all the stupidity being spewed on this site.

      1. Kelly says:

        Oh dear, looks like he admitted it was random. That sucks for you I bet. Kind of screws your narrative.

    1. Jake says:

      Prosecutors and cops always downplay the bullying aspect in these scenarios – helps absolve other state actors, non-acting teachers for instance, of culpability – and up play “mental illness” aspects, never bothering to inquire or inform as to what caused the “mental illness.”

      The bullying reports are there.

      Happy teens don’t go and shoot up schools.

  126. Dave Ki says:

    . Pathetic on every level.

  127. Howard Gottlieb says:

    High school is supposed to be one of the best times in your life. I am so sorry for these kids when things like this happen.

    We are very involved with high schools and it breaks our hearts.

    Howard Gottlieb

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