The NBA Draft Combine has now come and gone and each of the invitees has been poked, proded, tested, measured and timed. While some players like Harrison Barnes and Myers Leonard may have helped their causes with impressive showings, the same cannot be said for some of the players who had hoped the combine would propel them into the back of the first round.

Anthony Davis / (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

1. New Orleans Hornets
Teams have called, including the Cavaliers who reportedly offered up all 4 of their picks, but the Hornets have no interest in giving up this pick. No drama here, Davis is the guy!
Selection – Anthony Davis, C/PF – University of Kentucky
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

2. Charlotte Bobcats
The draft truly starts here with Michael Jordan’s Bobcats. Charlotte has announced they are open to moving the pick and multiple teams, including the Cavs, have shown interest. I think this pick will get moved but until it does Michael Jordan’s talent evaluation skills will be tested again. With no post players scoring in double digits, expect MJ to take a player with little to now risk.
Team Needs– C, SG, PF
Selection – Thomas Robinson, PF – University of Kansas
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

3. Washington Wizards
The Wizards gave up Rashard Lewis and the 46th pick in this year’s draft to acquire Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza from the Hornets. The pick now gets a bit easier as the team adds a big and a wing player who excel on the defensive end of the floor. Look now for the Wizards to pick up John Wall’s running mate.
Team Needs – SG, SF, PF
Selection – Bradley Beal, SG – University of Florida
(Previous Pick – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist)

Michael Kidd-Gilchrist / (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

4. Cleveland Cavaliers
The Cavs will be extremely disappointed if they stay at #4 and Beal gets snatched up at #3. No time to pout though, the Cavs have plenty of holes to fill and they can still add a wing player here; One who gets mentioned in the debate over who the 2nd best overall player is in the draft.
Team Needs – SG, SF, C
Selection – Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, SF – University of Kentucky
(Previous Pick – Bradley Beal)

5. Sacramento Kings
Harrison Barnes performance at the NBA Draft Combine will certainly boost his stock as Sacramento looks to add talent. Here is where the draft goes from potentially great players to a tier of potentially really good players. Size is always at a premium and Demarcus Cousins needs another big so that he can play his natural PF position.
Team Needs – SF, PF, C
Selection – Andre Drummond, C – University of Connecticut
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

6. Portland Trailblazers (From New Jersey)
The Trailblazers landed this pick from NJ in the Gerald Wallace deal mid-season and here they can grab their PG of the future. I had Kendall Marshall slated here for weeks but the latest buzz out of POR is that the team is very impressed with Damien Lillard. Marshall might be the best passer to come out in 15 years but he can’t score like Lilliard.
Team Needs – C, PG, SG
Selection – Damien Lillard, PG – Weber State University
(Previous Pick – Kendall Marshall)

Harrison Barnes / (Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images)

7. Golden State Warriors (From San Antonio)
The Warriors found a good one last year in Klay Thompson and now can add a SF to run with him and Steph Curry. Barnes impressed everyone at the NBA Draft Combine by showing athleticism that was previously unseen while at UNC. No way he gets past the Warriors here.
Team Needs – SF, SG, PF
Selection – Harrison Barnes, SF – University of North Carolina
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

8. Toronto Raptors
The Raptors have shown interest in both Jeremy Lamb and Austin Rivers and ultimately need a SG so Demar DeRozan can be moved to SF. That being said, I don’t think either of those guys are the choice here. Since the end of the season no player has seen his stock rise faster than Dion Waiters from Syracuse. He would give TOR the scorer from the SG position they need and should hear his name called here.
Team Needs – SG, SF, C
Selection – Dion Waiters, SG – Syracuse University
(Previous Pick – Jeremy Lamb)

9. Detroit Pistons
The Pistons could use a versatile forward to pair with Greg Monroe and Brandon Knight. Here you get a player with top 5 talent and potential if he can focus and keep himself locked in. Jones III is as intriguing as any player in the draft based on his size, 6’11’’, and ability to play both forward spots.
Team Needs – PF, SF, SG
Selection – Perry Jones III, SF/PF – Baylor University
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

Austin Rivers / (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

10. New Orleans Hornets (From LA Clippers via Minn)
The Hornets cleared plenty of salary cap space they can use to match any offer made to RFA Eric Gordon. While signs point to him returning to NOLA, there are no sure things in free agency and this player would be a very good insurance policy. Austin Rivers is a player the front office likes and a player who showed well at the NBA Draft Combine.
Team Needs – PF, C, PG
Selection – Austin Rivers, SG/PG – Duke University
(Previous Pick – Terrence Jones)

