tailgate fan The Personalities Of Browns Tailgating Lots
If you’re a Browns tailgater, you know which lot you should park in to get your drink on, save a buck or find a kid-friendly atmosphere, But if you’re a newbie, you may need some help. Look no further because this is your guide on which lot to choose this Sunday for a perfect day of football celebrations.

The Muni Lot

The Muni is famous for its tailgaters and team spirit. Many famous tailgating legends began and continue in this lot, such as The Kennel, The Tailgate Dawg and The Muni Crue. This lot would be appropriate if you’re looking to socialize with some well-known fans as well as common fans without buses that look like Browns dogs. The party is all up to the fans and what they choose to do, while the emotions range from excitement to disappointment and even back to excitement.

A lot of secret recipes are made here, so there’s a plethora of food sharing happening if you attend one of the legendary parties. While this lot is large and you can keep your children a fair distance from the partying if you so choose, be aware that tailgating parties can get out of hand and with a famous lot such as the Muni, great care must be taken when children are along for the fun.

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Barley House Parking Lot

Behind The Barley House, you’ll find the 92.3 tailgate party commencing at 8 a.m. and finishing up around 1 p.m. This is a sponsored party so the fun is sure to keep going at a more controlled pace without the wild uncertainty of an essentially unsupervised party. This party is also especially nice for those who don’t have game tickets because it is conveniently located right by The Barley House, which serves football specials and has indoor and outdoor accommodations for game viewing.

Along with a more controlled environment, you’ll also find that it is a very convenient party. You won’t need to bring your own tailgating eats and brews since refreshments and food will be available for purchase and enjoyment. This lot and party takes the work out of tailgating and provides a great atmosphere for those looking for a tailgating environment without the commitment of a ticket.

The Canal Basin Lot

This lot is smaller and much more tame than the Muni and Barley House lots. While those lots are popular and more expensive for their convenience, parties and proximity to the stadium, this lot is a little cheaper and can provide a much less raucous environment for those with children or those looking for a more relaxing time. If you’re avert to the noise and celebrations of the die-hard fans, this may be a better choice for you. Keep in mind that this lot is small and only $5 per car, so be sure to arrive early as spots go quickly.

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The Willard Park Garage and Surface Lot 

If you’re just looking to park and stay out of the tailgating scene, this is a good choice for you. You can be assured that tailgating won’t happen here, even if you leave your car, so there is no risk of damage to your property while you are at the game or enjoying another party. The parking is fairly cheaper than at other lots and comes with assurance that the only thing happening here will be parking.

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Kaitlin Dershaw is an Ohio native with a distinct love for Cleveland. She enjoys making new discoveries from tasty places to eat and drink, to perfectly unique live music venues. Her work can be found at Examiner.com.


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