CINCINNATI (CBS Cleveland) — The results of a new study indicate that marriage can cause women to drink more, and men to drink less.

The study found that, while men drank more during divorce, women upped their alcohol intake while wed.

Women asked reported drinking nine alcoholic beverages per month while married, and 6.5 beverages when divorced. For men, they drank more when divorced than married, nearly 22 drinks compared to 19.

Corinne Reczek, who served as the study’s author, additionally noted to HealthDay that while men do still drink more than women, the fairer sex has caught up considerably over the years.

Researchers poured over surveys conducted in 1993 and 2004 that asked approximately 5,300 men and women around the age of 53 in 1993 about their drinking habits over time.

“We find that unmarried and divorced women actually drink less than their continuously married counterparts,” Reczek was quoted as saying. “For men, those who were recently divorced have the highest number of drinks and men who are married have the lower number.”

Reczek, who is also an assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, added that they interviewed 130 people themselves to further verify their findings.

One possible explanation offered to HealthDay was that some women were introduced to more frequent drinking by their male partners while they were together.

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