11. Portland Trailblazers
With Lillard added to the mix earlier the team can add size to the front court here. While Meyers Leonard seems to be passing up Tyler Zeller in the eyes of many scouts, Leonard still comes with a risk of undeveloped potential that Zeller doesn’t. After getting burned by the Greg Oden pick, look for the Blazers to go with less risk here.
Team Needs – PG, C
Selection – Tyler Zeller, C – University of North Carolina
(Previous Pick – Jared Sullinger)

12. Milwaukee Bucks
The Bucks need a C to replace Andrew Bogut and a SF who can defend and score. I had Zeller going to the Bucks all along but with him headed to the northwest MIL will take Myers Leonard. Leonard could have stayed another year at Illinois to develop and would have become a top 8 pick more than likely. Regardless, MIL adds a very talented and athletic big here with lots of upside.
Team Needs – SF, C, PF
Selection – Myers Leonard, C – University of Illinois
(Previous Pick – Tyler Zeller)

Jeremy Lamb / (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

13. Phoenix Suns
GM Lance Blanks would certainly like to find his PG of the future in this spot with Nash expected to test the free agent market but Jeremy Lamb is a player the Suns are high on and at #13 he is a great value. The PG spot will have to wait… Look for Lamb and his versatility to be in the desert next year.
Team Needs – PG, SG, SF
Selection – Jeremy Lamb, SG – University of Connecticut
(Previous Pick – Damien Lillard)

14. Houston Rockets
With Zeller and Leonard both off the board, the Rockets can’t afford to sit on their hands and wait to see what big is still there at #16. Arnett Moultrie is just under seven-feet tall and has tons of athleticism. Some scouts think Moultrie may be the most talented big in the draft other than Davis and Robinson.
Team Needs – C, PF, G
Selection – Arnett Moultrie, PF – Mississippi State
(Previous Pick – Austin Rivers)

15. Philadelphia 76ers
The Sixers definitely need to add size in the off-season if they are going to make a deeper run in the playoffs next year. John Henson isn’t exactly polished offensively, but his defense and shot blocking ability should translate immediately as his offense develops.
Team Needs – SG, PF, C
Selection – John Henson, PF – University of North Carolina
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

16. Houston Rockets (From NY Knicks)
The Rockets added a big earlier but still need size and depth at both forward spots. Terrence Jones is a player who can fill all those needs in one selection and someone who is a steal here mid first round.
Team Needs – C, PF, PG
Selection – Terrence Jones, PF/SF – University of Kentucky
(Previous Pick – Myers Leonard)

17. Dallas Mavericks
Deron Williams has now said publicly that he wants to stay with the Nets or return to his hometown of Dallas to play for the Mavs. Mark Cuban is expected to roll out the red carpet for Williams, but that won’t stop the team from drafting a PG. Kendall Marshall has a lot of similarities to Jason Kidd and he is a good fit here in Big “D”.
Team Needs – Youth, PG, SG, C
Selection – Kendall Marshall, PG – University of North Carolina
(Previous Pick – Dion Waiters)

18. Minnesota Timberwolves
The T’Wolves may just have the best PF in the game in Kevin Love along with a pair of dynamic players ready to enter their sophomore seasons in Ricky Rubio and Derrick Williams. Any depth chart that lists Martell Webster as the starting shooting guard needs to be upgraded. Minnesota has landed in the perfect spot to find a player who can come in and start immediately at shooting guard. This pick may just propel this team into the playoffs in 2012 – 2013.
Team Needs – SG, SF, C
Selection – Terrence Ross, SG – University of Washington
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

19. Orlando Magic
The team is a mess and don’t expect Dwight Howard to be in Orlando when the season starts. With the top tier big men off the board, look for Orlando to go with the old “best player available” approach. Royce White has lottery type talent but his anxiety issues and fear of flying have raised some concerns.
Team Needs – C, SF, PG
Selection – Royce White, SF – Iowa State University
(Previous Pick – Quincy Miller)

20. Denver Nuggets
The Nuggets have a lot of pieces and are in a position where they don’t have to draft based solely on need. Jared Sullinger is still on the board because of a medical red-flag found during the NBA Combine. Reports are that tightness in the hamstrings has caused a bulge in the lower back of the Buckeye. Still, Sullinger added a jumper and is a very physical post presence. Once projected in the top ten, the Nuggets won’t let him slide any further.
Team Needs – SG, PF, Depth
Selection – Jared Sullinger, PF – The Ohio State University
(Previous Pick – Tony Wroten, Jr)

21. Boston Celtics
This season looks like the last for the original “Big 3”. Calm down Celtics fans, Paul Pierce isn’t going anywhere, but Ray Allen almost certainly won’t return. The wild card for Danny Ainge is Kevin Garnett. I am not sure Garnett will return at the low price Ainge will want him to agree to. With the next pick as well, the C’s can draft a player here at 20 that could be the steal of the draft in a year or two. The Big East Freshman of the year can play both the 3 and the 4 and could become a big time scorer as he learns the NBA game.
Team Needs – SG, PF, C, Depth
Selection – Moe Harkless, SF/PF – St. John’s University
(Previous Pick –Unchanged)

