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CLEVELAND (92.3 The Fan) – Fitting that Phil Dawson scored the Browns first points of the season. You get the feeling he’ll be scoring more than most everyone else on offense combined.

May have just been me. But in the bright sunshine, the Browns helmets looked less vibrant-orange than usual. A little flatter, softer shade of orange. Kind of like the Tennessee Volunteers. Maybe the Jimmy Haslem era has started already.

Craig Robertson may be a rookie who’s not surrounded by a lot of expectations. But he was very active in the preseason, and had an interception early against the Eagles. He seems to always be around the football. I like that.

It’s not uncommon to see young – or in Brandon Weeden’s case, inexperienced – quarterbacks look for their tight ends on a regular basis. Kind of a safety valve, a secure, safe option for the QB who’s trying to figure things out at the NFL level. Weeden completed just three passes to his tight ends, for a whopping eight yards. Uh, Pat Shurmer? Brad Childress? Something to think about for next week.

Travis Benjamin is fast. How’s that for analysis?

Benjamin’s 35-yard gain on the razzle-dazzle play in the 2nd quarter was terrific — not only because Benjamin made it work, but because it showed a little creativity from the coaching staff. It looks like Benjamin is one of those guys exciting who can make things happen, bring some excitement to the offense. The more ways the coaches can get the football in his hands, the better. This was a nice sign. Too bad he caught only one pass.

Too bad Benjamin’s nice run was followed by Weeden’s first interception of the game, although it wasn’t Weeden’s fault. Hey Greg Little! Braylon Edwards is on the phone. He wants his hands back.

Trent Richardson didn’t have much of a game. Blame the knee clean-up, blame the offensive line, blame Brandon Weeden, blame anything you want. But his 2nd quarter collision with the Eagles Kurt Coleman, when Richardson went for nine yards and Coleman’s helmet went for another ten? Sweeeeeeeeeet! A little glimpse of what might be on the way.

In the 2nd quarter, Weeden was 4 of 9 passing. He was just 8 of 26 the rest of the way. That’s 30.7%. That’s not good.

Weeden doesn’t seem to handle the rush very well. At all. Late in the 2nd quarter, under a little heat, he air-mailed a pass to a wide open Mohamed Massaquoi. Again, that’s not good.

Josh Gordon has changed his number to 13. Please, please, please — let his hands be half as good as Omar Vizquel’s.

I was hoping that Weeden’s age and maturity would help make up, at least a little bit, for his lack of experience. After watching him try to cram a football to Travis Benjamin down the sideline, while he was in traffic and well covered, well…. guess I need to hope for something else.

I know. It’s only his first NFL game. And the Eagles are supposed to be one of the better teams in the NFL. But even at the advanced age of 28, soon to be 29, Weeden looks very much the rookie.

The defense that everyone was so concerned about? The defense that was missing Phil Taylor, Scott Fujita and Chris Gocong? That defense played a very solid game against a very talented Eagle offense. Well done.

Absolutely no running room for Trent Richardson. Is the Eagles defense as good as advertised, or should we be concerned about the Browns offensive line?

Tough to tell is if it’s the line, or the lack of a passing threat, or if Richardson is a step slow coming off the knee clean-ip. But Richardson looks a step slow.

I’m surprised we didn’t see Montario Hardesty. We did see Brandon Jackson, but not much. At least until Richardson is back to normal, I wouldn’t mind the other guys getting 5 to 15 carries combined.

Please T.J. Ward – stay healthy. Stay healthy, and show us all that the way you played against the Eagles, is the way you can play for an entire season. Then enjoy the Pro Bowl. The NFL still has that thing, right?

End of 3rd, early 4th quarter, First and goal at the 7, and the Brown get a field goal. Yikes.

D’Qwell Jackson, I beg of you. Please, if you ever have another wide open path to the end zone, please, PLEASE, don’t ever, EVER, do another flip across the goal line. Haven’t you missed enough playing time already? Aren’t there already too many other injuries on the defense? The Browns need you D’Qwell. Please! And great play.

After the Browns defense played so well for most of the game, it was crushing to see the Eagles go 91 yards on 16 plays for the game-winning touchdown. It always amazes me when an offense that has struggled all day puts together a drive like that late, usually for a win. Amazes me.

Has anyone figured out where Weeden was throwing the ball in the Browns last chance? Didn’t think control was his problem as a minor league pitcher. Might be wrong.

Would you have felt any better had Colt McCoy trotted onto the field with 1:12 left, to try to get the Browns into range for a game-winning field goal? Just asking.


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