22. Boston Celtics (From LA Clippers)
After adding a wing player with unlimited potential, Danny Ainge can find a player to learn from or replace Kevin Garnett depending on the outcome of the offseason. Andrew Nicholson showed flashes of being a solid NBA player this year and even more encouraging is that he has improved in each year at St. Bonaventure and he did it this year with very high expectations placed on him
Team Needs –PF, C, SG, Depth
Selection – Andrew Nicholson – PF, St. Bonaventure
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

23. Atlanta Hawks
The Hawks have tons of talent but could lose as many as 8 players to free agency in the summer. While Teague will return at PG, he has no competition or depth behind him. Tony Wroten Jr. impressed the decision makers in ATL during his workout and at the NBA Draft Combine and should be a great fit. Plus his versatility will help a thin roster in need of depth.
Team Needs – PG, SG, C, Depth
Selection – Tony Wroten, Jr., SF – University of Washington
(Previous Pick – Royce White)

24. Cleveland Cavaliers (From LA Lakers)
The Cavs added MKG earlier at pick #4 so there is still a big need at SG and C. While Fab Melo will and should get strong consideration here, the pool of SG’s left on the board is full of talent. If Dion Waiters was the player rising fastest in this process, Evan Fournier (France) is right behind him. At 6’7″ and only 19 years old, there isn’t much Fournier can’t do on the basketball court. While he is ready to come over and contribute now, the Cavs could also decide to stash him for another year.
Team Needs – SF, PF, C, SG
Selection – Evan Fournier, SG – France
(Previous Pick – Jeffrey Taylor)

25. Memphis Grizzlies
The Grizz have a solid foundation with Conley, Gay, Randolph and Gasol along with some good talent off the bench in Speights, Arthur and Allen. The issue is that O.J. Mayo’s antics may have finally earned him a one-way ticket out of town. The team tried to ship him out at the trade deadline but were unsuccessful in that attempt. Mayo is a restricted free agent this summer and the Grizz will likely let him walk. GM Chris Wallace finds one of the best shooters in the draft here and helps open up things inside for Marc Gasol and the other bigs.
Team Needs – PG, SG, C
Selection – Doron Lamb – SG, University of Kentucky
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

26. Indiana Pacers
The Pacers will match any offer sheet given to All-Star center Roy Hibbert, unless GM David Morway has lost his mind in the past few weeks. With four quality starters rounding out the lineup the team can focus on adding depth at either the PG or PF spot. Machado is a player out of a small school who made a BIG impression at the pre-draft workouts in NJ and tested well at the NBA Draft Combine. His court vision is unmatched and he has the unique ability to get his teammates good shots while also mixing in his own offense.
Team Needs– PF, C, PG
Selection – Scott Machado– PG, Iona University
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

27. Miami Heat
The Big Three have won the big one, the NBA Championship of course. What do you add to a team that just proved they were the best in the league? How about the center they never had that allows Bosh to play his natural PF position!
Team Needs– C, PG, Depth
Selection – Fab Melo, C – Syracuse University
(Previous Pick – Unchanged)

28. Oklahoma City Thunder
The Thunder fell short of realizing the ultimate goal but now know what they need to do to compete with Miami. Durant is a machine but Westbrook and Harden both had some games they would like to forget about in the playoffs. Here is a chance to gamble a little and add a SG with lots of talent who also serves as Harden’s insurance policy should the two sides not work out a deal.
Team Needs – SG, SF, Post Depth
Selection – Will Barton – SG, Memphis
(Previous Pick – Evan Fournier)

29. Chicago Bulls
The Bulls can take a lot of pressure off of Derrick Rose by adding a young, athletic sharp-shooter who can learn from Richard Hamilton. I have bounce back and forth between Orlando Johnson and John Jenkins here for weeks. My final nod goes to Jenkins based surely on the premise that he should transition more fluidly to the next level.
Team Needs – SG, C, Depth
Selection – John Jenkins– SG, Vanderbilt University
(Previous Pick – Orlando Johnson)

30. Golden State Warriors (From San Antonio Spurs)
The Warriors added Harrison Barnes earlier in the draft out North Carolina. At the bottom of the draft they can take a risk and add a player who coming out of high school was believed to be a top ten talent before he was struck by the injury bug.
Team Needs – SF, SG, PF
Selection – Quincy Miller – SF, Baylor University
(Previous Pick –Tony Mitchell)

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